jakerome 7:05pm, 5 January 2008
Spotlight Seven is a spin-off group of 6 Million People. Each week, the group will add about 10 more photos from one featured photographer. The rules on the photos for Spotlight Seven are the same as they are here: 1 person/photo, each person in only one photo. The only requirements for being featured are that :

1) you must be a contributing member of 6 Million People;
2) You must take exceptional portraits of people.

If you think you qualify, add your name here along with links to some of your best portrait work. The curator, smoothdude, will be choosing a new photographer each week. That's only 52 people/year, so it's going to be very competitive. We expect the group to become the best portrait group on Flickr, at least in terms of average quality. It will take nearly two years to gather 1000 photos, but you can be certain that all of those will be truly outstanding.

So join the new group, add links to (or small thumbnails of) your best photos here and be sure to check Spotlight Seven every Friday to see the newest exhibit. We're having a pre-opening exhibition now, and our Grand Opening will be next Friday. Here's hoping you can all join us!
jakerome 11 years ago
Well, you could only have one self-portrait. Smoothdude will be picking ten portraits from one photographer each week, so only a few Flickrites will be selected. One of our hopes for the new group is that it becomes a resource for learning more about portrait photography. I think smoothdude plans to conduct the Q&A each week, plus everyone can continue to ask more questions about lighting, technique & more during the week.

In other words even if you aren't selected to exhibit right away, y'all should visit the group every week to learn how to take great photos, and to understand better what smoothdude is looking for. Thanks 'o wau no.
jakerome 11 years ago
TGKW Posted 11 years ago. Edited by TGKW (member) 11 years ago
jakerome 11 years ago
Yay Zombizi!
Michelle Brea 11 years ago
Well... Here are some of mine, yet you can use anyone you like...
"Beautiful Girl" by Michelle Brea [?]
Beautiful Girl"Smoking Lady" by Michelle Brea [?]
Smoking Lady"Little Stranger" by Michelle Brea [?]
Little Stranger"Joyful" by Michelle Brea [?]
Joyful"Homeless Stranger" by Michelle Brea [?]
Homeless Stranger"Lonely Walk" by Michelle Brea [?]
Lonely Walk"Reflected" by Michelle Brea [?]
nice shots everyone!
Lynceus 11 years ago
B®U©E 11 years ago
Joe Buck Yourself

Willie Waldman

Sandra Storm

Stephen Perkins
lcars 11 years ago
Great Idea! :) I humbly show you some of my film portraits which I love the most:


Snow Fairy


mariusfranek Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kasmil (member) 9 years ago
Shashinshi-San 11 years ago
viajvia Posted 11 years ago. Edited by viajvia (member) 11 years ago
"rainy day is b*tch", says she


well, just because i'm a kid doesn't mean i gotta like those birds...

self exposed

out there, dreaming
jcarouth 11 years ago
I in no way consider myself anything but an amateur, but these are a few of my favorites portrait shots I've taken.

Cake Yummy!

Slow down kiddo

Deep in thought

I don't even understand myself...
jakerome 11 years ago
Wow. These are outstanding. Obviously, only a few will be selected, but keep 'em coming. I know smoothdude checks this thread, and if he sees something he likes, you might get the call! In the meantime, I've been blogging a few of them over here, .
furtive swing [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by furtive swing (member) 11 years ago

Old Monroe(esque)

Bad Day

Andy McGee

Yet Another Face In The Crowd

Katie (Non-squinty)

mb.hwee Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mb.hwee (member) 11 years ago
Here are some of my favourite shots i've taken over the years. Hope you enjoy it :)

Anne #2

Dex's birthday bash #12

Dex's birthday bash #8


Ivy's Melbourne expedition #4

Ivy's Melbourne expedition #5


the bald one

Open Day#11


lost for words
ThisKory 11 years ago
xrodgers Posted 11 years ago. Edited by xrodgers (member) 11 years ago
Thanks for considering my shots. You should make the final collection of 52 into a book!
Ball buster
Day 30: Graveyard shift
Girl at the blue door
Sleep tight
Day 41: Chopsticks
Red Hat
Wrinkle face
Raminder Pal Singh Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kasmil (member) 10 years ago
Dalai Lama
mikepetersphotography 11 years ago
Ok, here's a few...

