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I am sorry that I neglected this group and my Flickr account. I've been having a rather busy couple of months involving the death of my horse, and my brother's struggle with cancer. Unfortunately, I have not had time to manage my groups, let alone go on Flickr. I am going to clear up the dead horse issue right away. The member posting the dead pictures will be banned and the thread will be deleted and I will appoint 2 new administration members to help moderate the group.


  • Missing Pics

    I posted some photographs over a week ago and so far they haven't appeared. Is t...

    TazWombat2 weeks ago18 replies

  • ranch holidays

    hi all, sorry to post such an unlikely topic as this but im visiting relatives i...

    evecls75 months ago0 replies

  • Do photos ever get posted?

    Or am I missing something? ;)

    Laura Adams Photographic Art75 months ago0 replies

  • Intro - hello everyone! :)

    I've been on Flickr for a little while, but only had time to start posting photo...

    Laura Adams Photographic Art76 months ago0 replies

  • Looking for great images

    Hi, I'm the photo editor for Horseman Magazine. We are looking for great images ...

    rjlever79 months ago0 replies

  • uk horses

    Steve909180 months ago0 replies

  • help me name my horse!

    he is a palomino, and i just cant think of a good name! i would like something t...

    muddymu81 months ago40 replies

  • Need feedback!

    I don't have a horse, but I still love them! Please check my stream and look at...

    griffithjune4981 months ago1 replies

  • help with my mare

    please can i have some tips about what to do with my mare. she has suddenly star...

    paddle duk81 months ago25 replies

  • New group - Women at the Reins Post photos of women and horses - check...

    Mari Sterling Wilbur81 months ago0 replies

  • Hi!!!!

    I JUST <3 HORSES!!!! i don,t own any but i go 2 a ranch every summer. i was born...

    KerryKorpse81 months ago1 replies

  • New Here

    Hello everyone, sounds like things have been a bit inactive. Hopefully that is ...

    Equine-Friends.com82 months ago0 replies

  • Some Great Horse Videos

    A friend just sent this to me this morning - it's called the Flying French Man -...

    **Mary**83 months ago0 replies

  • Icelandic horse ?

    Hi all. I have some Horse photos on my flickr. And they are icelandic ,is th...

    Dori Sig in Iceland84 months ago3 replies

  • Newbie

    Hello everyone, I just joinned Flickr yesterday after being on fo...

    Inocciduous87 months ago0 replies

  • Pony bought at Marion, MI auction and/or Shipshewana, IN auction


    weeminiatures89 months ago0 replies

  • 2 Irish Horses


    ^^AodhagáinArt ^^91 months ago1 replies

  • New UK Horse Group

    Hi, Sorry to be cheeky and write this in another group! I just wanted to let UK...

    Catto8491 months ago0 replies

  • Howdy! Come on over here!

    Howdy! Come on over here!

    ^^AodhagáinArt ^^92 months ago0 replies

  • the willing wild horse

    a poem to share... and in the vastness of the meadows for running as fast as...

    job_earth93 months ago2 replies

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