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First visit to a gay sauna

adamant boat [deleted] says:

I was bearly 18
At a bathouse in london
I went and stripped off , and looked round.
There was an old slim guy in the Jacuzzi
He came and sat next to me and started playing with my cock , and i opend my legs and let him.

I could see his hand was wanking his cock so i put my hand on his cock , and got quite a shock , his cock was VERY thin but VERY long

About 1 inch diamiter but maybee 9 ins long and the top was clear of the water by now. He stood up and pushed his cock to my face ,,,so i took it in my mouth and started sucking him i heard somone say somthing and looked behing my old guy to see a big fat guy watching me suck cock as he wanked his very fat cock in full view

The old guy then stood me up in the jacuzzi out of the water and sucked my cock to a almost painfully hard straining erection, then supprised me by turning me round ,opening my cheeks and pushing his tongue up my arsehole WOW that was so good.
He rimmed my asshole for ages then turned me back round and pushed his cock back down my throat and i could see we had been joined by 2 other men who were wanking each otheres cock as they watched me the old guy deep into my mouth

Mmmmmmm i tried to take as much as i could as he was really hard and throbbing by now and thrusting his cock into the back of my mouth.
Just then with a loud "OH Fuck" he came in my mouth and pushed his cock down my throat , as i tried to swallow as much of his cum as i could , but some ran out my mouth and down my chin.

The 3 guys watching were wanking like mad . the fat guy wanking a fat cock also came and shot his cum in the water, as the other 2 smiled at me as i took the long cock out my spunky mouth.

He said "Good boy now cum with me to the showere i need to finish you off and clean you up you horny little cocksucker "

Not knowing what he meant he lead me through the sauna still naked his cock hanging down but my cock bolt upright , and got several looks from all the men we passed on the way to the shower stalls.

He said "get on your knees, you need to wash that spunk down like a good cocksucker should ". still puzzled i knely in front of him.
There was a young lad and another older guy soaping each others cock as they watched me get on my knees in front of the old man , my face level with his still soft but long dangling cock.

He put his soft cock back to my mouth and said open wide , then let go with a huge jet of piss,
wow , now drink it all down he said as he held my jaw ....
so i did, and swallow a huge hot stream of his piss.
He pissed for ages , into my open mouth "now swallow " he ordered and wash that spunk down like a good cocksucker , he said .
When i had finished drinking what seemed like several pints of his piss.

He then said we need to sort my cock out , so again he lead me through the sauna ,
I was still naked without any towel to hide my still raging hard cock .
We went into the steam room, where several men were sitting maked wanking there own hard cock or that of their partner. As well as one guy on his knees sucking with his head between a big black guys legs sucking his cock.

He sat down on the tiled seat and made me sit on his lap with my legs spread very wide appart and my legs outside his spread legs. Faceing the other men in the steamroom , he took my balls in his left hand and amy hard cock in his right hand , and masturbated me as he massaged my balls,

I lasted about 2 mimites before my raging hard cock erupted , shooting my spunk high up into the air , shot after shot i came as i moaned out loud shooting my cum for all the men to see.

I loved it, and he then to go and ask all the men in the steamroom if they wanted me to suck them like a good little cocksucker .?
So id did , i sucked cock after cock till my jaw ached , i lost count of how many cocks i sucked .
But I left 2 hours later fulIy educated in the art of cocksucking.

I left with a sore cock a sore mouth and a sore arsehole. by this loverly older man with a long cock and a big smile on his face , I had made an old man and myself very happy.

I met him many times over the next few years. even visiting his house and learnimng to take his long thin cock deep in my ass , and also the cocks of many many of his friends. One of who had young lads like myself as a cocksucking boy. they loved it when we put on a show for therm before we sucked them and got fucked side by side many times.

This was my introduction to gay saunas. i visited many times and sucked lots of cock and , also loved piss play as wall as getting fucked by lots of older men .
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cumer1 says:

gay sex in the sauna is fucking hot action
91 months ago (permalink)

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dp1953 says:

Love your story! Very hot.
74 months ago (permalink)

wooden thing [deleted] says:

My first visit was amazing. It was at a place called Steamers in Cape Town. I couldn't believe the amount of cocks around me and it wasn't long before my shyness disappeared and I was on my knees sucking one to completion. After that I have been many, many times and loved every minute.
The craziest thing was when I was on my knees sucking two guys and a third unleashed a huge stream of piss all over my back and head. Loved it.
72 months ago (permalink)

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