mercuryseven 11:16pm, 2 June 2005
I recently Flickr and I love it, I use it to store my digital photo art and photography, please feel free to visit my work and also if your are interested in making your photos available for me to use in my art then join this group I just started.
thanks Scott
FlyButtafly PRO 13 years ago
Admin, pls. delete this thread. He is spamming many groups by advertising his photos and new group... and it has absolutely nothing to do with Pink (or any other groups he's posted in)
mercuryseven 13 years ago
that is absolutely not true, I only am sending invites to my group in the other groups I belong to, sorry if that offends you Tagurit
FlyButtafly PRO 13 years ago
It is not an invite, it is spamming.
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