TomFlikrPhotos PRO 4:33am, 21 February 2008
Cold but crystal clear here in Northern Virginia, Fairfax County. I also video taped it for YouTube. My kids , 9 and 7, got to saty up late and watch, and they had fun. My son, 9, says the next one will be 2010, on December 10th. When I asked how he knew he said NASA said so. I didn't know he knew NASA. Maybe they had lunch recently.

The shots were technically challenging, with my 200mm lens and my short, cheap tripod. I got to sit on the frosty ground, which doesn't make for much patience.

Things I need:
better tripod
400mm lens
more practice
to use my cable release more often
A2 Mac Geek PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by A2 Mac Geek (member) 9 years ago
Very cold but clear in Ann Arbor, SE Michigan. As in 8 degrees F out cold. I'm about to go out again to shoot what I suspect will be my last set of shots. I'm using a Kodak EasyShare Z710 Zoom digital with a portable tripod (and by portable, I mean the tripod legs are only about 2.5" long). I'm close enough to the city that there is some light pollution.
rpscott123 9 years ago
It was about 11 degrees with the wind chill in Amherst Massachusetts when I took my shot. I agree this was a very challenging shot. My set up was:
Nikon D50 with 70-200mm lens. I used a tripod as well as a remote release. It seemed that no matter what I did, I could not get the moon to appear in crisp focus. I guess I should have practiced taking night shots a little more before I tried something this difficult.
Matthew Sanzone PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Matthew Sanzone (member) 9 years ago
About 50 degrees in Gresham Oregon. About 7pm. Little wind, clear sky. I'm a little close to the city so the light pollution was high. Nikon D50 with Sigma 70-200mm EX HSM.
jwiv 9 years ago
D40X 55-200 mm lens with a mediocre tripod and no remote. Off my rooftop in Baltimore.
_sarchi PRO 9 years ago
uk yuk [why yuz kay]
JakeInVan 9 years ago
Vancouver, BC started out cloudy but the clouds broke up and it was fairly clear at the peak of the eclipse. 6 Celsius, but I had a great view from my bedroom window so I didn't have to go outside. :)
~ Oscar Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ~ Oscar (member) 9 years ago
I'm in Atlanta, GA. Very cloudy at first I thought I wasn't going to be able to get anything, suddenly it cleared up nicely so I got some nice photos. 7 Celsius and I did have to go outside :P ... and Tom, you should have your kid introduce you to this NASA guy, maybe it's a good connection to have.
in the bag solutions PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by in the bag solutions (member) 9 years ago
Clear, cold -14C and hard to focus.
Kingston ON

Lunar eclipse 20 Feb 2008
MNesterpics 9 years ago
clear cold here in springfield, Va
about 25 degrees
20 degrees in Staunton, 2 hours west of Northern Virginia. Despite a grey ceiling all day, crystal-clear skies opened up in time. Set up my telescope on the deck and enjoyed!
@robynw 9 years ago
Redmond WA - not that cold, maybe 40s? It took awhile for the clouds to clear.

I could use a 1200mm lens. :)
Lscan PRO 9 years ago
Tucson, AZ had a few clouds but nothing that seriously obscured the eclipse. It is in the 60's maybe high 50's.
Fernando X. Sanchez 9 years ago
Tallahassee, FL, clear sky, fairly nice weather (light jacket was enough). Too bad I don't have a good telephoto could have got better shots :(
danielhedrick PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by danielhedrick (member) 9 years ago
Beaverton, OR
Canon 40D, Canon EF 28-135
Clear sky, not too cold... Good tripod was at the office, so I had to dig out an old one that was kind of shaky, and didn't have the correct mount. Definitely need a better telephoto lens.
Marc Arnault 9 years ago
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Canon 400D, Cannon 70-200 F4.0 @ F8.0

Perfectly Clear and steady skies, was a great night for observing Saturn and Mars too. It was pretty nice outside was -1°C (30°F) with almost no wind, which is pretty nice for a night time temperature in February, was easily able to stay out for the duration with just a jacket and light gloves, but was a little chilly near the end.
oboejoe92 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by oboejoe92 (member) 9 years ago
Outside of Detriot, MI
LOTS of light pollution
Cannon powerShot A630 + Tripod

