Jean&Vic PRO 1:47am, 14 November 2009
I was home cooking today and thought to ask, what inspired you to start learning bushcraft skills? For some folks it is another person, others a book, or even a movie that will start you down the trail to learning these skills. My question to you, is what in specific inspired you to start leanring, or in the event you are just that way (said with a smile, as I am just that way ;-), what keeps you going?
Jean&Vic PRO 9 years ago
I guess starting this thread was a fine thought, but needs to have a bit added to it to get it rolling. Inspiration for the things we do are books from the foxfire series to survival books (more than a dozen titles in the library we have, but probably closer to the hundreds if you look at the specific subject books). there are a few movies out there we have watched that do the same thing, making us much more aware of things we need to know if we were suddenly without a house to live in to survive (and humorous as well). one video comes to mind and it is 3 days at the river. it is about walking down to the river with nothing more than the clothes on your back and living from what you find there. the main person in my life who inspires me to find these skills and learn them is my wife, as she likes things that are obscure, and sometimes odd. this is not to say they are not useful, just not always something everyone knows.
Howling Dingo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Howling Dingo (admin) 9 years ago
I just love to learn new things gain new skill...As a kid I had this book cool book"how to survive"I love it.Hard to pin point one thing just part of what I am how I see the world.
Jean&Vic PRO 9 years ago
I have to think some of the other things that are an inspiration in this are also cook books for me. I love to find new things that grow where I live an incorporate them into what I like to cook. that I can trace to the Clan of the Cavebear series of books. There is the inspiration for when I first learned to make and use a sling collect wild berries as an adult as well as hunt and process my own food from what I managed to kill. fishing is something else entirely though, and I have to give credit to my mom and dad for inspiring me in that field of life.
surfinsandy23 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by surfinsandy23 (member) 9 years ago
I have 4 boys who have been (one still going) through the scouting program, and some of the other parents and families have pretty darn good bushcraft skills. Though most of them rarely make it to meetings and outings anymore, they have inspired all of us!
Our 15 year was given a bow to finish making, "the right way", but has been distracted from it for a while. We are getting him the Bowyers Bible set for Christmas. He only asked for 2 volumes but we're spurging on all 4.
My husband and I both grew up in relatively poor families, so the need and desire to make things has always been in the forefront of life. When we see something we like or need, we are more interested in how to make our own rather than go buy one. Part of that also comes from knowing that we can probably make it better than store bought anyway! It's more than bush crafts for us, it's all crafts!
Da Pimparazzi 9 years ago
It happend so fast I'm not so sure. 12 months of rampant unemployment was one reason. More of a realization that chasing the American dream was a joke at our expense. Believing that we could keep up with the Joneses is what got us into this mess. I don't buy junk anymore, it doesn't bring happiness, and you eventually get rid of it anyway.. The tools that have been handed down to me are worth the most. I now focus on making things and learning skills. High school ROTC taught us map reading and firearms training. Martial arts taught me weapons and discipline. Pursuing an Art degree and working as a cook for 25 years I'm sure taught me something. As a kid I camped and fished and even joined the scouts, but that was worthless (for reasons I won't go into ).
I am now determined to learn bushcraft.
Flickr groups like these have been THE source of inspiration.
Thank you all for your help and contributions !
goofy achiever [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by goofy achiever (member) 8 years ago
I was born into it I guess. I grew up in the country in the 50s, learning to hunt and trap for the table. Then along came the Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett craze and I was sold on a colonial lifestyle. My two best friends were Ojibwe Indians, their Father was from Canada. The eldest brother and I became blood brothers at an early age.
I made my first muzzle-loading gun whilst still at school and without knowing what I was doing! I have always had a love for the 18th century colonial lifestyle.
Now I live in a forest near Armidale NSW, I am the founder of the New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760. We cover a wide range of period and primitive skills and crafts and participate in Historical Treks and camps. This is my life, this is what I enjoy doing.
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