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katepedley November 5, 2008
This group was set up for people wanting to get more detail out of their single JPEGs (LDR) and single RAWs (MDR) using the processing tools most often used to instead create HDR files. Please make sure your photos are NOT labeled with HDR if you would like them to be left in the group.

Group Description

Tone Mapped Landscapes (NOT HDR). Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

This group is dedicated to tone mapped landscape images generated by tone mapping a single exposure. Tone mapping is the "look" that many people associate (somewhat incorrectly) to High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. Tone mapping is related to RAW conversion.

Tone mapping an ill-exposed but otherwise excellent photo may sometimes yield stunning results. Moreover, tone mapped images converted to black and white are typically superior to their non-tone mapped versions because tone mapping brings out shadow detail, avoids clipping highlights, and increases midtone contrast.

Technical Stuff
Typically used in converting high-bit order HDR images to eight bit images, tone mapping may also be used on low dynamic range images. Tone mapping is nonlinear transformation of the tones that yields similar (and superior) results to Photoshop's Shadow/Highlight command.

Any software used to convert high bit order HDR images to eight-bit images may be used to tone map an image. Photomatix is a powerful and popular tool for tone mapping images, blending different exposures, and creating HDR images.

This group is only intended for tone mapped landscape images created from a single exposure (JPEG or RAW). If your image was created using more than one exposure, then this image is better suited for HDR or DRI groups. A single RAW exposure counts as a single exposure.

Plese only add "realistic" images - images that look like what you saw. The only exception to this rule is for black and white images. Tone mapping can sometimes yield weird artifacts such as unnaturally dark clouds, black skies, halos, and other unnatural phenomena. If your image contains much of these artifacts, please rework this image before you submit the image to this group. Often an excellent method to reintroduce realism to a tone mapped image is to blend the original image with the tone mapped image.

The landscape stipulation is loose. We're looking for wide-open natural views. Basically, this means no macro shots, portraits, action shots, and the like. If your tone mapped image containts any of these elements, then likely the HDR from a single RAW group is more appropriate.

Tone mapped RAW images are welcome. These images are not HDR (though a tone mapped RAW image is often considered an HDR image) because there is not a sufficient bit depth (12-bit) for these images to be considered truly HDR. Techically, such images are of a "medium dynamic range" class. Please note that tone mapping a RAW file does not mean generating different images at various eV values from a single RAW image and using these images as you would to generate an HDR image. Tone mapped RAW files are either generated by directly tone mapping in Photomatix, or saving the RAW as a TIFF image, and tone mapping the TIFF image.

All photos that do not fit the criteria and restrictions of this group will be deleted from the pool without notification. If your image was deleted, and you think this unfair, contact one of the friendly group administrators.

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Group Rules

Please NO HDR! This group is about tone mapping SINGLE exposures only. HDR is a combination of exposure blending and tone mapping - no exposure blending here please.

Please also no significant artifacts - if it is obviously a work of art and doesn't look very natural at all it may be deleted.

Lastly, this is a LANDSCAPE group - please no just building shots, portraits or macros

Photos that have HDR as a tag will be deleted

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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