12 degrees F without windchill (with windchill about 5 degrees F)
Clear skys- couldn't have bee better.
My camera doesn't focus to well but I got some ok shots. :D

I did get a photo of Sirius, the star:
oboejoe92 9 years ago
I have also read the next eclipse is in 2010.
arock75 9 years ago
I was home in my "backyard" in Brooklyn NY. The weather was supposed to be overcast and/or cloudy but it turned out be clear and fairly cold, probably 25-30 F. I used my 75-300mm lens mostly at 300mm on a tripod with a remote cable release. I tok over 400 shots experimenting with different aperture, shutter speeds and ISOs as the phases changed. One thing I know for certain I need a new and loger telephoto to get the shots I really want. It was great fun and very challenging and I'm very thankful the weather held up.
pixpanache PRO 9 years ago
I too was in my backyard in Northern NJ and it was cold - in the upper 20's. Glad the weather held up and the skies were clear. A few friends about 20 minutes from me had cloudy skies and missed it. Being a good friend, I sent them some pictures :)
Jim Arnold (jga154) PRO 9 years ago
Lunar Eclipse

Unfortunatly cloudy and a little hazy in Redding, CA. Not cold though.
Heather-L 9 years ago
Clear and not too cold at 45F in Athens, GA. Moon was quite red. Tripod and Canon 5D, but the longest lens I own is an 85mm.
jkaiser's Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jkaiser's (member) 9 years ago
From Caracas, Venezuela. It started out with an overcast sky, but then cleared pretty nicely. Made for a good photography session :)

It was a very chilly 15°C too lol.

I used a canon 70-300mm IS lens and a 10" SCT at f6.3 for a close up

I will upload my pictures later on today
mimbrava PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mimbrava (member) 9 years ago
From a northern suburb of Atlanta, GA. It was in the mid-forties. I used a Canon PowerShot S5 IS set at the 12x zoom plus 1.5 extender, on a tripod (very unusual for me), and I bracketed like crazy, mostly spot metering the moon itself except for the shots where I wanted to get the halo around it.

Clouds had rolled in just after sunset but fortunately moved off about a half hour before the eclipse began. Some returned partway through and put on a wondrous show of their own, as I captured in my mosaic. All in all, it was a beautiful spectacle.

eclipse highlights
oboejoe92 9 years ago
You said you tapped it and placed it on YoTube- Where at? I would like to watch it. :D
Greg MacKay PRO 9 years ago
Raynham, MA

Partly Cloudy
byGin Posted 9 years ago. Edited by byGin (member) 9 years ago
Ottawa, Canada @ 10:35 -
clear sky - brutal temperature of minus 21°C.

Total Eclipse of the Moon in Canada
Saturn in the bottom left area.
JakeBlaster PRO 9 years ago
-23F, I was outside for 3 hours. I live in the Twin Cities where it was -3 to -6 but, I headed about an hour west where it was significantly colder.
20after4 9 years ago
cloudy in Springfield Missouri ;(
Janeice Bull PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Janeice Bull (member) 9 years ago
In southern mn, not sure of how cold below zero I know. Took my shots in my front yard with a Canon s2 with a teleconverter and hand held. It was difficult to hold steady.
©hrisGo 9 years ago
I'm in Kansas City, Mo and it was very cold, so I ended up watching it through the windows on my balcony, at least we had clear skies.
My photos were a bit blurry, I couldn't get the exposure times right.
dyoshida 9 years ago
I shot my photo's in Springfield, Virginia. It was a cool evening. The skies were crystal clear. I shot out my front door and stayed inside for the exposures. I shot every 60 seconds with a 200mm Zoom. I used a G9 with2X Teleconverter for the larger shots of the moon but lost resolution on this size so next time will have to acquire a 400mm Nikon like therest of my gear.
I'm in Hanover PA...the snow had just stopped and the sky cleared JUST as the eclipse started. The temp was in the low 20's. I am new at astrophotography. I used a lunar filter on my telescope w/a 25mm lens. The camera I used was not able to hook up to the telescope because it's an old Fuji Fine Pix with a max resolution of 2.5 and all auto settings, so I held it up to the eyepiece. So even though the camera was crappy (my only digital right now) I thought the pics turned out okay. I can't wait to get a better digital.
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