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Welcome to Son!a Haute couture Fashion Model search contest:

What do you need?

1. A great avatar (no need to explain here:)
2. A Flickr account you can make one if you don't already on www.flickr.com
3. Send me a private message to invite you to the Flickr group Son!a Fashion: www.flickr.com/groups/679348@N22/
4. Join In-world group "Son!a" (please note: this group is not for chatting or spamming, it is a group for giving out the missions that models have to fulfill, and for new collection releases)
5. Contest will start 29th of February and ends on 31st of mars.
6. Result will be between April 4th –6th

How to start?

1. This contest is not like any other contest in second life; it is not a popularity contest OR winning by the numbers of votes.
2. So relax, and let your friends relax too you don't have to beg for a vote because at the end a jury of 4 people and the designer will decide who deserves to get the title of: "Son!a Super Model"
3. For a little warm up join some of second life groups on Flickr and look at some of the pictures to get an idea.
4. The contest is simple: after joining the group "Son!a Fashion" post a picture of yourself wearing any item of jewelry or garment from Son!a's Boutique
5. The picture might be adjusted in Photoshop and retouched.
6. Create a folder in your inventory and name it: Son!a contest model:
7. Upload the photo and name it: Son!a contest model:
8. Create a note card describing your look and the creator of your (skin, shape, dress, hair, shoes…) and what would u like to find new fashion items in Second Life.
9. Put everything in the folder, please note only one picture must be in folder with one note card and send to "Sonia28 Jie".
10. NOW THE FUN PART: add your picture(s) to flickr "Son!a Fashion Group" you can add only 2 pictures, and in description add all the info mentioned in step 8.
11. ps: you can add these pictures to as many groups as you want and the uniqueness of your pictures will be determined by the number it is viewed and how many people "favorite" it. (Just remember the final result will be from the jury and the designer)

The reward:

Unfortunately only one model can win the contest, and she will get

* 2000$L cash
* A custom made dress and jewelry and shoes that will be named after her SL name and will sell in-store for 1000L$
* An ad in a fashion magazine
* In-world poster in Son!a Boutique

Have fun models

The designer: Sonia28 Jie
nadana33 10 years ago
karim theGuy 10 years ago
pretty pictures starting to hit the POOL
Lord please give me the time to do this! Love this idea Sonia, love your cloth, as you know. Great idea!
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