*Tuvy* 9:13pm, 22 August 2006
As the the group intend to reunite people from all countries, let's tell where we are from.

I'm a Finn (born in Finland) living in Brazil since the childhood.

What about you???
romanagiulia 12 years ago
i'm an Italian (born in Milano) living in NYC for the past 20 years.
Paula Bird Parent 12 years ago
I'm from England, UK. I was born in Berkshire and now live in Basingstoke, Hampshire.
d.kumar 12 years ago
I am from India .
Martine Roch 12 years ago
I am from France
shaggy angle [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi, I'm from the UK. Born in Hampshire, lived in Canada for about 18 years, in both Eastern and Western provinces and now living back in the UK in Buckinghamshire.
I live in Vienna/Austria -- I was born in Krefeld/Germany...
**Natasha L** 12 years ago
I'm from Mauritius but living in Milan(Italy) for the past 9 years!
Tytteli 12 years ago
I'm from Finland.
instinctive houses [deleted] 12 years ago
I am from the UK and live on the Wirral that is near to the city of Liverpool just across the River Mersey
mirella fleaca 12 years ago
I'm from Romania living in Romania-Deva
efficient waves [deleted] 12 years ago
I'm living in Canada for 18 yrs, born in the Philippines.
parsimonious night [deleted] 12 years ago
Currently living in Leiria, Portugal
christophotography 12 years ago
I'm happy that this group finally begins to get bigger and I am from Germany :)
decisive crib [deleted] 12 years ago
Born in the USA. Living in Oregon now.

Simone'z Fotos Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Simone'z Fotos (member) 12 years ago
Toronto, Ontario Canada
dees-image PRO 12 years ago
Currently serving my 31st year of a life sentence at the South Coast Camera Club based at the seaside port of Victor Harbor on the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula, near the mouth of the Murray River in the state of South Australia.
excited level [deleted] 12 years ago
Hello, I am from Portugal, living in Estoril (near Lisbon) :)
Sparkle~and~Fade 12 years ago
I am from Canada :)
Sueellen 12 years ago
I'm from Canada
StormChaser [] 12 years ago
I am from Pakistan, was born in Kuwait.
this is a great idea.
Araleya PRO 12 years ago
I am from Thailand
poised camp [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi everyone! I come from Lueneburg-Germany (that's near Hamburg). I'm glad to join this group. Greetings into the wide world- Andrea.
Dreamer.~ 12 years ago
I am African-American... I live in Michigan~
hello all, i am originally from wednesbury in the west midlands , i now live in oswestry shropshire !!
cheers from chris
utopian cave [deleted] 12 years ago
Hello you all, I'm from Holland....
B~ PRO 12 years ago
Hi everyone! I am originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, USA....
Have lived in alot of places, but for the past 20 or so years I have lived just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, USA...
Glad to meet you all!
Gui, o gato 12 years ago
Hi to everyone!

I'm from Brazil.
I live in Sao Luis MA , a beautiful island.
Glad to meet you all!

[Leb] 12 years ago
Hi all.

I am from Beirut, Lebanon
I am happy to be a part of this group, so we can all share our thoughts and photos together.

