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Welcome to Worldwide Ship Spotters. This group has now been running since April 2008 and I would like to thank all those members and non-members for posting some wonderful images to the pool. Anyone joining this group will know that the intention of this group is to bring together images of ships from all over the World, whether it's a fishing boat, cargo carrier or cruise liner, most are welcome here.



  • STICKY  Warniing all members

    I have today banned a suspect member called Charly Virtek. His company create sh...

    TazWombat8 days ago1 replies

  • STICKY  Copyright Watermarks.

    WATERMARKS: I am fully in favour of watermarks as long as they are discreet a...

    TazWombat7 months ago4 replies

  • STICKY  Administration Messages - Important You Should Read

    I'm so pleased to see so many high quality images coming into the group, keep th...

    TazWombat21 months ago15 replies

  • Thank You.

    Thank you Tazwombat for adding two of my photograph's to your favourites, and fo...

    Portishead Point12 months ago0 replies

  • 21st Century Coastguard

    You may be wondering why there is a picture of a helicopter in a ship related gr...

    TazWombat15 months ago0 replies

  • QE2 The Legend on Facebook

    Louis De Sousa26 months ago0 replies

  • Request Admin Photo Invite - Thanks!

    To add the following photos, I need an ADMIN invite - thx.

    Mark Lightfoot31 months ago3 replies

  • Invitation

    Thanks so much for inviting my photo to this pool. We began taking cruises in 20...

    gailf54836 months ago2 replies

  • A newbie

    Hello to everyone. I have joined your group today and I will slowly add photos w...

    petermoore9651 months ago0 replies

  • Japanese/Filipino Ship and Europoean Ship topics and updates

    Ships have different designs and structure depending on the Country where it was...

    triple_gunz56 months ago0 replies

  • RNLI Week

    I have decided to dedicate the week beginning the 5th July 2010 as RNLI week. ...

    TazWombat57 months ago0 replies

  • Submitted a few...

    Taken in the harbour in Vancouver, British Columbia. I do hope that tugs cou...

    LesleyON57 months ago1 replies

  • New Ship Images

    I would like to invite members of this group and ship enthusiasts to have a look...

    maritimevisuals58 months ago0 replies

  • QE2 TheLegend

    Join me and share all the photos and stories of a great ship - QE2 qe2-the-legen...

    Louis De Sousa59 months ago0 replies

  • General Shipping News

    Please use this section to post any news you have regarding ships and shipping. ...

    TazWombat61 months ago0 replies

  • Group about the Finnjet / Da Vinci / Kingdom

    In order to tribute her memory i started a group where i will later post my pict...

    bortomwind78 months ago1 replies

  • Flippin my lid

    All, Anyone have pictures of FLIP. FLoating Instrument Platform

    gbwrighte78 months ago1 replies

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