FlyButtafly PRO 5:51am, 5 February 2005
I used to hate pink. Especially pepto-bismol-pink and Barbie-pink. I thought pink was weak and froo-frooish. I hated it!
Then, I got older... and I started to see pink in a new shade. Hot pink. Fuschia. Atomic Pink... the color I dyed my hair. I started buying lots of pink things.. pink velvet leopard pants, pink mesh shirt, pink chain necklace... I have about 10 different shades of pink nailpolish. What is it about pink?
Well for me, it's about punk. Bright, unapologetic, in-your-face, spiky, textured, velvety, sparkly, outrageous... and girly; not in a cheerleader, I'm-so-giggly, airhead/ditsy-I'll-do-anything-for-a-cute-guy type of way; but in a "I'm confident, sexy, feminine, powerful, playful, intense, real" kind of way. Pink can be calming or exciting. As an accent or the main focus, it works. Pink goes with everything. It's strawberries, flowers, a sunset, love, a new baby, a scent, a memory.
Without pink, life would be blue...
wurtey 13 years ago
"Without pink, life would be blue..."
i liked that!!

ummmm.. to me pink is my "current" color.. one of many colors that would express me, my mood at a certain time..
iris. 13 years ago
pink is comfy.
bright, happy, coy, innocent, naive - best combined with other colors.

to me at least.
Jenn Peachy PRO 13 years ago
wow.. i totally love what u said about pink "it's about punk. Bright, unapologetic, in-your-face, spiky, textured, velvety, sparkly, outrageous..." AGREE!!!

pink brings me pleasure~ XD
Janet is really Cool! 13 years ago
Pink is what separates me from the boys. It defines me as feminine, demure, mysterious, coy and aloof.
Plus, my overall body color is pink. I found the best pink shorts ever and was hellbent on owning them, untill I tried them on. They matched my skin so well one could not tell where the shorts ended and where body began.
..Pink rocks!
..these colours, and implied textures, are me, and, I tend to recreate the environment they suggest wherever I go.
great idea for a group. Thanks!
foreverr 13 years ago
thaanx 4 the invitation
Season Moore 13 years ago
As a little girl I loved pink, and according to my mom that is all I would wear. Then I rebelled against pink as a teen and it wasn't until my 20's I realized...I totally freaking dig pink! Now I have a daughter and I can continue my love affair with the color, I could do an entire series on her room alone!
Eileen Delhi PRO 13 years ago
It's not that I especially love pink, it's just that sometimes it jumps out and grabs you...
Pink and Me are attached together since i was born .. i mean i was borned pinky
my checks oh my God they are pinky 24 hrs mam used to buy me pink cloth my room was pin k i mean daah! everything is pink in my life tell now :)

it's nice gurlish, life full and clolrful

any where pink is mention ... directly they related to me even my friends calls me pink princess :D
scarce face [deleted] 13 years ago
pink is innocent, except when it is used (key word) to fake innocence and instead is overdone and exaggerated so that it becomes lewd. But I like the pure and pristine quality of true and simple pink.
orangedude_2004 13 years ago
"Pink, on the lips of your lover" quote Steven Tyler. Pink looks great on women, but can't forget the blue in blue eyes, blue eye shadow, etc.
fl-Ash 13 years ago
Pink lingerie are the best :P very feminine when a girl is dressed in pink... and thats also meant to be the default colors to distinguish a baby boy and a baby girl, girl pink, boy blue... am i right? here its kinda like that...anyyyyway ;)
bc anna 13 years ago
Pink photographs well, especially pink flowers.
fLip Xpander 13 years ago

i ♥ the pink

and pink is the color of ♥

Lynn. 13 years ago
I wouldn't normally think of myself as a pink person - I'm olive skinned and tend to look better in reds and deeper colours. (Actually my husband has a pink shirt and looks great in it!)

But then I see something pink - a flower, a sweater (I have one in cashmere that I'll keep forever, I know), the cover of a book on fashion that I have - and it just moves me.

I mean, look at how it pops out here in those words, "Reply to this topic?" It works well with other colours and feels uplifting.
pinkfreaknursejen 12 years ago
this is cool i never knew there were other people out there who loved pink as much as i do!! it's more than just a colour for me it's a way of life, i automatically choose the pink option in everything; clothes accessories, bags, sweets.....the list is endless! everyone who knows me associates me with being a "pink-freak", when asking my opinion of clothes or asking me what colour i would like when im buying something they answer "duh pink" before i get the chance then wonder why they bothered in the first place. but dont get me wrong i dont just choose the pink alternative of things for attention or anything i just automatically do it without thinking, i was predestined to love all things pink!! so keep up the good work gals and ill chat to yas soon.xx
brave geese [deleted] 12 years ago
Pink can be so tasty.
tangible snails [deleted] 12 years ago
I't s just the matter of taste. You can love pink or not. Simply.
exclusive porter [deleted] 12 years ago
Pink is beautiful. I sometimes think the beauty of pink is in the fact it can be whatever it wants to be and whatever you want it to be. Soft, delicate, girly, harsh, garish, fun, bright, cheerful..the list goes on. My world is a beautiful place because of the colour pink.
Paula Bird Parent 12 years ago
Pastel shades of pink are soft, gentle, feminine, cute and pretty. Brighter shades are in yer face, assertive, bold, beautiful, and associated with Sex Pistols albums and punk in general. I love pink! I also love red, blue, green and black - and really, all colours, as each colour has its special qualities and we need a balance. :)
amazinglyaverage PRO 11 years ago
pink is just hot. it's not just "girly girly" anymore. dudes are rocking it too!
fine van [deleted] 11 years ago
Pink is beautiful! so many shades. such a happy color. Pink has been my favorite color since I was a young girl, and still today at 40 something. I'm known for loving pink. So nice to see other pink-aholics out there.
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