damp drop [deleted] 10:51pm, 23 July 2008
Anyone know of any that would be worth exploring?
vandyll.net 10 years ago
I'm looking for some too. If I find any good ones, I'll definitely pass the info along.
NinjaShutter 10 years ago
Baltimore and the surrounding areas are known for some of the best "Urbexing" around. The thing is, many people are not so quick to give the locations away due to "vandals" tearing these places up.

Check my photostream, there are a few places in there and you should be able to find them with a little searching.
damp drop [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks for the information. Especially you Ninja [For the link as well].
avi8tor4fn PRO 10 years ago
I always wanted to explore this. When I get my boat back in the water in the next few weeks, I just may visit it.
Fort Carroll 7695
Sidereal PRO 10 years ago
Wow, why have I never heard of Fort Carroll? I would love to spend some time investigating it!
Marcellina. 10 years ago
Fort Carroll? If you guys go, plz post the pix! I hear it's extremely difficult to get onto now that the access part has fallen/broken away. Good luck guys!
Sidereal PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Sidereal (member) 10 years ago
Grappling hooks, matey! Yarrrr!

Or maybe avi8tor4fn can help us parasail in! At night, like Ninjas!
Camlin Photography PRO 10 years ago
This place is out between Westminster and Littlestown, PA. I geotagged it, so you should be able to find it.

Winter's Decay

I swear someone was peeking out of one of the upstairs windows...
jcrewphotography 10 years ago
I just wanna *bump* this thread back to life and give it a twist....

Does anyone know of any places abandoned or otherwise that would be suitable for a location shoot with a model or a few models? I'm doing some scouting and am trying to find places in the area.

Feel free to flickrmail me or just post up here. If someone has successful location ideas and wants to be part of the shoots(s), I'm sure that could be arranged.

stacysayzcheez 10 years ago
I think Annapolis is wonderful. Also saw a nice gazebo at the Quiet Waters Park. Don't know how far you are traveling. I was in Baltimore this past weekend and there are some nice places there as well.
jcrewphotography 10 years ago
Thanks for the quick heads up!

I'm pretty much interested in anywhere between Southern PA and Washington DC. Places that can accomodate a few photographers and a small groups of models would be ideal (I'm willing to apply for and pay for permits if needed) but, places that are only suitable for a model or 2 and a single photog are ok too.
NinjaShutter 10 years ago
What kind of atmosphere are you looking for? A hospital? Industry? The East Coast is littered with abandoned places. A lot of folks will keep the identity hidden to avoid unwanted guests.
jcrewphotography 10 years ago
I'm looking for both of those for sure. I love glamour/fashion, and fine arts nudes in Hospital or post-industiral settings and those are settings that we defintely don't have a good bead on right now. Old barns, farm equipment and the likes are all fair game too. It would be nice to have a small arsenal of places to use for various shoots.
Marcellina. 10 years ago
Oh man, there are sooooo many locations in the DC/MD/PA region that might fit the bill.

Two problems:
1. You might get busted
2. Convincing people to share urbex locations

A Google search should give you enough information to find good locations for what you need. Good luck with the shoot. Sounds like it'll be really cool!

Denny's Pics 10 years ago
Hello, all.

I'm new to this group and found it because I'm also looking for abandoned buildings for an upcoming shoot. I'd like to know more about Rosewood. I couldn't actually find out if it's been closed yet. I'll definitely check out the other suggestions.

I've been to Glendale Hospital near Bowie and got some great shots. It's more heavily patrolled now so I'm not sure I want to risk it with equipment, a model etc.

The photos will include fine art nudes, which I don't want to do where there is a good chance of being caught or having spectators. I plan on scoping out a few areas this weekend. I know people are reluctant to divulge information, but any help or suggestions are appreciated.

Take care all
NinjaShutter 10 years ago
Rosewood is still open and has a few spots you may have some luck with, my best advice would be to limit your time on the grounds in view and you should be fine. Your possibilities are limitless in this area, search, make friends, and search some more and you will find a few gems.
JenLongo 10 years ago
I was going to make a post looking for some abandoned places where getting arrested is a slim chance! haha.

