Pacific Landscapes 12:07pm, 22 November 2006
I appreciate being included in the group. Thank you very much!
Tomsch PRO 12 years ago
thanks a lot for the invitation!!
Philippe Sainte-Laudy PRO 12 years ago
Merci pour l'invit mon ami, ça c'est de l'interaction;-)
Didj66 11 years ago
Merci à Mmarsupilami
de m'avoir fais connaitre ce groupe ;-)
ninnx 11 years ago
hi & thanks!
fluttering button [deleted] 11 years ago
Many thanks for the invite to this great group :))
leosagnotti PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by leosagnotti (member) 11 years ago
Many thanks to mmarsupilami for the kind invitation !
geo3pea 11 years ago
Thanks benefit of hindsight, there are some superb pictures here.
senzapareti 11 years ago
Top of the fog is a group full of astounding pieces of work
Thank you for the invitation
Kevin Day 11 years ago
Many thanks to mmarsupilami for the kind invitation, so many lovely images to browse though in here
Thanks to Mmarsupilami for the kind invitation!
So many great shots here..
why not choose one in the pool for the Pool Icon ?
My Baby Mia PRO 10 years ago
Thank you mmarsupilami for invite!
four profit [deleted] 10 years ago
Mercì mmarsupilami :-)
Thank you for your invite.
j.anne4 ( Janne ) 10 years ago
Terri Phelan PRO 9 years ago
Thank you for the invite. Wonderful photos in this group!
mitumo 9 years ago
Thank you mmarsupilami for the invitation!
chris.spins (OFF) 9 years ago
mmarsupilami - thankyou :-)
ceca67 9 years ago
Thank you for the invitation!
gred. 8 years ago
thank you very much for invitation and group icon!
El@_56 8 years ago
Hello to all and thanks for the invitation :-)

Greetings from Germany
GApeach55 8 years ago
I would like to thank Malcolm for his invitation to your lovely group. I didn't even know you existed! I am honored to be invited to post here and appreciate the opportunity to enjoy your gorgeous work.

I thank you, are awesome! I aspire to reach your level of talent and pure photographic emotion.

Thank you,
Manuela Cacciaguerra 3 years ago
Merci pour l'invitation . manuela
kud4ipad 6 months ago
It's a honor for me. Thank you.
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