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Bachspics ADMIN December 10, 2013
Notice. As of 10 December 2013 this group has been DISCONTINUED. Thanks for the great time and for the beautiful pictures. Best wishes.

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Welcome to the finest collection of general photography on Flickr. The Gallery Of Fine Photography is a collection of the highest quality of handpicked photos of all types except portraits. The purpose of this group is to give you an opportunity to display your best work along side the best work of the best photographers on Flickr. Len Eiserer said: We judge the song of the bird not by its musical quality nor even by its creativeness, but by its effect on the human spirit." I believe that also applies to beautiful photography. I judge it by its effect on my spirit. Comments are not required, but encouraged.

PLEASE, O Please, o please, take a minute to read the six brief "Upload Guidelines" below--it sure would save both of us some time and effort!

For additional thoughts on the philosophy of this group and my feelings about Flickr groups see "Purpose" and "Final Thought" below.

Companion Gallery: Please visit also The Gallery Of Fine PORTRAIT Photography

COMMENT CODE: Please use the comment code located between the lines.

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1. Self-initiated uploads are welcome. The administrator will decide whether the photo meets the general standards, requirements and purposes of the pool. You are asked not to take rejections personally. Please keep trying, but don’t submit the same photos repeatedly. Uploads are limited to 3 per day. The queue will be checked regularly, but please be patient.

2. Photos must be at least of the same general quality as those already in the
pool. We judge on a combination of beauty, technical merit and "interest".

3. Photos with a signature, watermark, or other self-identification will not be accepted.

4. Photos with borders or frames will not be accepted.

5. Nudity, porn or sleazy stuff will not be accepted.

6. Color and B&W are both welcome.


I love this advice I recently learned from Jeff Clow: "How do you improve your photography? Stand in front of better things!"

Here are a few of the most frequent reasons pictures are not included in the pool:

1. Uploading pics which do not conform to pool guidelines. Borders and self-identifying marks are perhaps the most frequent cause of rejection. ( Apparently many people don't bother reading the title of the group which says "No Frames, Signatures," or these rules!)

2. Check the pool and you will immediately notice several things about the majority of the photos therein.

First, color and good lighting. After 4 years of runnng the pool, by far the biggest problem is the majority of pictures are far too DARK in either lighting or color, often both, leaving them without detail, color or beauty. Update 7 January 2013: The previous statement is more true now than ever--things seem to be getting darker! Often I reject 9 out of 10 uploads, and 7 of 9 are too dark. If your photo is underexposed and dark, or otherwise poorly lighted, it is really going to have to have other things going for it to be included in the pool. Update 20 November 2009: There is a sad trend most easily observable in Flickr's daily 500 Explore pool. That is, somewhere around 50% or more of the photos have a green, blue, or blue-green tint which some call the "Polaroid Tint." In my view it is awful, and awfully boring. If you are into that or similar brown tints, chances are your photo won't make the cut for this pool unless both the subject and composition are extraordinary--extraordinary enough to overpower the negative effect of the tint. Update 30 July 2011: Happily the fad mentioned in the 2009 update is fading (pun intended!). The "Polaroid" thing seems to have passed its prime. There are far fewer of these kinds of things in the Explore 500 pool now. Indeed, the quality of material found there recently is at its highest. Kudos and salutes to the Flickr staff! Update 23 Aug 2012: Dark, poorly lighted pics continue to be a major source of rejection. Once again I repeat, "STAND IN FRONT OF BETTER THINGS!"

Second, composition. Notice again, that not too many of the pics in this pool have the main subject dead center in the “bull’s eye” of the frame. Their horizons don't split the frame half-and-half. Foregrounds and background aren’t cluttered. For the most part the subjects themselves aren’t cluttered. Use of line, form, and pattern play a big role in composition. If you want some help with composition, check out the “Tips For Taking And Presenting Better Photos” in my profile found here: Bachspics Profile

If you would like to know what I mean by color and composition check out my favorites here: If you have similar interests and collection, drop me an e-mail. I would like to see them.

