phip_s 12:02am, 14 July 2010
Hi all together!

Found very cheap Kodak Color Plus film on ebay, but it's a consumer film and I'm new at Analogue Fotography, so... what can I expect? Buy or not buy? :)
pukalo 8 years ago
wow, I was just reading an old Popular Photography magazine from 1997, in which they reviewed this film! Anyways, besides being way past expiration, the film was rated very poorly. They had comparison photos to regular Kodak Gold and some Agfa film. The Color Plus was a drab dud compared to those. Avoid it.
HairyHippy PRO 8 years ago
I'll second that. When I had some Fuji film developed by Jessops recently the shop gave me a roll of this film. If they give it away, it can't be up to much, I thought, but tried it anyway.

It worked, but was grainy except when overexposed, and had a very narrow colour gamut with a bias towards red.

I would never buy it from choice, preferring Fujicolor Superior or even Reala.
Walt Jabsco PRO 8 years ago
I use it a lot as I get it free from the lab I use and I hate it.

I would never pay for it
dtmateojr 8 years ago
Another cheap film in Ebay is Kodak ProImage ... I havent tried it yet but I'm expecting my 5-pack this week. So far the images I have seen in the pool are ok.
Mahfoo 8 years ago
As cheap films go, I found Fuji C200 to be better than Kodak Color plus.
MrDan89 8 years ago
In the UK, Poundland sell Colour Plus for £1 a roll. It isn't great but for that price you can't go wrong. I have like 30 rolls in my freezer, I usually put it through cameras to test them.
mfophotos PRO 8 years ago photography, not that stupid term Analog!
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
Find out the expiry date. If it's prior to 2006, don't buy it.
I personally prefer Fuji film, but the Kodak stuff is OK for messing around with if it's not too old.
FedericoMP 8 years ago
Kodak Colorplus (if fresh) is a variation of Gold 100 for third world countries.
Akairom 8 years ago
I've only used one roll of this so far (i get free at jessops with dev) in my Pentax ME Super and i found it to be OK; colours were a little muddy in low light seemed ok in daylight with a CPL filter, a bit grainy in both areas though. I'd still use Fuji Superia 200 as a walk-around film if i was buying it; or spend an extra £1 a roll and get Kodak Ektar 100 on 7dayshop.

Here are 3 shots from the pentax roll if you're interested, two in daylight and one around sunset. click for bigger.
Hengistbury HeadHengistbury HeadSunset Reading
idrougge 8 years ago
Worst film I've used. The colours are very unnatural.
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
FedericoMP Third world countries like the UK? ;)

It's over here in vast quantities, as a budget alternative to Kodak Gold. Evidently it's not quite as quality-controlled as its higher-priced alternatives.
idrougge 8 years ago
Kodak ProImage seems like a third-world (and second-world, a lot of it seems to come from Russia) only offering.
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
idrougge I've not seen that one, but I've got to say I hate it when manufacturers use words like "pro" and "super" on some of their lowest-grade products.
Paco Juarez 8 years ago
Well. i live in third-world, in Mexico :) we have both, Gold100 and Color Plus, it's ok for testing and daily use.
phip_s 8 years ago
Well I have ordered it, though...
3€ per roll is a bit much, but here in Austria I just get cheap "Paradies Film" from the dm drug store, yesterday I had to drive 15km by bike to get a Agfa APX 100... So the Color Plus is at least a bit change...
But thank you for the film reviews!
inetjoker PRO 8 years ago
Is not Paradise Lucky film? is it made in China? I used to get Lucky 100 and loved it.
I used that film once in an emergency. It was better than I expected - not a disaster and better than nothing! If you expose it right and use Photoshop or something to correct what you don't like (colours ,etc.) you should be able to get something pretty decent from it.
phip_s 8 years ago
No, "Paradies Film" is produced in the USA, so it's not Lucky film, but I think approximately the same quality for everyday use... (24exp cost 0,85€)

@paul: Before I use Photoshop for film pictures, I use digital ^^
Nadine Erdmann PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Nadine Erdmann (member) 8 years ago
paradies film (neg and slides) was kodak film the last time i checked. rossmann film is fujifilm (superia, i suppose, as they are labeld s-100/200... on the fim strip), so is müller brand film.
fujifilm is easily identified by the magenta and green lines over the sprocket holes. else there is a website where you can enter the barcodes on the filmstrip to see where it belongs.

imho the paradies film sucks. it is comparably grainy and harder to scan than superia and the colours... well. that also depends on personal likes and dislikes. not my favourite. ;)
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
Paradies film (not Paradise?) doesn't appear to be mentioned in the Film Database group. Perhaps users of it can go and post a thread over there. The more information there is, the better. :)
Nadine Erdmann PRO 8 years ago
well it is a store brand of a drugstore in germany (dm-drogerie) and indeed called paradies. i just checked it to be sure. :)

as far as i can see they don't list repackaged film independantly, do they?
FedericoMP 8 years ago
Surely, it's all about grey market.

