♥~sonia28 jie~♥ 5:48pm, 14 April 2008
to Antuanet Forcella
the spring 2008 Son!a's Super Model

Besides her gorgeous avatar, Antuanet Forcella was professional, and natural in her photos.. Best luck in your SL Modeling Career

Congratulations Antuanet, great job!
Jula Carnell 10 years ago
Well Done Antuanet, lovely photos, Jula x
Antuanet Forcella 10 years ago
Thanks for the chance to be here and participate Sonia. I am really very proud and happy not just for winning, but because Sonia Fashion is my favorite store to go shopping.
Thanks girls for your words.

cheerful earth [deleted] 10 years ago
Hello and Congratulations to you Antuanet! I love Son!a fashions too! I just joined the group and am getting to know some of the people that post here. So glad to be a part of this great group! Hope to meet more of you soon....
Rhi Rossini 10 years ago
Congrats Antuanet!!
Congratulations to you Antuanet :))
possible action [deleted] 10 years ago
Really wanted to say congrats Antuanet :-). Your photo's were wonderful and it's more special when you actually love the clothes you are modeling. Very worthy winner in my opinion - enjoy the moment :-)))))
* Sieg * 10 years ago
yes congrats from me too:) your pictures were wonderful:)
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