062307r01f16 coney island

070707r08f03 coney island_

070707r08f06 coney island_

071407r01f18 coney_

090307r01f15 coney_

062307r03f09 coney island

090907r02f05 coney_
Fabio Torre 11 years ago
Jake, here it goes:

#1: DJ Chris Kessler II

#2: Lazinha e Camila

#3: Rodrigo Alves

#4: Marta Penz - Composite 1

#5: Elisa Martinez

#6: Ana Júlia!

#7: Mais catálogo - Sort

#8: Dona Alayde

#9: Élcio---002

#10: Seu Antônio - 001
opposite sort [deleted] 11 years ago
this guy Raminder pal Singh's stuff is amazing!
carwax I was just thinking the same thing

lots of good photos in this stream though.. nice stuff fabio
people keep putting some examples of your best portraits in here if you want to be considered for S7
invincible books [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by invincible books (member) 11 years ago
I dont have a whole lot but here are a few:



mdanys 11 years ago
Smiling portrait
eve rivera Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kasmil (member) 10 years ago
I don't know if I am good enough, but I like to think I am.........


Beat Baby 1


Mujahid, 5yrs old

Getting Ready
Diyana Kamaruza 10 years ago


AJH. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kasmil (member) 10 years ago
Any criticism would be awesome.



Suz. - Got to view it large to see the real detail.








Martine Petra 10 years ago

Öyvind Haegeland



Lars K Norberg

Angeldog Productions


Steinar Gundersen

Robin Peters

ceaseless stranger [deleted] 10 years ago
!!Wicked!! (Explore Page)

Model Portrait


Kat Model

Jan of Two Sisters 10 years ago
elsakawai™ 10 years ago
- Ultimate Love Affair -

★ Speak to me .. ★


★My Rockstar Model - Steve Weibel★

★My RockStar Model ~ IndelaMass ★

Sinking in ...

★My RockStar Model David Mazza★


★ Max Mayer - My Rockstar Model ★

i ~

da after kiss .... ~

Da Split

Recycle Me .

MaX.~breaking the silence

magical appearance**
CiaoChessa 10 years ago
I love this place.

A Place of Worship

Blowing Bubbles

hay milonga de amor

An Eye For Jazz Fest

Lost in Thought

En Una Rueda

The Artisan in Natural Light

one little life

things I do not understand
JSDouble Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kasmil (member) 10 years ago
To even be considered for a feature would be an honor...


steampunk is dead


Dober Man 10 years ago
Here are some of my favorite portraits:
SSynth 10 years ago
hi guys, randomly chosen, i should pretend working.For your consideration.
awesome stuff
here is some off my off beat portraits;


student nurses
[ kasari ] 10 years ago
some of my better "people" photos...


Mean Mug

honus honus

love & traffic.


cheap seats.

Rep Styles Crew

jakerome 10 years ago
Thanks Mercy. I think we're sticking to people-- our singular focus is what helps set Spotlight Seven apart.
bearontheroof 10 years ago
Some of my favorites. Just getting started, but I like 'em :)

peace by bearontheroof

dancing girl by bearontheroof

i think im in love with this girl by bearontheroof

100strangers (3/100) by bearontheroof

100strangers (4/100) by bearontheroof

100strangers (1/100) by bearontheroof

self-portrait by bearontheroof
Alέxandros Bairamidis Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Alέxandros Bairamidis (member) 10 years ago
No dreams in Dreamland

Epilogue To Unity

Portrait of a Latin American Indian

beyond the camera

taraviolet. 10 years ago
tommy forbes 10 years ago
Yes Please . . .

High Rhodes




Emma Louise Cutting
jasohill 10 years ago
I won't toot my own horn, however, if someone wants me to be featured, that is a different story. Still, I'm not quite there yet. I need more time to get my style down.
jakerome 10 years ago
I have a grand plan somewhere to turn 6 Million People/ Spotlight 7 into a great place to learn to take portraits. But I was already stretched thin. But it's still something I'd like to do.