I got busted at Rosewood before. :-P
meabbott PRO 10 years ago
Is there a problem with trying to get permission to go to a place before you just try to go to a place?
dramatic brake [deleted] 10 years ago
Most places don't give permission simply because they don't want to deal with the liability stuff. If you can get the onwers/managers to get ovewr that, then getting permission is a good way to go.
meabbott PRO 10 years ago
JR, it is indeed true that sometimes the answer is no.
NinjaShutter 10 years ago
There are a few places around here that have pretty lax security, I know of one particular place that some of the groundskeepers will show you around if you make friends!
thatssochill 10 years ago
I've been to Rosewood 4 times, been in just about every one of the abandoned buildings there, and I've never been caught. I would definitely recommend checking it out....it's amazing.
NinjaShutter 10 years ago
There was a recent fire at Rosewood, I belive due to arson. It did not hurt a lot but security seems to be a little more active. I had a little run in over the weekend.
Bart Raeke Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Bart Raeke (member) 10 years ago
Holy crap, about 8 years ago I helped a guy shoot a Blair Witch style movie at Rosewood. We scouted the place evasively and eventually got permission to shoot there at night...didn't make it any less creepy, and some of those buildings were one good storm away from being blown down...of course we weren't supposed to be in THOSE buildings, but hey, we'd just keep a few "decoy" crew where we were authorized to be, and sneak over to the really juicy places for better shots.

And I swear to god there we found a room that had been occupied by homeless people very recently (at the time of course). We were always waiting for the person or persons to show back up on us...

I had also heard stories of people being freaked out in later years by the stuff WE left behind in our wake. Some of the writing on the walls was us, sorry...
dsky 10 years ago
Went to the Rosewood Center yesterday, photos are Geotagged, check a couple out :

Assisted Trans by dsky

One Way by dsky

The set :
damp drop [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by damp drop (member) 10 years ago
Any updates to Fort Carroll?
annievelenovsky 10 years ago
If any of you are by Berlin/West Ocean City, the old abandoned Drive In Theater is always fun. Just look for the sign and then it's pretty far back in the woods...
There's also a few abandoned houses that I know of around here.
NinjaShutter 10 years ago

This is a good one, lots to see here.
Steven Sites PRO 10 years ago
well i've been plenty of places and i've never gotten in trouble. i don't think it should be much of a concern at all anywhere you go as long as you aren't stupid about it. maryland actually has a ton of abandoned places, it's really great living here. i have a lot of family around pittsburgh and they're always jealous of the places i go, so i try to find stuff around them to take them to, but it's next to impossible to find anything up their way. almost all of my sets are of places within an hour of dc (i live in silver spring). i don't know how to do this geotagging thing yet (i'm still fairly new to flickr) but it's pretty easy to find out where these places are once you know they exist. personally i found rosewood to be pretty boring. i wasn't expecting half the premises to still be active, and most of the buildings were just empty or full of stuff that isn't particularly out of the ordinary for these places. forest haven is currently my favorite.
philio3000 9 years ago
February 21, 2009
I went to Henryton last night with a group of friends.
It was spectacularrrr.
It's an abandoned hospital that was closed down in 1985 and never re-opened.
The grounds are huge and there are manyyy buildings some of them very large.
If anyone is interested, I can provide a more in depth description and/or directions.
It's located on the Howard/Carroll border in Marriotsville.
Patrick_Morris 9 years ago
Anyone know any on the Eastern Shore? We seem to tear our interesting stuff down pretty quickly :(
jcrewphotography 9 years ago
@ Patrick

There are plenty of abandoned farm houses and barns all over the shore. Industrial places will be harder to find since it has always been mainly farmland and watermen, not much of an industrial center. You may want to ask around for old oyster or crab processing houses, that could yield you better luck.
offbeat skate [deleted] 9 years ago
Rosewood is a great place if you can get there without getting caught, I got inside once through underground tunnels, it was spooky.
There is a covered bridge off Jericho Rd in Baltimore County and around that area are some old mills/houses... I’m not sure if they are abandoned or not.
Fort Howard isn’t exactly abandoned, but it looks like it.
Savage Mill has old factories that are not only abandoned but falling apart.
emilyyost 9 years ago
How do you get in to Rosewood through the tunnels? I am really trying not to get caught by security and would love to get in without dealing with legalities. I am looking for an abandoned location to shoot fashion and fine art nudes and from what I've heard and seen, Rosewood is the place.

