Howling Dingo 9:18am, 23 March 2009
Okay here is the scenario,you have by some twist of fate are to be left by yourself in a remote woodland wilderness for one year.Away for all human contact no T.V radio or phone no i-pods.Okay you have small hut for shelter a good axe and knife and firesteel.There is some tins of food a small well for water and a old hunting rifle.You have all the essential kit you want.You more than good chance of surviving one year alone.But before you go away for the year alone you are told you can take just one luxury item.What nonessential thing would you take with you and why?
Christopher Rauch PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Christopher Rauch (member) 9 years ago
my first thought was my hammock, then I thought, camera, but the flavor of this seems to be no electronics. probably a bible to read. There is nothing like the clarity you get with a lot of time on your hands, and a lack of distractions, to mine nuggets of applicable wisdom from scripture.

another would be a journal. It is amazing to read back over your own writings, penned during a significantly distant past experience. It always surprises me the things I have forgotten, and the Insights I get into my own thought processes by reading through a journal
stupendous yoke [deleted] 9 years ago
use2blost has some pretty good points. in order to ponder this question i believe one must first ponder the notion of "what is the most important thing in life to you?" for me,an existential personal meaning and relationships are the most important. so.......... if i combine the two i get the notion of connecting relationally with the "God" out there who made me and presumably loves me. that's where the Bible comes in for me as well. prayer, as in practicing the presence of God, is important but the written word with a historical context is also important for basis............. and, if i may come back to to the notion of "campfires", a camp, for me, represents, in a metaphorical sort of way, a place of refuge, home, a deep contentment. existentially, i need to be at that place......................... you asked the question!!!
daveelmore PRO 9 years ago
My camera bag, most definitely -- my camera isn't a nonessential!!
coconinoco PRO 9 years ago
I'd take a wind-up gramophone and eight records.
Howling Dingo 9 years ago
I will let you take 35 of you old 78 rpm records!
MyLovenArt 9 years ago
interesting question and cool group. I want to say my camera, but the journal idea is a good one too. That or a sketch book and a couple of good pens.
holistic cats [deleted] 9 years ago
Fun question! : )

Hhhhhhmm, I have faith in myself & get by with little / don't need much, but do get a bit superstitious about one item... my homemade bear claw necklace.

Whenever I go someplace new, or on a trip, or whatever... I always believe that it gives me strength.
( I could totally do it.... heck I've been at home & in the middle of nowhere before for ages without seeing people quite happily. I have hermit-like qualities ha,ha)
MrEdPhoto/F4 9 years ago
Absolutely a picture of home and family.

35mm camera that doesnt require batteries and a bunch of B+W film to document my year.
Jean&Vic PRO 9 years ago
I know I am late coming in on this, but I would have to say a book and pencils (pens seem to die frequently in cold weather). Most of the rest I could probably improvise or scavenge one way or the other. The book provides me with a 2 fold entertainment such as writing, and the other drawing. That being said, perhaps a couple of spares to take with as well ;-)
fishfish_01 PRO 6 years ago
a spoon carving knife! its a real bummer trying to carve a bowl or spoon without one and the old burning method really isnt that great,food tastes burned for a long time after making a bowl or spoon that way.
WildcraftAustralia 3 years ago
Maybe you should read Claire Dunn's book "my year without matches" she had to answer that question herself before living for a year in "remote woodlands" without even a hut!
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