That's great stuff. I don't actually select the featured artists, but I'll be sure to make sure they check out your stuff.
Jakerdoodie can I be featured with all self portraits
jasohill 10 years ago
Not a bad idea. Learning how to take portrait is one of the most challenging things I've ever done.
DB-Photography Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kasmil (member) 10 years ago
Someone give me a holler if I make the cut. Here are a few I've already added to the group pool:

Cassie on the Bonde Street Wall

Rick and his Hat

Girl on a Harp

Legion of Honor Bride

Sean on the Bonde St. Wall #2



From Caitie's senior session
mahonyweb Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mahonyweb (member) 10 years ago
mauronline Posted 10 years ago. Edited by mauronline (member) 10 years ago
Greetings! All beautiful portraits, I hope you like one of this pics.

Mi esposa


Pensando/ Thinking

Dignidad/ Dignity

La clase!/ This is class!
waiting for friday 10 years ago
jam ii

King Glank

beckerpecker 10 years ago
BW Portrait

Friendly Haitian

Fish Boy Portrait


patrickjoust 10 years ago
Here are a few from me:

Nybreia by patrickjoust


Donte by patrickjoust

Tyonna by patrickjoust

Vernetta by patrickjoust

EC by patrickjoust
Christine Huff Creative Touch Photography Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Christine Huff Creative Touch Photography (member) 10 years ago
Please for your kind consideration,

A&J Wedding

A&J Wedding

The left or the right, I don't know...

The waite of a Rose on my shoulder

Ethereal Daniel, the real deal...
jean penders Posted 10 years ago. Edited by jean penders (member) 10 years ago
Here goes for your perusal,

Geleen, Netherlands

Harwich, UK 1975


Untitled 2007

Paris, France
brooke.dainty 10 years ago
New Stuffs by brooke.dainty

Katie 03 by brooke.dainty

Michelle44 by brooke.dainty

Chelsea 18 by brooke.dainty

And 16 by brooke.dainty

Whitney 03 by brooke.dainty
bofusphotos 10 years ago
[peeps 7]
[Wild Magnolia]

I VERY humbly submit these shots. I am in awe of the talent on display here; you guys rock.
changeable pollution [deleted] 10 years ago
This is probably a bit self-aggrandizing of me, but here goes...


As someone above me said, the work shown in this thread is absolutely extraordinary. I could only hope to one day be on the same level as some of the people on here.
Anna Cortinas Posted 10 years ago. Edited by kasmil (member) 9 years ago

Cooperation <3

Timbo the Chick Magnet

aches and pains

his chair


matt and daisy
PiggBox. 9 years ago
swanky lunch [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi, here are a few of my portraits for you to consider
Fairy At The Bottom Of The Garden
Actor/Model Chris St Omer

Sarah on the Metro
Artist At Place Du Tertre
yellohmaple 9 years ago


Little Boys.

.jocelyn. 9 years ago
sjaradona 9 years ago
Elephi Pelephi 9 years ago
Lady in tea room, Hythe, Kent



Sharp dressed man

LES, august 2009

Baby in limousine, 10th Ave.

upper east side

People of 25th St.
this is miki 9 years ago
Wow. Some of the stuff here are amazing... Haha. I'm an amateur, but these are my best.

harriet by this is miki

i thank my God every time i remember you. by this is miki

xander by this is miki
▲Billy Plummer Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ▲Billy Plummer (member) 9 years ago
Here's a series of close up BW portraits:

Anastassiya Bergem 8 years ago
I'd love to participate:

The sisters


Delhi boy

A boy working in textile manufacture

Saigon, a city of motocycles

Ben Thanh market in Saigon (Ho Chi Min)

Vietnam, a man in the market

dhaneshr 8 years ago
Potraiture by dhaneshr

Old Gentleman by dhaneshr

Cute lil' fella by dhaneshr

This is Aditya by dhaneshr

IndianTailor by dhaneshr

Chinese Opera #1 by dhaneshr
Thanks for your submissions..I realize this group hasn't really been too consistent but we just posted a new interview today.. and it was from a member who had submitted here in this thread.. go check it out:

And anyone else interested in being featured keep posting a few of your best portraits in here for me to check out.. you all have some great work!
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