Also, about Henryton- I heard there was night security there now. Does anyone know about the security at either of these locations?
Ressy6 9 years ago
uhhh to gasol.. henryton does have night security and it is fairly easy to get caught especially if you park at the front gate. but i have been there a few times and it is worth the hype. well most of it at least. but to lessen the chance you can park and then walk up the r.r. tracks. but yea thts how i go an i havent gotten caught. anyone know the penalty for getting caught.
NinjaShutter 9 years ago
The tunnels at Rosewood have been closed in, and since the recent fire there security has increased.
254pm 9 years ago
Gasolinexrain, just south of the entrance to Henryton, which will be on your left just before you get to the entrance if youre coming from Marriotsville road is a state park with an abandoned building downhill from the property. You can park there and follow a path behind the building down the woods behind a pond and up a hill and you come on the entrance road behind the gate and security guard. Turn left and just before two old buildings is a trail on your right that will take you up to the building. The white buildings were built in the sixties with asbestos so be careful but the brick buildings were built in the 1920s and are safe. The farthest brick buildings roof has caved in and you can get in the attic and see the whole complex. The theater and morgue were torn down because of a fire however.
254pm 9 years ago
The security guard told me how to get in by the way haha dont park at the gate even if hes not there because cops patrol through there
SeanStrawsburg.com 9 years ago
Any updates on these places? Seems like Rosewood and Henryton are the places to go. Ive been exploring around my neck of the woods (Frederick County) but I think I need to venture into Baltimore.
I live in Prince Georges County (Accokeek) and there are HUNDREDS of old barns and abandoned homes along the majority of the back roads (Pretty good shape too) all over this area. From Brandywine all over to the east and South you will run into them!

I took some images last weekend at DR. Mudd's historic home and it has a fantastic home and barns on the property and the inside of the home has authentic furnishings and if you ask them nice, they may let you photograph inside....

Good luck.

this fella got some good location pics there
SeanStrawsburg.com 9 years ago
Went to Henryton today. Great spot. Seems to be deteriorating slowly from people and mother nature. Had a good time tho and got some great shots!
Henryton's still a nice place to get good shots at. As far as the night security goes, I've found that it's best to park at the train tracks. If you walk up the tracks, go through the tunnel, and then go up a small hill, you're far less likely to run into security.
sk8ternavy 9 years ago
Im 14 and i know quite a few, now just fair warning...... many of theese places are considered trespassing so be careful.
1. fort mchenry : a war base now rundown with grafitti and garbage
2.fort carrol: not adised to go... security stands on the bridge have constant watch on the place.
3.GLENN dale hospital. i went to glenn dale about 8 months ago and its crazy, we were caught by the police and my cousin and her fiance were givin 24 hours of community service and went to court. story behind it is that it was and old tb hopsital....
4. henrington was an insane asylm and its next on my list
5.creepy college or hell house. used to be saint marries college back in the early 1900s but was soon shutdown and made a tb hospital the actual college burnd down but theres still a pool hose and the legendary black cross ive been cool place
6. the enchanted forest [not scary at all] just the remnants of an old amusment park
7. Granite Nike Missile Battery: underground tunnels are filled in with debris, and some buildings have been renovted
i could go on forever........... but if you google theese you can get loads of info
Psoup216 PRO 9 years ago
I don't know about Henryngton. Looks like a winner, as Bob described above, but make sure to read about how dangerous it is there:

