♥~sonia28 jie~♥ 1:49pm, 31 March 2008
besides minor incidents, the models in the contest showed that they were qualified & professionals and each one of you deserves to get the title, Congratulations..

today the judges will look at the photos and will give me the top 6 names in order and in private..

i will contact the top 5 in world by group notice and IM for a full perm picture picked from flickr pool, and must be submitted within 24 hours.. if for any reason one of the models didn't send the picture, a sixth name will be chosen to join the top 5 and maybe become the title winner of "Son!a super model spring 2008"

Good luck
Rhi Rossini 10 years ago
Woohoo! So excited!
Good Luck everyone! :) Scarlet
piquant cows [deleted] 10 years ago
Son!a Haute Fashions R O C K! Good Luck to everyone....
aloof fork [deleted] 10 years ago
Everyone looks wishes to all...:)
square title [deleted] 10 years ago
I am very excited i cant wait.. good luck everyone :)
possible action [deleted] 10 years ago
You are all winners in my opinion. Gorgeous, stunning winners!!!! Good luck everyone - regardless of placings, you all ROCK.
Lyrica Destiny- Computer is going :( Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Lyrica Destiny- Computer is going :( (member) 10 years ago
Boy I can't wait to see who is going to get picked..I wouldn't want to be a judge on this one. .I am so excited I'm about to jump out of my chair :)) Good luck to everyone here you all deserve it :)
* Sieg * 10 years ago
lol i absolutley agree with lyrica - and not only in being so terribly excited but also that being a judge must be awful sooo many great pictures and beautiful avs.. great job girls:) Good luck
karim theGuy 10 years ago
That s not easy at all, all avs are gorgeous.
& being a photographer in Real Life, most of the time a good model is not only a pretty model a good model knows how to present what she is modeling,,WHICH BRINGS us to the next contest that your gonna love, and Sonia will explain it to all in the few coming days!!!! your all sweethearts, goodluck
nadana33 10 years ago
that is about it~
very nice pictures and some are amazing can i say the top models names here? :D GUESS NOT
then just the name of number 1? :D
me just teasing good luckkkkk
$$$ Glory Gausman $$$ 10 years ago
I am a unexpert in the teme but have leam a lot here, so congratulation to all , a mother and a grandmother knows exactly how dificult is to do all at one. But keep you commetst to me I learning everyday true all of you, with the dreams I never dream befoare no even in real, thanks to all , and really her clothes are so beautifull every one agree on that , sonia you are the best keep the good work and congratulations to you too. Musk no forgot you staff so dedicate to you a A+ to then too, keep with the good job and more competitios and over all I will take all you willing to teach me , will be always apreciate deeple. kiss to all , besos para todos
Rhi Rossini 10 years ago
All of the photos are amazing...everyone is gorgeous! And the gowns....TO DIE FOR!
Jula Carnell 10 years ago
Well done chickas ... Ooooo cant wait for the next contest. This has to be the most fun Ive had in ages. Ive really enjoyed it and looking at all the beautiful pics, but most of all making new friends.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE , there are some gorgeous pics out there and of course, the clothes are hot too ;)
Jula Carnell 10 years ago
Ive just looked at all of the finalists ... all so different and unique in their own way ... v v hard call !!!!
possible action [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by possible action (member) 10 years ago
I agree Jula...I've had loads of fun thinking of ways to portray the clothes and taking heaps of photos. I totally agree with the final choices and can't wait to hear who wins. Although in my opinion, I thought your photo's were absolutely stunning :-))

Good luck to the finalists. Please have another comp....I want to go shopping again :-))
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