In Argentina, Fujicolor Quality and Fujicolor 100 were the only (Fuji consumer film) option long before Superia 100 was officialy discontinued. Proimage has been also available for long time here.
Drew O'clock 8 years ago
Just to add, I was told by my local lab that it was alright, it was a pound cheaper than Gold 200 so being a tight wad I plumped for the colour plus one roll went through my canonet and was O.K another I put through my Trip and I wasn't impressed, grainy dodgy colours.
I found some Ektar 100 online for £2.99 which was much, much better!!! I wont be buying the colour plus again!!
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
Drew O'clock I bought some Ektar the other day because it was going cheap on If it's as good as Kodak claims, I might never go back to Gold/ColorPlus/Max ever again.
(deaf mute) 8 years ago
Nadine Erdmann Oh I see. So someone needs to find out who makes this Paradies film. It probably is Kodak, if - as phip_s said - it's made in the US for export to Germany and other countries.
Kaiser Acore 8 years ago
I picked some of these up at my local supermarket because they were incredibly cheap (£4 for 5 rolls) just to try them out. I got them developed, and although they weren't that bad, they were still not really the best sort of film to use. I've saved the other 3 rolls to use when I have an "analogue curious" friend around who wants to shoot with my spare Om-20.
idrougge 8 years ago
Ektar is miles ahead of Colorplus, but it's not a general-purpose film.
Akairom 8 years ago
Just got back from Jessops after picking up my negs, they're giving away Fujicolor C200 instead of Kodak Colorplus 200 now, C200 any better?
Kaiser Acore 8 years ago
I've used C200 before too, it's actually not that amazingly bad, but it isn't great. Its great for casual shots but if you want quality then you're going to want something like Superia Reala and all that.
Oscar Carlsson 8 years ago
I've shot 4-6 rolls of Color Plus, developed and scanned it myself. It's not that bad. I generally like the colors and tonality, and if one is as lucky as me (having a pretty ok 35 mm scanner) the film can be worked to do what you want. But, I have to admit that the colors aren't 100% reliable, but that just might have been my really old and overworked C-41 chemicals.

Here are few shots I think came out ok:
169 by Oscar Carlsson
143 by Oscar Carlsson
166 by Oscar Carlsson
167 by Oscar Carlsson
wright32 7 years ago
I have used Kodak Color Plus and when I have opened the box I find that it is Kodacolor, it has taken some brilliant photos and I shall keep using it.
mattmoy_2000 PRO 7 years ago
Good on you!
wright32 7 years ago
Just to show what results I got I have scanned in a photo of when I used it back in 2008!
Castle by wright32
supreme grain [deleted] 7 years ago
I have a bunch of Kodak Color Plus rolls, and as wright32 noted, it says Kodacolor in the rolls.
I'm a total newbie in the film world, so I don't really understand the difference between them. I've checked in all the other rolls and they all say the same thing.

Here is a picture with it:
prickly money [deleted] 7 years ago
Color Plus isn't generally one of the films I turn to immediately since - as people have noted - it tends to produce some very odd colours:


But I quite like that in the right circumstances (lots of light) and the right camera. It makes brilliant nostalgic pictures in my Smena 8M, and is really interesting in pinhole. I also like the fact I can pick it up for £1...
hara-taiki 7 years ago
I picked up one roll of ebay for my Canon A1, I'm an amateur, I used to play around with my dads FX and AE-1 back in the 90s as a young-er'un, but never took it further, but last few years I've taken more and more photos and always been unimpressed whether using the old mans DSLR or a smartphone cam etc, decided to plump for an A1 both my and my dads dream camera, ran a roll of ColourPlus through it got it developed at the local Snappy Snaps, and I was impressed the colours in both low and good light situations seemed to be really good, in the high light situations at a park the green of the grass is really nice. Went and bought a 5 pack off ebay, (local pound land didn't have it in store, not impressed that its on the site not in the store) I'm literally learning my way into properly practising photography with film, so cheap and fairly impressive Film Like this is good news. I guess it depends on what you shoot and at what skill/expectation level you are, for a guy like me getting head around basics and working upwards its great film at a great price.
Elliot Tucker PRO 7 years ago
I've shot a few rolls of Color Plus on a 70's compact and I quite like it. And I've just managed to pick up 14 rolls of the stuff for €5 so it's got to be good :)

Jenga by Elliot Tucker
Blia100 PRO 7 years ago
Okay, I've shot a bunch of ColorPlus film. Really nice film, honestly..
Not the same as GOLD, but it's actually a decent consumer film.

