holistic cats [deleted] 12:59am, 4 December 2008
Ok, this group is called : "Campfires and the Arts of Bushcraft", thought that I'd come up with a question pertaining to the subject...

The question is...

holistic cats [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by holistic cats (member) 10 years ago
Guess I'll go first...

How about all naturallly raised homegrown pork strips, with the healthy / delicious fat dripping off of our homemade grill. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, so good... not to mention the AROMA!!!!! ***DROOL DROOL DROOL***

Night time family BBQ, by firelight...

All sorts of "WILD FOODS" are beyond good too!

Would LOVE to hear what everyone else has to say on this subject, HAPPY EATING & let's try and make eachother DROOL!!!!! LOL
( Btw, PIcs would be an added PLUS! )

Wildernessgal & family

P.S. - This could be LOTS OF FUN & INSPIRE more OUTDOOR COOKIN' ~ if you've got a recipe feel free to share it! : )
holistic cats [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by holistic cats (member) 10 years ago
One of our most favorite things to do is "cooking over the fire" (backwoods cookery) with our cast iron stuff... wild mushrooms, with wild onions, & garlic sauteed with a bit of butter or rendered fat is mighty delicious too!

Has anyone else here eaten wild meats? We've eaten so many things over here... Since I love to cook they were all quite tasty. Possum, coon, armadillo, squirrel, turtle, snake... gator is also delicious.

I know my husband has always told me he loves bear & that beaver tails tastes just like bacon! I wouldn't know as I haven't eaten either of those but sure would like to give 'em a try! ; )

Still hopin' to sample some skunk. ( <-- I'm being dead serious btw )

~ Wildernessgal ~
( who got hooked on alligator whilst livin' in south Fl. for 15 years too long lol)
Howling Dingo 10 years ago
Almost all food tastes better cooked on a campfire,I like potatoes cooked on the hot coals with a bit of striploin beef.Sometimes I make a big omelet with what ever veggie or to hand and a splash of sweet chilli sauce.

Never tried alligator but have had crocodile,must be much the same.Sometimes I make jerky using kangaroo I what to try use emu sometime.Wonder what skunk is like by the way I have sporran made from skunk fur.
Redhead Cobweb 10 years ago
Anything... I'm hungry now.

Shame cheese on toast is out of the question with campfires :(
holistic cats [deleted] 10 years ago
CHEESE & TOAST??? I don't think it's "not an option"... we've made homemade breads and cheese and eaten it over the fire as a yummy cheese melt! Super good!!!! : )
justaninja 9 years ago
If you can manage to catch a good size trout or a couple small ones' there's nothing better than roasting one on a skewer over the fire. the best part is you know for sure that it is 100% fresh, and you only need to fill the cavity with some easily packable spices.
Sespe! 9 years ago
Hahaha if you need some sugar when out in the woods you can cut a banana down the middle, stick some chocolate in the cut, wrap it in tinfoil and rest in in the coals. Wait a while and bammm!

Your good to go after your big dinner.
pkettlewell 9 years ago
a freshly caught walleye or trout.... the best food on earth!
orionz51 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by orionz51 (member) 9 years ago
bannock bread and pork backstrap!! yum!!
roddersdad PRO 9 years ago
Blimey,I,ve just joined this group,thanks for the invite ozhaggishead,I am embarrased to say that I have only managed to get the smallest fire going where i wonder down the river,and then it wasnt brilliant,the only way I have been able to cook anything was an army ration in my mess tin with water,as you can tell I havent done this for long and seriously wonder if i would manage if push came to shuv,but I have to say just doing that gave me immense pleasure to be able to just sit somewhere nice and quiet and watch the river go by whilst having a cuppa and a hot chicken and mushroom pasta even though it was perhaps a bit of a cheat.
MrEdPhoto/F4 9 years ago
^^^ agree with you entirely, and even a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in a time of need. Fire to keep warm for instance!

I have cooked nettle soup, bannock, pine needle tea and wild caught crayfish and other fish as well as razor clams on the beach. All simple things but its a start!

Bannock made with a little bit of sugar and blackberries in it makes a nice treat
resolute twist [deleted] 9 years ago
Food - a subject dear to my stomach. Always have found that anything cookable using a stove is made more edible and delicious over a campfire.
My favorite foods would include bannock, baked squash/potatoes, protein of any sort, and a hot cup of tea to wash it down with.
Slane ayd
goofy achiever [deleted] 8 years ago
Meat I guess, sausages, oats and dried fruit, stews. I am pretty easy, everything tastes good when cooked in the woods. I love to sit under my oilcloth with some bread and cheese and a hot cup of black tea watching the rain or snow fall.
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