glenneroo 8:06pm, 19 April 2010
I have a Sony DSC-R1 which has a bulb-mode with which i can shoot light-graffiti up to 3 minutes long, but there is always a long processing delay due to the sensor getting so hot that the camera needs to take a 2nd exposure to cancel out all the noise, which means every shot = twice as long to expose = me freezing my arse off at night (although my juggling skills are improving considerably ;)

My friend has the Canon 50D and during exposures longer than 60 seconds, if noise-cancelling is disabled then often the picture is ruined with horrible with green/red blobs...

So my question is: Does anyone know of any cameras that allow > 60 second exposures, without noise and most importantly without a looooong delay of long noise-cancelling?
[Ananabanana] PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by [Ananabanana] (member) 7 years ago
Are you sure it's taking a second shot? I've got a Nikon D40 and it doesn't do this, but processing/composition time is typically comparable to shot length. So if you take a 20s shot, it usually takes about the same to make the jpeg afterwards (delay for RAW is similar)
glenneroo 7 years ago
Yea if you read about how noise cancellation algorithms work, this is fairly standard procedure. Most DSLRs also do this if noise-cancellation is enabled, but thankfully it's not always necessary... such as with the Nikon D5000 which i just ordered ;)

For more info google: "noise cancelling camera 2nd exposure"
[Ananabanana] PRO 7 years ago
Googled. Looks like it's optional on the D40 (and apparently unneccessary for 30s exposures), which is why I've never noticed it. Apologies.
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