New Pink Google

sarah.miller67 6:27am, 11 February 2008
I thought might enjoy this. I found a new website that is a Pink version of Google. I love PINK and I love this site! It's called

I think you will like it. It's my new homepage.
magnificent country [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by magnificent country (member) 10 years ago
wicked! i just checked it out now!!
* Ana.Guerrero * PRO 10 years ago
awesome! Thank you!
amarobica 10 years ago
Pink Google = pinkle
handmadetarts 9 years ago
hmm, not found, what´s wrong ?
profuse circle [deleted] 9 years ago
I've just created a new pink google. It's called "Search In Pink".
50% of all income on the site goes to the cancer organization "" - So at least im trying to do something good.
What do you guys think of my pink engine?
Natália Araújo! 9 years ago
Yeah :)
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