thestarlitsea 9 years ago
I just went up to Henryton a week ago. It was pretty nice. Completely gutted and trashed but made for some great pics that I'll add to the pool.
Michael James Vogt 9 years ago
Just watchout for some holes in the floor at Henryton. Advised to bring a flashligt as some hallways are really dark. Scared a few people when i was there. They were upstairs walking around and i was slamming doors, making creepy sounds and when they came down the stairs i was in a room off the hallway where it was pitch black. As they walked by i made a ghostly high pitch cat call as they procedded to run out of the building.
natybohhoe 9 years ago
i am new to this site and i have read through most of these post and i havent heard of anyone saying anything about fort armstead. its an old ww2 fort by baltimore county. i am very interested in places like these and am new to this and am looking for some people to go find and explore places like this.so if anyone is interested please let me know.
jcrewphotography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jcrewphotography (member) 9 years ago
@natybohhoe... I'm definitely interested in checking out some places like this. Just gimme plenty of lead time to schedule it into the mayhem and I'm down!
cruzerlockDMG 9 years ago
@natybohhoe & jcrewphotography i love the idea i'm a model/photographer i would love to come with and take some great photos with the two of you just let me know CAUSE I'M IN!
jcrewphotography 8 years ago
So... who's down for a run & gun style abandoned location(s) shoot? Small team (4-6 peeps), a couple cameras and a strobe or 2? Warmer weather(believe it or not) is just around the corner....
myclosetgarden 8 years ago
Hi there :)

I was curious about taking pictures at the Enchanted Forest in MD. Has anybody gone there recently. I know that there is a restoration organization that is currently working on the place and figured it might be hard to take pics there. Any advice, suggestions, tips? Been here before or recently?

Appreciate your help.
BenxBennett 8 years ago
@InBugsDrawers I went there a year ago. Almost all of the buildings have/statues have been moved. Not really worth going, it was dissapointing.
BenxBennett 8 years ago
I went to forest haven a year ago just south of baltimore off 95. It was really cool, like a small town that was used for the mentally insane. I went back a couple months ago and there were idiot guards at both entrances. Ive heard the military is now using it for something.
nay_sayer 8 years ago
Forest Haven is property of the city of DC. It houses an old and a brand new juvenile detention facility and program as well as all of the abandoned buildings that were part of a home for the "mentally challanged" and insane. I have been in alot of the old buildings to assess them and there are some cool ones. I do not recommend that you try to get in there since there have been a few escapes at the new facility and security is tight. On top of that, it is DC soil so if you get arrested, prepare to head to DC jail. FYI- It is now called Oak Hill.
shadark 8 years ago
Well Im gonna bump this topic. Really seemed to catch my eye. Most importantly, you guys care about the structure, and are viewing it artistically and just in a sense of wow. Ive been to Henryton, And Fort Howard.

I would love to go to Rosewood if anyone would ever be my guide. Or the Lebow factory. My email is tb1825@gmail.com if you wanna talk. I can drive, or you can, just be respectful of the area is all I ask.

Cockeysville MD
cruzerlockDMG Posted 8 years ago. Edited by cruzerlockDMG (member) 8 years ago
does any one know the deal with the two abandoned building in the national park seminary there is one that i know what it is its a gymnasium of some kind but there is another buidling that i know nothing about i've been to it but never inside because of the large fence and gargantuine hole in the wall ...its honestly as if a bomb went off but here is the exact point +39° 0' 46.13", -77° 3' 16.84" i just need to know if it is safe to enter
wideeyevideo.com 8 years ago
I'm on the Eastern Shore... looking for good abandoned places to film/photograph within an hour or two from here. Houses, farms, schools, hospitals, churches etc.

Check my current videos at www.youtube.com/wideeyevideo

kris10mayx 8 years ago
If you drive along back roads in pretty much any part of MD you can find abandoned houses. And using Google or Bing maps can help and you can save your locations into it. I'm trying to find a bunch of new places now but it takes forever to find any worth going to. I'm also looking for new people to explore with soon so send me a message if you are interested!
Pyro TomoDachi 8 years ago
Just got back from Glenn Dale Hospital a few hours ago. Fun times.

I'm always down for adventuring. Looking for cool new places I haven't been to.

