Mike-Chicago 2:38pm, 14 February 2007
am a male, in my 60's, and a big fan of female bodybuilders. While I admire almost all women's bodies, FBB's bodies are the ultimate to me. My favorite FBB's are Melissa Detwiller, Gabe the babe, and of course...Lori Braun. These fantastic women have done it for me many, many times.
That being said, I can't find a lot of people on Flickr who have the same interest. There must be some more like me around here somewhere! If you are one of those with similar interests, please get in touch...either here of by e-mail. I'dl ove to share thoughts.

dawnprincipe 12 years ago
Keeping in touch! :-) Thank you for the love and support. You named some great ladies above and I am personally fortunate to know them and do consider them friends. We all do appreciate your continued support. Bodybuilding has always been a passion of mine and it is great to know that there are others who have the same interest and appreciate. Keep admiring and enjoy always and possibly one day I may be another one of your fav's!! :-) Love and Muscles xo
bvhfbb 6 years ago
Hello Mike,
I saw your message on the female bodybuilder fans bord. My mother language is not English, so I hope the writting errors won't bother you to mutch.
I understand your feelings about muscular women. I always have had a crush for strong women and women having visible muscles. I'm married with a normal women (and I love her), but the to me the most beautifull body is that of a muscular women. I'm sure that there are a lot of men like us who like female fitness women or bodybuilders. There are to many websites and videos on youtube with muscle girls, that proves it.
When did you notice that you like muscular women and did you ever had a muscle session with a girl?

Looking forward to your answer.
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