il_drive PRO 4:15pm, 23 May 2008
This is a great idea for a group! A lot of the really great shots on Flickr are not made by those high dollar cameras...and now we have a spot to show them off! :)
I was dared to do it by a mate on here! lol I did it for a laugh! Can you tell??? Please, put as many photos as you like here!

astonishing part [deleted] 10 years ago
ha i love this group already
KLnyc PRO 10 years ago
Yup....i love this group too.
90.00 vs 6000.00
LOL! Please, please, please, add ALL your photos! Every single darn one of them! Oh, except naughty ones! lol
alleyoop321 10 years ago
Helllllllloooooo!!!!! C ChristieJ Finally thank the all mighty tight wad!!! I have found a home!! The title made me laugh so hard I almost tore something!! This is a group I have to join!!! I was given my camera for Mothers day and have been shooting ever since. I'm addicted and I can't stop, it goes with me everywhere, I don't need a hump back from toating around 100 lbs. of equipment, if the picture looks good TAKE IT!! I will comment on the ones I love and I hope people like what I shoot. Thank you for starting this group!!! And thanks for the invite!!! Linda
You are so welcome, Linda! I have somewhat of a mad sense of humor! My camera so did not cost anywhere near the price of admission to Harvard! I love it though! I take mine everywhere too! You are sooooo invited!
^i^heavensdarkangel2 10 years ago
Ya'teeh' christie~tks 4 da invite my angelic 1...i dooo LOVE my *fuji*..& it does take some heavenly pics...tks again & have a heavenly day my angelic friend.
You are welcome, Heaven! Glad you could join us! Have a happy weekend, friend!
thanks for the invite...Ron
You are so welcome, Scorpius! I have a Canon PowerShot S5IS and it is great! You are welcome, Ron!
smithfragata 10 years ago
yes...this is my group.Thank you CC.
You are welcome, Smith!
Trev Grant 10 years ago
Thank you for the invite - I have joined!
When I see the awesome macros of insects and the fine detail close up pictures of birds taken with 400/500mm lenses at a mile away I sometimes wonder whether to even show my efforts!
Love your photostream (great photos) and your sense of humour!
I have a fuji finepix and a nikon with a cheap zoom lens so I know I can't compete with the "big boys".
I think 90% is about capturing the moment and the composition and also zany creative shots which take a fresh eye.
I'll get off my soapbox now and enjoy some more pics!
@tamari@ 10 years ago
Thank you for the invite! I love this group. I'm a "beginner" and photograph is a way to express my love for life, so my little Olympus FE-340 serves me just fine at the moment. You have only to be little patient with me, please, because I'm not so good with english! but I try to do my better and all your correction and suggestions are well accepted, thanks! Nadia (Tamari)
Gary Mercer 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite, I just uploaded 50 pics so that should keep everyone busy for now, LOL

I have a Canon Powershot A590IS and am loving every minute of it so far.
Wow! I am so appreciative of all your comments! I thought I was the only one who felt intimidated by all thse amazing hi-def stunning, out of this world photos! You all have restored my faith in Flickr! So, thank you!
Alicia Lynn 10 years ago
This is a great idea for a group! Thanks for the invite!

I've used many different cameras. Canon Elf, Canon Rebel (film & now digital), Sony Powershot (I don't recommend it), Nikon N90, but the reality is the photography doesn't require fancy cameras or classes or all the junk the shops try to sell you. It requires heart. A good eye, love for humanity & the earth you live on & the curiosity to try different things. That is what makes it art!
Alicia, you are so right! I was telling my husband the exact same thing! Angle, lighting, subject, and a love of photography are more important than the dollar figure put on your camera of choice! Heck, if I spent $6k on a camera, I'd want it to take stunning captures all on its own! lol
shaaamil 10 years ago
Thank you for the invitation :)
Good luck , I hope this group would be one of best :D .

Good luck
Jakeyz_63 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite Christie! Happy to join! =D
hypnotic need [deleted] 10 years ago
Hallo to everyone!!!

It is so nice to meet all so very happy with their photography and indeed with their camera!!!

Untill 2005 I used Pentax reflex (dont remmber the rest...), and I was happy by taking the film to get developed!
I didnt like to turn on digital camera.....but then....I started with the small "Panasonic Lumix"...really small (4 megapixel), but I found that I could still "study" my actually didnt do everything by itself..... as I was thinking!
Most of the photos that I am posting were taken with that camera!
Then last year I turned to Pentax digital (more megapixel...more powerfull...dont remember the rest), but I found that ok I can take wider pictures.....but still I keep my "piccolina"!
Unfortunatly this Pentax digital has got some spots in it!!!
I took it for cleaning...but still spots.....
I am planning to buy a new digital camera this year...
In the meantime I enjoy to take from my cd photos from that very first "piccolina", and now and again taking photos with the digital pentax......trying that spots will not be visible in the photos!!!

Sorry for the lenght of my writing.....also for my english!!

Best Regards to everybody!


Ohhh I am from Italy/Modena.
You are all so welcome! Please post all your photos on here and comment if you want, if you don't, it's optional!

Adam and Jake, welcome aboard! Happy to have you!

Argia, you are doing great! Your captures are lovely! I found that Canons are excellent for my photography! I am still really new at this so bear with me!

I am so pleased that you all wanted to join my little group! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! And welcome!!!

By the way, invite your friends/contacts if you feel like it! No one is barred at all! There is no obligation to invite contacts at all!!!
redundant border [deleted] 10 years ago
Wonderful idea for a group! A lot of people think that only the good photos come from the good camera but Ive taken a look at the work that is already up and these photos look like they are from the expensive cameras too! =) Its not about how much the camera is, it is about how you use it! Thanks for the invite!
Exactly! That was my entire point in starting this group! I want everyone to feel like their work is great even with a camera that doesn't cost the earth! Thank you for joining!
Thanks for the invite. It looks popular already which is great. Lots a great photos. Thanks again
Hi, Maxine!!! Thanks for joining us! We think we take great captures and this group proves it!!!
NKC@berry (Away) 10 years ago
Hi, everyone!
Thank you for the invite to wonderful group, Alicia Lynn!

I have Canon PowerShot S70 and Canon Digital Rebel XTi :-)
Hi, NKC, welcome to our group! Feel free to add all the photos you like! We are happy to have you!!!
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