listenclear 9:07am, 21 August 2008
Hey everyone!
I live in edinburgh and would like to learn more about picking mushrooms or any other bushcraft for that matter.
Is there anyone out there willing to take on a newbie?
Howling Dingo 10 years ago
If you are looking to get into bushcraft stuff have a look at Is the best bushcraft site I have found.Great bunch of guys and a great resource.
mungobah 10 years ago
Drop by my site at - I am a member of, and go there all the time. Recently I picked up a mushroom guide and have been posting a few stories with photos about my mushroomy adventure!
KipikArt PRO 7 years ago
I think a good place to start with mushrooms is boletes as very few of them are poisonous and they are pretty easy to identify. I use local books as varieties difer from continent to continent. Most show up in the fall.

...and I agree having 2 photo references for identification is very a good idea.

happy hunting!
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