I pick it up fairly cheap, usually $2.50/roll which isn't bad at all...

Happen to like the colour of it. I need to actually UPLOAD some results, but I kind of like it!
Rollei35fan 7 years ago
I buy Fuji Superia 200/400 since I do not like vivid colors. But the Superia has a slight magenta cast I think (which was absent from Ektar for instance). If Ektar was less vivid or Portra was less expensive I would buy these all the time ...
WB Lynch 7 years ago
I shot a roll of ColorPlus 200 in the Caribbean. It came out beautiful,

I think by now it's the same as Kodak Gold. Perhaps it has a different emulsion geared for warm/hot climates? But either way I like it very much.
idrougge 7 years ago
The code on the rebate is 200-8, that is not the same as current Kodak Gold.
Superiaguy 7 years ago
i'm poor and this is the ONLY film I could afford
Wayne Stevenson PRO 7 years ago
I love it, and you certainly cannot beat the price.
Nathan Parry 7 years ago
Gold is nicer.
CostaDinos Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CostaDinos (member) 7 years ago
Incidentally I tried doing something "stupid" with this exact film, pushing it from 200 to 3200...
And the results were not nearly as bad as you would expect after reading all the negative things people have to say about the film...

200 to 3200 film pushing test
idrougge 7 years ago
That looks amazing. How did you do the push?
CostaDinos 7 years ago

Tetenal kit in a Jobo rotary.
7:45 developer, 6:00 blix, 38 degrees.
Saturated Imagery 7 years ago
I think it is much maligned. At the end of the day for a £ in poundland you can't go wrong really.

I use it for general playing about and testing. Sometimes it is mediocre, sometimes it's lovely. A lot of films perform better rated different to the box speed.

This is one of my favourites using it: Poppy

I think it is less brash than Fujicolor C200 (which I used to use 'cos I got it free from Jessops, until I stopped using them after the third and final f*ck up with my order where they lost a film through not writing the store address on the envelope...)
idrougge Posted 7 years ago. Edited by idrougge (member) 7 years ago
Even the good photos posted in this thread tend to show the ugly colour rendition of Colorplus. There is some kind of green tint in the reds and a blue-grey tint in the greens.

It's not as though it ruins every photo. This was in good sunlight with a polarising filter.
Röd brännmanet
very cheap coatings, IMO. muted colors that fall apart in transitions.
boinng 7 years ago
I'd second what others have said - it's ok for what it is - and if you're in the UK it's still readily available in Poundland for £1 a roll. That's not expired stock - it's fresh film - so don't go paying more on ebay.
Julian Toledo 5 years ago
I tried this film in a Lomo Spinner 360 and the results were better than with Fuji Reala, I had to play a bit with the colors in Lightroom, here are the results:
Dave L2013 5 years ago
Julian Toledo:

Hi Julian, I like it, but many (most) do not. I usually pay $1 or $2 for it fresh date, online. I've never seen it locally.

I tend to use it in brighter light, usually with a polarizing filter, and I just noticed that someone else above mentioned that they did the same thing. Maybe give tha a try?

Yes, Gold is nicer, Ektar is nicer, Superia 200 is nicer and I have all of them in my freezer too. Color Plus costs $1 and I like it.

If you like it shoot it!
Билл 5 years ago
Kodak ProFoto XL costs 2$ and is very nice.
JG-9-3 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by JG-9-3 (member) 5 years ago
I've used colourplus 200 and loved it ! I was gutted when my local poundland ran out of stock. Apparently it's an older emulsion formulation and I really like the colours you get. Plus my youngest camera is around 30 years old so it's nice to use an emulsion that was around when the camera was new.
Here's an example of the results I've got []

I have found that sometimes there's a snobbishness on the Internet about consumer grade films but I like them. Althought they cant beat kodak portra or ektar, for their price and availability I think they're great. Plus them being consumer grade they're quite idiot proof with exposure etc
Wayne Stevenson PRO 5 years ago
I absolutely love it.


pwsonline PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by pwsonline (member) 5 years ago
despite mostly "not so very positive" opinions, I loaded some of this into my camera.
It was pretty badly expired, and had been in a car for months (abused before using).

