JulesCanon 9:40pm, 1 June 2008
Please Please Please HELP NATASHA!!!


Hi folks.
I'm not one for "spamming" groups but i need to help my friends raise £150,000 to save their little girl.

Natasha has a rare condition called Chromosome 18q-
The doctors in Northern Ireland can not help Natasha as they've never had to deal with a case like it before and now the time has come to take her to America.

Can i beg for you to please please please go to natasha's website and place a donation as this little girl really needs your cash urgently.

Natalie and Ian need all the help that they can get. To raise that kind of money is taking everything they posses, all their energy, their willpower from the love for their child to give her every possible chance... please help them.

Thank You
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