Third, simplicity. Most have a limited subject matter or theme with simple backgrounds. Very few have a cluttered feeling and if they do it is with a purpose.

Fourth, beauty and interest. We receive many photos which are quite well composed and lighted, but the subject just isn't very interesting or unique. A plain mountain and sky scene or a colorful sunset with the horizon in the middle will likely be rejected. Flowers, insects, and sunsets are common, so for yours to make the cut here it will need to be something pretty special. I know that beauty is “in the eye of the beholder,” but you would be surprised at how many comments I receive about the quality and beauty of the photos in this pool. That is the best defense of my choices.

Many Flickr photographers seem to have a thing for dark, dreary, colorless, grungy, gritty, moody, draconian, photos. I’m not one of them, therefore that kind of shot will never be dominant here. "STAND IN FRONT OF BETTER THINGS!"

Fifth, focus. Believe it or not I click on every photo I invite, so I can see it in a larger format than the rather large thumbnails on my large viewing screen. If it looks good in the tumbnail, but isn’t pretty sharp when enlarged I will likely pass it by, unless there seems to be a discernible purpose for soft or out-of focus in a photo.

Well, there are some things which I hope will help you. I’ll add others as I continue to watch and learn.

BTW, a million thanks to all of you who are brave enough to upload and take the chance of rejection. The pool has benefitted greatly from your wonderful uploads, and as the membership continues to increase, it will require less and less of my time out searching for great photos. But that is part of the fun for me, so I suspect the pool won’t ever be totally dependent upon self-initiated uploads.


Purpose of Flickr Groups: I have thought a lot about Flickr pools and their purpose. In our imaginations, we would like to think that people search through and admire our work, perhaps even study it. I think that is rare. I think there are two problems: 1) Most of us are in this thing for ourselves. We want others to see our work, but beyond the cursory and/or obligatory comment to friends and contacts, few seem to really care about the photography of others. That probably led to the "Award and Comment" pools that are so popular--to force people to at least look at three to five other photos before they dash off and upload their pic to the next pool. This casts doubt about the sincerity and meaning of the comments left in these pools since it is obligatory. I have virtually stopped placing my photos in those groups. 2) The bulk of most pools is "average" to "below average" fare, so there is little merit in spending the time to find photos of high quality. In fact, such pools may actually discourage it because one has to look through so much mediocrity to find something worthy of study or contemplation, let alone emulation. That is where this pool comes in. I've set it up with high standards. I do most of the searching and inviting, and I screen every self-initiated upload, in order to keep the pool at a high and classy level. So, I hope you will spend some time looking through the excellent photos here, to learn, be inspired, and get an idea or two. I also hope you will, without selfish motives, leave some genuine comments in recognition of the good work of others.

Final thought: As I reread the above material it is too negative, and not completely representative of the way I feel about Flickr. Today a young Flickrite reminded me that he likes this place because people are friendly and communicative. I say "Amen" to that. And they are positive as well. Negative comments are very rare, and almost always couched in very careful language. I like that too. So, this pool is really about these things--and encouraging all types of photographers to keep doing their best work and displaying it here, of course! One of the things that happens to me as the "Admin" of this pool that I like the most, is when someone who isn't even a very serious amateur photog gets an invitation and can't believe it, or some housewife who loves the hobby, but doesn't get much recognition. They always seem so thrilled to be invited to this pool. I like encouraging people about their photography. Lastly, I appreciate all the positive feedback about the quality of this pool. A heartfelt thanks to all!


Welcome to the group!

Kingdom of Desire, by Philippe Sainte-Laudy
Kingdom Of Desire

WINNER--GREAT BLACK AND WHITE "dreamer" by fotobumbong

WINNER-COLORFUL LANDSCAPES Solvadalur Iceland by Gulli Hall

Sunflower Field

Created late May 2008
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