Lyn Chapman 11:46am, 22 February 2015
Hi folks. These two columns of mist appeared in our dining room about 2 am on the 25/01/2015. We don't know what it is. I've passed it on to a few groups but no one seems to be able to identify what it is.

Look firstly at the bottom right, then to the bottom left, two rather puzzling mists rising on each side of the cabinet that the camera is on. There are no heating sources on that side of the room that could explain it. No one was up at that time of the morning. We know what it's not, it's not steam from a kettle or anything like that, not from a hot drink or anything. It's not cigarette smoke. The only animal in that room is a dog and she remains asleep in her basket all through and doesn't wake The room thermostat is set to 15c overnight.Any suggested explanations welcome.

As a side note, I think we do have a friendly ghost as there are times when there is a strong smell of toast, this can be anywhere in the house and is usually strong and just in one spot.
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