Garibaldi McFlurry PRO 3:49pm, 6 October 2007
Just a quick announcement that we're thinking of having a meetup in Dromore on Saturday 27th October.

Not far from Belfast is the quaint market town and cathedral city of Dromore. Recently, the local council and one of the Regional Departments put up new tourist signs and launched a guide to the history of the town.

Basically, within the town centre you have - a Cathedral (which I could probably get us into as I'm a member - for tour or photos or both); a Celtic cross in the grounds of the cathedral; the River Lagan; a 13th Century Motte and Bailey castle built by the Normans (the finest preserved in Ulster); the Market House and a set of steel stocks (which were used for the punishment of petty crime); a Viaduct (which can be seen from the A1 bypass); about 11 other churches, and several good eating houses and pubs.

Are you interested in joining us? For more info, you can also check out the discussion that spawned the meetup.
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