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Tod Brilliant MEMBER March 19, 2008
Thanks, peoples! When the love of your life (okay, I'm being melodramatic...) gets RIPPED FROM YOUR ARMS, it's hard to not want to put up the old dukes and FIGHT!

Don't worry, we'll find the battlefield. First, we need an army.


(Our first Polaroid Boycotts/gatherings are going to be severely interesting, I promise!)

Group Description

When Petters Group Worldwide purchased the remnants of the once great Polaroid company in 2005, the decision was made immediately to kill the production of instant cameras and all films.

Last month, the announcement finally came that all Polaroid film production has ceased.

Now, Petters/Polaroid is trying to sell us on their new ZINK cameras, crappy digital cameras with a paper output option. Further, we are being urged to consume Polaroid-branded televisions, DVD players, etc..

You've killed our photo love Petters, YOU BASTARDS!!! We are thousands strong and we will boycott your greedy asses til the day we die.

Think about it, Mr. Petters. You bought Polaroid solely because you covet the name/logo recognition. Now that you've divorced the company from it's key product line, you're left with nothing of value. As well, you've angered a swarm of artists, designers, creatives and professionals - the very people who create the ads and propaganda you depend upon. Bad, bad move.

You'll have 180 days to meet our demands. Those demands will be posted here. Keep an eye out, Tom Petters. This is serious business.

PHOTO SUBMISSIONS: No limits. Anything YOU believe is appropriate.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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