Your brother and friend,
Rami C.
thankful amusement [deleted] 12 years ago
hello everyone. i'm currently in Qatar... but originally from the Philippines. thanks for the invite goodsardine :)
Pörvört 12 years ago
belgium & planet smos
stereosound 12 years ago
I'm from Caracas, Venezuela, have lived in Richmond USA and in Berlin and now Im back in my homecity.
serenithyme 12 years ago
Hi,I'm from the North Island of New Zealand,a small country in the Southern hemisphere,thanks Mary for the invite
julianrod 12 years ago
from argentina, that's the southestestest country in america. you'll find it easy in the map.
mischy_eva PRO 12 years ago
Hi I'm Eva and I am from Stockholm Sweden.
Chrisser PRO 12 years ago
I live in a rural area about fifteen minutes northeast of Iroquois, Ontario, Canada. :-)
alvazer 12 years ago
from Chile, in south america.
gotta say the last piece of land at extreme south america belongs to Chile
oksanka 12 years ago
I am from Russia, I live in the Far East (nothing to go with Moscow you used assotiate Russia with).
Thanks for invitation!
MoRomy 12 years ago
Im from Bat Yam Israel, Now Living in NYC
HagitSha 12 years ago
I am Israeli, living in Tel Aviv all my life.
Hi to you all.
jimacos 12 years ago
Hello everybody!My name is Dimitris and i'm from Athens Greece!
f/stop PRO 12 years ago
from India - living in Boston.
Tom Andries 12 years ago
I'm from Belgium :)
attractive shelf [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi, I was born in Vienna, Austria, raised in Rome, Italy and I'm back to Austria since 1978.
lavender. Posted 12 years ago. Edited by lavender. (member) 12 years ago
From Sintra, Portugal - born in Angola, Africa, in that time a portuguese land.
laz'andre 12 years ago
Hi, I'm Filipino, born, raised and residing in the Philippines.
kittykatfish 12 years ago
Hiya! I'm from the US, right outside the city of Philadelphia, PA.
rotraud_71 PRO 12 years ago
Hi, I am German, from a little town in Bavaria
Lorant Szabo 12 years ago
Hello! I'm from Romania.
RaulTravel 12 years ago
Hi you there...I'm Colombian. Am I the first colombian??
succinct suggestion [deleted] 12 years ago
Hello you ! I'm from Poland, Cracow :)
Eszter Turbeky 12 years ago
I'm from Hungary and I'm living in Budapest Where I was born.
Nenova 12 years ago
Hello, i'm from Bulgaria :)
Maia C PRO 12 years ago
I'm from the United States; grew up in Ohio, now leaving near Detroit, Michigan (the state that looks like a mitten!).
MONKEY50 PRO 12 years ago
I'm from Athens - Greece!!!
*Wajanek 12 years ago
Hi all!
I'm from Poland.
Thanks for invitation smile
tartarugae 12 years ago
coucou!!! je suis italienne j'habite rome...j'adore la langue frnçais l'afrique et les choses noueveux!!
txblueyedgal PRO 12 years ago
Hi World! It's a pleasure to meet you! I am Dutch, born in Germany, and living in Texas.
OlaP 12 years ago
Hi Everybody :) I live in Poland, in Stalowa Wola.
Ciao .............
i'm an Italian living in Italy for the past 44 years ............ but i travel a lot!
Cory' 12 years ago
Im an Australian living in Scotland
RafaelRadu 12 years ago
well im another brazilian :) living in brazil
Escape_to_Christel 12 years ago
Hi! I am Christel and I'm living in the south of Sweden.
with.my.hands. 12 years ago
Just joined today!
I'm from Kamakura, JAPAN!
Glad to meet you all!
Anirban Brahma 12 years ago
I am from India
storyseeds 12 years ago
I am from Kansas but live in Scotland
zeleno 12 years ago
I am from Ukraine, born in Chernivtsi region. Now live in Holland.
EugeniusD80 PRO 12 years ago
Hi, lazar_nat! ;-) I'm also from Ukraine (born in Kiev). Now I work in Japan in Nagoya.
DARRIN J. OAKLEY 12 years ago
Born and raised in poughkeepsie, n.Y. U.S. Moved away for a decade and now back in the hudson valley. Woodstock,new york 12498. Living ontop ol' smokey, that means we atop of a mountain. And what a view.
Rán 12 years ago
Hi, I'm Rán and I'm a student born and living in iceland ! :)
paul_ark 12 years ago
From the US, living in Thailand, working in China
broken teaching [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi,I`m Lala and I`m from Azerbaijan, Baku.
i'm Tiago from Lisbon, Portugal. i was living in Angola but just returned to my home town.
Fufulula, thanks for 1,5 million visits PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Fufulula, thanks for 1,5 million visits (member) 6 years ago
Hi to all of You!

I am from Haifa Israel, before that i lived in Jerusalem and before in Brasov, Romania.
litoligon 4 years ago
Hi, Im lito from the Philippines. Born and bred Manileno.
donnasimonviii 3 years ago
Hi I am originally for Georgetown , Guyana South America. I live in the US and love to travel to Europe. I hope to visit Asia this year.
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