Rhymes... 4:44pm, 3 March 2007
Me I just upgraded my Canon 500 SLR to an Olympus E-500 Digital SLR. I also tend to carry my wee Lomo Fisheye camera. Finding the move from 35mm to digital a little rough but it's cool....will get there.
calbee_ 11 years ago
Hasselblad 500CM
Nikon FE2 w/ 24mm F2.8

Speedotron 2400 pack with 2 heads.
exclusive stew [deleted] 11 years ago
Nikon d70s
Bronica SQ-A
2 Vivitar 285s
calbee_ 11 years ago
I think you can buy a panoramic back for bronica that will shoot 35mm, kinda like a hasselblad xpan frame size. I'd fully buy one of those if I were you.
www.ignacionunez.net 11 years ago
Canon S2
Canon A1
Stephan N. 11 years ago
Panasonic Lumix FZ30
jonathanturtle3000 11 years ago
How do you guys keep thoese cameras everywhere with you?isn't that hard along with all the skating?

-Samsung Kennox A6
-Canon S3
thewrongkindoftouch 11 years ago
Olympus Evolt e300 With vivitar 285
Leica IIIa with 5cm Summar
AGFA Silvertone 400
Ilford HP5, FP4
Groups Beta