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Howling Dingo 9:17am, 18 December 2008
Not including whats in growing in your garden.How many edible plants can you find in a ten minutes walk from your house?
Howling Dingo 10 years ago
Okay so here is my edible things 10 minutes form home.I live in the city so I would to eat a lot of stuff I find.But here go’s next to the railroad tracks there’s a mass of wild fennel and you don’t have to go far to find a dandelion growing up from the cracks in the road.Next to the old boarded up chinese restaurant grows a choko vine grows up some old iron stairs.Down the road from that a big prickly pear grows on a strip of waste ground.Sometimes I take a mandarin for the over hanging branches from a neighbours garden on the way to work.
holistic cats [deleted] 9 years ago
Ya know, with our family we turned it into "a game" (with daughter as a kid) Basically there are sooooooooooooo many around that it's not even countable! lol There are just too many which man has made use of since his beginnings.... I wouldn't even have time to write 'em all down. But I'll try my best to take photographs / share info about them as I can

( who lives in the middle of a forest & who gets pretty darn busy over here with all that we do)
Jean&Vic PRO 9 years ago
items to be eaten on a 10 minute walk from the house. . . First the Chamomile that grows wild here, then dandelions, after that pine bark, or seeds if you feel inclined to pick them apart. then there is biscuti root and wild onions. of course there is grass all over the place ;-) If you feel inclined there is usnea growing on the trees near here(less than 100 feet from where I am sitting) oregon grapes, and rose hips are close as well. as for others there are fungi, but I could not say which are edible of otherwise. There are also service berries not far from here, and possibly even huckle berries, but those might be a bit more than 10 minutes from here.
Now in response, I must ask, how many critters would you be able to find within 10 minutes of your place? That was said in fun, but is food for thought as well.
photo log 9 years ago
Hi from a newbie, items to be eaten in a 10 miniute walk are garlic, chives, rosemary all growing wild in the graveyard pretty much on my backdoor. The blackberry bushes on the way to tesco, silver birches everywhere which you can drink the sap of in the spring. Does picking fruit from neighbours strawberry tree count?! They are yummy. Not forgetting stinging nettles, there everywere. Claza
Mikael Roode Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Mikael Roode (member) 8 years ago
Ramps (Allium tricoccum)
Wild Onions
Hickory Nuts
Black Walnuts
May Apple
I'm very glad I live in rural West Virginia.
Lynnette Henderson Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Lynnette Henderson (member) 8 years ago
We live in MN on a bluff over-looking the valley with headwaters of the Mississippi River. We are in the woods. Our wild foods include:

Lamb's Quarters / Fat Hen
Stinging Nettles
Garlic mustard
Black & red raspberries
Wild chamomile
Day lilies
Black walnut
Wild Plum
Wild mustard
Rose hips
goofy achiever [deleted] 8 years ago
Pea bush, dandelion, catsear, cattail shoots, flower heads and roots, misletoe berries, appleberry, blackberry, rose hips, stinging nettle, water chestnut, doc, plantain, maybe more, can't remember!
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