Howling Dingo 1:34am, 18 May 2008
What craft project's are you guys doing at the moment?Myself I am doing a bit of knife making and caving some wooden spoons.
Sespe! 10 years ago
I'm Working on bow drill after bow drill so i can become a master at it and all the woods. :) This is a great group thanks. I cant wait to get my camera back and ill take some photos of my nature crafts and put them up.
fishfish_01 10 years ago
for cash ime making loads of cattapults , ime making the kuksa and i have a knife on the go that will be scrimshawed and sold.
holistic cats [deleted] 10 years ago
Well, after finishing up my husband's birthday present "primitive styled necklace"

The homemade necklace which I made my husband for his birthday...

I am going to start on a few others (all different) which I am going to give as Holiday Gifts.... Over here we're also in the process of braintanning several hides. I shall take some photographs to share with y'all!

Once again the Holiday Season is upon us.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! : )
Cyclingrelf PRO 10 years ago
I'm brain tanning some rabbit pelts, then hope to make a pair of gloves :-)
I'm also making Christmas presents this year. Nice pendant Wildernessgal!
holistic cats [deleted] 10 years ago
Thank you Cyclingrelf ~ Sounds like you'll be having lots of fun yourself! There's nothing better than a good project, it's so enjoyable / relaxing... : )
orionz51 9 years ago
i have started a self bow and am working on knife making and kuksu carving.
Howling Dingo 9 years ago
Sounds great mate be sure to post some pics,talking of wood carving have a look at a cool wee flicker group
Jean&Vic PRO 9 years ago
I have several projects going, but only a few that are relevant to this group. one it spinning more fiber for making clothing, I have a few bowstaves from my dad of Walnut and mountain ash. in recent days I have been out collecting potential handles for some tools I am due to make before long. Have some cider sitting that fermented from apples picked this last fall, and am very much looking forward to going out ice fishing when there is enough ice on the lakes to fish. till then, just a bit of hunting, to hopefully fill the freezer, and if successful then drying some of it with salt. Oh, and lots of cooking ;-)
danielg123 9 years ago
one word knives lol
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