posting limit?

JulesCanon 7:47pm, 7 April 2007
hi guys,
thanks for the invite of posting my shots of belfast.
can i ask tho seeing as i'm from northern ireland i have quite a few more and was wondering if i can post them here or what is the rules as i dont want to "flood" the group pool lol

thanks and happy snappin
HeideKlein_OrangenKopf 11 years ago
post away! the more the merrier :-)
tony/m PRO 11 years ago
hello, thanks for invite too!

i'd suggest limiting it a bit, as its nice to see the best that people have and keeps interest over time...rather than people posting everything they have in one go and never coming back.
perpetual noise [deleted] 11 years ago
I agree, try to limit your uploads to the best you think you have.

That way people wont have to wade through loads of photo's and also means you can chart your progress, with the help of others, as a photographer.
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