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steguettinger [deleted] says:

As medium format gear can become heavy quite quickly, I was wondering 1) what your general gear is and 2) what you usually carry with you in the field?

My gear consists of a Bronica medium format camera and a Nikon DSLR:

Bronica SQ-A
Zenzanon PS 50mm
PS 80mm
PS 150mm
PS 250mm
several film backs

Nikon D90
Nikkor 28-105mm macro zoom
Tokina 12-24mm ATX-Pro zoom

I took advantage of the relatively cheap prices you pay for Bronica gear on the internet and bought from different sources a whole set of lenses. Even though I use all of them, I hardly ever carry them all at once, as the backpack becomes very heavy (including tripod with ballhead). I usually have the 80mm and 150mm with me, and depending on where I am and on weather conditions I will also take either the wide angle or the 250mm with me. So far I am also taking the D90 with me, usually with the zoom attached, but once I have a light meter I will probably leave the DSLR at home more often to save weight.
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Alex Marshall1 says:

I'm devoted to my Pentacon Six-in my paranoia I even have a spare body. In terms of medium format fieldwork in general, if I'm looking to carry something lighter on a particular day I generally take a Lubitel 2 or Welta Weltaflex, both TLRs with perfectly decent triplet lenses. Finally, I have a Mamiya C330 TLR with the standard Sekor 80mm lens, and it can certainly take amazing photos. I don't have much in the way of alternative lenses, and don't see myself acquiring many.
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LunaliteSBC says:

They say that the Bronica S, S2, S2a etc. were the "Poor Man's" version of the original Hasselblads. Well I guess that makes me a poor man.

I had always wanted a Hasselblad and when I decided to get into 6x6 from large format a Hassy was all I could think about getting. It was about that time that I found a Bronica S2a body and back in a camera repair store in Melbourne for $100 and the rest, as they say, is history. It is an old camera which sounds like a canon (not the camera but the weapon) when you fire the shutter, one of the backs I have has just aquired a very annoying light leak, it is a cloth curtain focal plane shutter meaning all of the lenses are prime and there are no leaf shutters, it is very heavy and they have a reputation for jamming and gear wearing.

Having said that, I have had no problems (other than the light leak) in just over 2 years of solid use, to me it is the most beautiful piece of photographic equipment I have ever seen, the lenses though old are relatively cheap and are made with exquisite glass, accessories are plentiful, it feels like an extension of my hands and eyes, I'm built like the proverbial brick outhouse (proverbial in Australia and I cleaned up the outhouse bit) so weight is no problem, and I love the results I get.

It's no Hassy but it is my go to camera. I have a 5x4, a C33, a yashicaflex, a pinhole, a 180 land camera and so on but I never go anywhere without the Bronica S2a, 3 lenses, 2 backs, a Gossen Luna Pro F, some colour film and some B&W.

.........still might get a Hassy one day.......
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tobchasinglight says:

My MF line up is as follows

Bronica SQAi

Agfa Super Isolette

Yashica 124
Yashica 24

Zero 2000 (pinhole)

I tend only to take one camera/system out at a time i.e. Bronica if I'm feeling energetic or any of the others if traveling light
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hwbuerks [deleted] says:

Hello and good evening,
I'm new here and am looking forward to good landscape pictures.

My MF equipment:
Pentacon Six Tl ​​powerd by Baierfoto,
CZJ Flektogon 4/50mm,
CZJ Biometar 2,8 / 80mm,
CZJ Sonnar 2,8 / 180 mm,
Pentacon 5,6 / 500mm.

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S,
Sekor C 50mm - 250mm.

Light Meter:
Gossen spot meter,
Gossen Luna Light sbc.

Scanner: Epson V750 Pro.

My favorite films:
Agfa APX 25 & 100, Rollei Superpan 200, Kodak Tri-X 400

Developer: SPUR SD2525

I wish all members of the group Always good light.
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robb albrecht says:

My gear that I carry on a regular outing is a BronicaSQ and a Canon A-1 SLR. The Bronica has an 80mm f/2.8 lens with a Cokin filter holder and the Canon has 50mm and 28mm lenses. I also carry a Sekonic L-508 spot meter and a Bogen tripod with a 3 way head.
Usually I can fit all that (except the tripod) in an over the shoulder camera bag, but most of the time I just take the Bronica, my meter, the tripod, and a pocket full of film. I like simplicity.
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" I Make Photographs" says:

I always take with me the following:
Hasselblad EL/M
Carl Zeiss 50mm F4 Distagon
Carl Zeiss 150mm F5 Sonnar
2 A16S Backs
1 A12 Back
3 A24 Backs
PM90 Prism
Sekonic L778 Dual Spot Meter F
Many filters for both lenses
film: PX, TXP, Tri-X, Tmax 100, and others. It depends on what look I'm after.
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petevideos says:

Too may to write. But my Hasselblads are my favourites.
500CM; 503CW; 2000FCM; SWC; 203FE; 553ELX and the whole range of lenses from 40mmCF to 500mm T*.
The problem is when I go out even to have fun I have a really tough time which camera and lenses to take with.
Also have 5 mamiyas and loads of lenses TLR, RB, 4/6.
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stafford.boy66 says:

Rolleiflex 2.8C Xenotar, Mamiya RZ67 ProII, Fuji GW690III, Minolta Autocord, love them all, digital simply doesn't excite me anymore !
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analogue flair says:

Bronica SQ-Ai
50mm PS
80mm PS
105mm S
150mm PS
couple of 120 backs

i use the 80mm the majority of the time, the 50mm sometimes, and the other two rarely. i've thought about getting a 6x7 system, but i love my bronica too much to give it up.
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Scapevision says:

Mamiya C220
80mm blue dot
180mm super

Usually take the 180 or 80mm, but the whole thing is portable enough to grab 2 lenses.
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uɐʍoƃɔɯ uıɐp is a group administrator uɐʍoƃɔɯ uıɐp says:

my MF gear is a Hasselblad 500C, with the 40mm, 80mm and 150mm lenses, and a 2nd back.
the 40mm lens is a monster.
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jayt90 says:

I like the hip pocket, 6 cm x 6 cm Soviet Iskra, built for aristocrats, as good as the Agfa Super Isolette
for $120 on the bay.
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Ron (Netherlands) says:

To be able to travel light, I don't work with reflex camera's (although in the past I used Rollei- en Ikoflex cams). Now I use the Super Ikonta B 532/16 with coupled rangefinder - I guess it is comparable to the Sovjet Iskra. Camera fits in the pocket when the cam is unfolded.
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RCMuscioImages says:

Hasselblad 503CW
50mm/4.0 CFi
60mm/3.5 CB
80mm/2.8 CFE
150mm/4.0 CFi
2-A12 Backs
Sekonic L-758DR meter

I usually only take 2 lenses along with the body, meter and 1 or 2 backs, depending on the mood. Sometimes, just the 530CW with one lens(50,60,or 80), meter and film in a Think Tank Retrospective 5.
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