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Sandra (socake) ADMIN September 30, 2008
Please read the Rules for how to have a Throw down!

Check out the following threads and find someone to challenge today!!

Don't forget to PM the person so you don't miss out on a challenge!!!

Group Description

Winners of the December All in Challenge - Christmas

Gold Medal by throwdownphotos

Mavin Kurve
all in throwdown Christmas

Silver Medal by throwdownphotos

2nd Sweet time cakes
all in throwdown Christmas

Bronze Medal by throwdownphotos

all in throwdown Christmas

Please read the RULES for having a challenge

Some members over at Cake Central have started a really cool project of "throw downs", where two members (per TD) compete in decorating. CC is a huge community, and I feel rather lost over there, and I'm not involved enough to get in on their TDs. No one there knows me to challenge me!

Thus, I thought it would be fun to bring this idea over to our somewhat smaller community of decorators here on Flickr.


• Start by sending a PM to another member to set up a challenge, if they accept your challenge then agree on the theme you wish to compete against each other with and then post your official challenge in the discussion topic for us all to see.
• TD’s begin on Mondays and finish exactly two weeks after the challenge has been thrown down. Challenge on Monday by posting your name vs your opponents name in the challenge thread then two weeks later send your photos clearly labelled with both your name and your opponents name to for the admins to upload into a new post for voting.
• Do not upload the photos to your flickr account until after the voting is OVER.
• Voting will last one week and the winner will be announced by the Admins once all the votes have been counted.
• Try to challenge someone of equal decorating skills.
• All decorations must be EDIBLE with the exception of cake boards, pillars and wired flowers etc.. Dummy cakes are permitted.
• All work must be that of the artist – no bought or manufactured ornaments. (Stamens are acceptable)
• You may submit up to three photos of your entry.
• Only two members can compete in a throwdown. Many TD’s will be run at the same time but you can not be involved in more than one at a time.
• When the voting is complete and the winner has been announced then upload your photo to your photo stream and add it to the Bake-off photo pool. The photo pool is ONLY for cakes that have completed a TD and for inspiration boards.
• The final RULE is Have fun!!! and be supportive of others!


Cakes - fondant covered or non-fondant covered (such as buttercream, poured ganache)

Handmade cake toppers- These can be made of fondant, gumpaste, pastillage, or chocolate they must be edible.

Cupcakes - character or non-character For example, "animals" (character) or "flowers or abstract shapes" (non-character)

Cookies - Decorated (I think it's best to go with decorated only, since the judges can't taste the cookies. Let me know if you feel that non-decorated cookies should, indeed, be a category, though.)

Pies- with some sort of decorative crust-work.

Airbrush- not sure which sub-categories should go here yet.

Group Rules

Be nice, or get booted!

Please, no name calling, catty remarks, or negative comments about anyone's decorating skills. Not everyone has the same level of decorating skill, and even the most highly-skilled artist had to start somewhere. This group is supposed to be fun for EVERYONE. Nasty comments are unacceptable, and will be deleted. Anyone who persists in being a 'troll" after one warning, will be banned from the group.

Please try to remember that communication via computer makes it easy to misunderstand someone else's intentions. Without the added clues of eye contact, facial expression, and tone of voice, it is sometimes difficult to interpret intent. Please try to write and read messages with this in mind. Preview posts or ask someone else to preview them for you if you're not sure they're kosher

Please keep it clean- no anatomically correct themes! I faint easily. :)

Just a reminder, the photo pool for this group is for shots of cakes in the actual TD's only, so don't be offended when we boot your pending photo if it's not for a throwdown. thanks.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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