Sespe! 2:05am, 26 October 2008
What kind of wood do you like to use for making a bow drill fire out of?
Howling Dingo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Howling Dingo (admin) 10 years ago
You can go wrong with willow it's a weed tree were I live.I going to try Xanthorrhoea it is a kind of grass tree next.
Sespe! 10 years ago
I got a fire with sycamore but its harder to get then my seeder kit.
Howling Dingo 10 years ago
Sounds good mate,don't have those woods in my part or the world you just need to use whats around you.
saxaphonium 10 years ago
There are lots of good articles on this website:
damp bead [deleted] 10 years ago
If you learn the uses of the plants/animals around you, you'll not likely go without.

I- personally try to go with good dry cypress, but since moving up here, that is limited. Poplar works well, as does white cedar. Stay away from any hardwoods, or woods which are heavy in resin like pine, as they will heat up and glaze the drill really quickly and get no friction. A couple of grains of sand in the hole will sometimes help.

Never, ever, lay your fireboard or drill on bare ground as they can absorb moisture very quickly. I use a small scrap of leather under my boards. If not working in an emergency situation, you can get better results if you just toss everything on the dashboard of you truck for a day or so, as the greenhouse effect will help to dry them out a bit.
myblackboxrocks PRO 10 years ago
This is really going to vary depending on where you are. Here in the UK we don't have any cedar but tend to have oak, beech and ash woodlands as well as spruce/pine plantations. I know that dry beech works.
myblackboxrocks PRO 10 years ago
Actually, I have a question, are there any natural materials like nettles which could be woven into something strong enough to use as cord in a bow drill? I have only tried with nylon cord....
Sespe! Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Sespe! (admin) 10 years ago
Well here in California, US, me and some friends tried to make a cord with yuca which we wove together. As one of us tried it. It just started coming apart. The only thing I know of something natural is sinew. You could use some bark and make cordage out of that and it might work. I haven't tried that one.
Jean&Vic PRO 9 years ago
Scary thought here, if you have long hair like I do, a bit of hair braided would work in a pinch. if not in a rush, a boot lace will work though ;-)
goofy achiever [deleted] 8 years ago
Goonagurra/ Kangaroo tail/ grass tree/ Yacca, there are species in every state of Australia.
Stringybark cordage works if green.
changeable curve [deleted] 8 years ago
Cottonwood.Both hearth board and drill. I made hearth board from dead dry trunk section and drill from dead limb section. There is just enough difference in hardness to make it work. I had fire on my first try.
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