So, the film is pretty grainy, but the colours are awesome!
Strand bij Noordwijkerhout - Langevelderslag
Gereformeerde Kerk Thesinge - Reformed Church
clarapnaraujo 5 years ago
I'm surprised with so many negative comments about this film :P
It's the one I use the most(because it's so cheap and easy to find where I live).
It really is very grainy, so if you're not into that I can see why you don't like it. I like it alot though.
inetjoker PRO 5 years ago
I did a little looking into this. It is Kodak VX from the 80s.
Dave L2013 5 years ago
It seems the price has gone up. at $1.99 US, I'm a fan.
At $2.49 or $2.99, it has gone up enough to make Kodak Gold 200 the buy.

Luckily I have bunches of both in the freezer.
friendly voice [deleted] 5 years ago
next to c200 it is probably one of the most widely available films here in Korea, and it is often way overpriced. Online though it very cheap. Had some OK results with it and see it as just another cheapie for playing with. It was literally the first roll I put through my Yashica GSN last year
tailors by friendly voice
flavio_e 5 years ago
I did a little looking into this. It is Kodak VX from the 80s.

Perhaps do you mean Kodak VR 200 ?

"VX" was a name for one of Konica's emulsions.

Back on topic, i find Colorplus 200 to give me a "plus" of "colors". In other words, nice colors. Grain is a touch high but still acceptable. I can get it for cheap, thus i like it.
inetjoker PRO 5 years ago
Yes VR.
redspotted PRO 5 years ago
I think it's still the cheapest colour film you can buy here, if you take development into account - Agfa Vista Plus is £1 for a 24 roll at Poundland, but dev is still the same price as a 36 roll of Colorplus, which you can get for £1.69 from Firstcall.

Having said that, I get to shoot film so rarely these days that I might as well shoot Ektar and Portra all the time.
ravilamir 5 years ago

Kodak Colorplus is also available from my lab at £1.47:
AmigosPhoto 4 years ago
I got Kodak Colorplus 200 (made in USA)
Wayne Stevenson PRO 4 years ago
I haven't seen it around lately. :( Any lace online selling it?
flawless bulb [deleted] 4 years ago
You can get it on Amazon, but it's a third party seller and they're asking $6.79/roll.
Nathan Parry 4 years ago
Nearly 7 bucks a roll? For Colorplus? Hell no.
flawless bulb [deleted] 4 years ago
Once it expires the price will go up to $10/roll... :)
inetjoker PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by inetjoker (admin) 4 years ago
On a new thread here the person was saying that it was the only film they could get in their area.
Wayne Stevenson PRO 4 years ago
B&H used top sell it for under a couple bucks a roll. :(

Then again fresh Ektacolor Pro was going for under $4/roll shipped at one point. :(

Neopan Acros for under $3...........
Dave L2013 4 years ago
I have a hundred rolls or so in the freezer. Paid $1.99 a roll for them maybe a year or two ago. I wouldn't pay $3.99 or $5.99 or even more like I've seen. The price in Germany seems to still be good but the shipping to the US makes the price too high.

Kodak Max is my go to cheap color film now.
the.crystalimage 4 years ago
Kodak colorplus is readily available in Europe. The most common option along with Fuji Superia 200. It costs 2.5 - 3 euros.
René Maly 4 years ago
Just finished another roll of VR200, 2009, i shoot them at iso100.

jojonas~ PRO 3 years ago
my local lab just took it in. a friend got two rolls to test for them so we'll be trying it this weekend.
might take a retro camera to go along with that grain ;)

how does it behave when over or under exposed with normal processing?
WB Lynch 3 years ago
Don't underexpose it. Looks muddy and ugly.
funlw65 2 years ago
Fujicolor C200 overexposed with one stop,in sunny day, clear sky
I ♥ Minox PRO 2 years ago
A good photo taken on mediocre film is better than a mediocre photo taken on good film, any day of the week. Don't waste time worrying about what film to use: expend your brainpower on taking the best pictures you can.
pnrpledragon 1 year ago
I ♥ Minox:

Totally agree. As a beginner I just buy cheapest and shoot a lot. I need practice...
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