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THE 2n Annual Softie Awards are open for entries as of April 1, 2008. FOR MORE INFO VISIT SOFTIES CENTRAL


  • Plush You 2008

    We have announced how to apply for next year's Plush You! show. Next year there...

    schmancytoys89 months ago1 replies

  • Category Submissions - Which has the most entries?

    Well, as of today, there are over 1200 photos submitted. Some people have upload...

    Softies Central90 months ago8 replies

  • Photo rules,

    Hi there, Just a quick question. In the rules it states "You can enter an indi...

    melly & me90 months ago6 replies

  • The Finals?

    Will we be informed by mail if we have made it through the finals. And when will...

    Gogobulu-NatashaD...90 months ago4 replies

  • A Poem For All Softie Creators

    Some softies missed the deadline Some softies didn't "fit" (re: the ones elimi...

    elainemaryv98 months ago9 replies

  • Tagging Issues

    A couple people have commented that the tagging protocol may be too simplified. ...

    Softies Central99 months ago11 replies

  • Suggestion for next year

    I'm thinking you need to institute a entry limit per person. Say limit 10 en...

    verybigjen99 months ago12 replies

  • pompon creations allowed?

    Hi, just uploading some of my works for consideration and am a bit confused. A p...

    Theresa Smythe99 months ago0 replies

  • More than 1 photo, to give a more 3D feel of the softie ?

    Was thinking of adding another picture to show nina's eyes, but thought I'd ask ...

    three green apples99 months ago1 replies

  • characters ok?

    I was wondering, is it ok to enter a softie that is of a character someone else ...

    Gleeful Things99 months ago2 replies

  • Kids are online

    Kids make softies too and are online looking at The Softie Awards photos, so ple...

    Softies Central100 months ago15 replies

  • Multiple entries in same category?

    I thought you could only enter one item per category? I am seeing a LOT of multi...

    nimbleknot100 months ago3 replies

  • How to upload to the contest????????

    How to upload to the contest????????

    Gogobulu-NatashaD...100 months ago2 replies

  • tags

    I was wondering, after looking a several new submissions I noticed that some of ...

    mel e mo100 months ago2 replies

  • Original Patterns Please

    Just a reminder - one of the rules for The Softie Awards is that softies must be...

    Softies Central100 months ago7 replies

  • Splitting the category for human-ish dolls vs animals

    I've gotten some good comments from people about the Best Rest of the Animal Kin...

    Softies Central100 months ago5 replies

  • Many Holidays

    Do the judges choose 1 winner for all holidays or 1 winner for each holiday?

    elainemaryv100 months ago6 replies

  • Award Categories

    These are the 12 categories. Please note: the designated TAG for each must be in...

    Softies Central100 months ago7 replies

  • i´m not sure

    I already upload my pictures but i´m not sure if works because i for it in the...

    quitirina100 months ago2 replies

  • Pls add softie award tags to your photos

    Softie Award entries need to be tagged with the appropriate tag for the category...

    Softies Central100 months ago0 replies

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