Were taking a revisit to Hell House Friday :)
NocturnalEchoImagery 8 years ago
Was wondering if any1 is interested in taking a photo excursion to a few a abandoned places. I have some locations i'd like to shoot ( that have been previously mentioned:) for my college photography course assignments and wanted to know if any1 else would like to go.I also found some really cool cemeteries id like to shoot.
And if anyone goes to Hell House..there is an abandoned (n what's left of it) hippy bus out by the water tower, just as u pass the pool to the right...and no roads are up there...lol pretty cool:)
again if any1 wants to hangout and take some pics of Henryton, Forest Haven and Glenn Dale...email me:)
PixieScarlette 8 years ago
dmrobinson- I'm interested...
email me and maybe we can set something up...
NinjaShutter 8 years ago
Hell House has been gone for years..but there is still plenty to see in Maryland.
jenmana 8 years ago
I went to Forest Haven yesterday actually! From inside one of the buildings, we could see a truck patrolling the grounds (just a roundabout) so just stay clear of the the main roads (Center Avenue and Forest Haven Avenue). I'm guessing they were a bit more cautious since it was Halloween and all ('cept we only saw two other people there) but just be careful! It is still very interesting to walk around Forest Haven and I keep on seeing new things every time I go (yesterday was my third time). There was a dead turtle (so sad) inside one of the buildings and my boyfriend found access to a very creepy basement area. I just recommend everyone to go!
R. Lanning 8 years ago
You may want to try Congressional Cemetery in DC. Its open 24 hrs a day, is the oldest cemetery in the area, and they don't mind photographers. Its a great place for day, and night shooting.
Kbledsoe Photography 8 years ago

If you're ever in the Pittsburgh area, take a look at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Here's a link to the story behind it:


Here's a link to my Flickr set:


Here's a link to the person who originally told me about it:


Here's more links to photographs:


If you ever venture up there, let me know. I'd like to go back and try out some new ideas i've come up with! I'd also like to go back in the spring -__- i went in the winter....
jcrewphotography 8 years ago
Kbledsoe -

Thanks a lot for the info. I've been checking out the links and pics that you sent me and I am definitely interested in checking that place out, it looks like some really great images could be made there. Flickrmail me with your ideas and we can brainstorm and be ready to go in there with at least a loose game plan. There should be some other abandoned industrial space in what's left of Steel City, maybe we could hit a couple in a day trip and then I could host a day down this way in return.
hopupoffme 7 years ago
Does anyone actually email each other and get together to go to some of these places? If so, I'm interested. I'm totally addicted to researching and traveling to these places...my email is hopupoffme@gmail.com
jcrewphotography 7 years ago
I'm wondering the same thing. It has been talked about here but the folks that know these places and have visited them have not yet proposed a trip. I would be very interested in an outing to one of these places.
Michael James Vogt 7 years ago
OK here we go...2nd saturday in may who here wants to get together for a photo trip to Henrytown Hospital in carroll county? Start out at 10am in the morning...will have to schedule a meet place.
jcrewphotography 7 years ago
I'm down!
EvilLadyLynn666 7 years ago
a day trip is the best, less chance of getting caught...we went and were there for a few hours exploring the whole place....we would love to go!
Michael James Vogt 7 years ago
Ok where should the meet up be or should we all meet right near there? there is a little parking area by the railroad tracks by there. I can get the address and post it so we can have it to look up directions.
Marquise_Twain 7 years ago
Dude, I made an account just so I could express my interest. Man, I want in soooooooo bad!
seekandsee 7 years ago
Please contact me for any adventures. I see abandoned homes and buildings all over the place where I live, and have since gotten hold of a camera to try this. I am no stranger to exploring old abandoned sites, simply have never considered taking photos!! I will assist in any way, and or bring any possible gear.
jcrewphotography 7 years ago
Are we still on for this excursion? I don't mind parking near there if its a safe place to leave our cars and if all the cars aren't going to attract too much attention ie: da police.
chief giants [deleted] 7 years ago
I'm very interested in doing some excursions. I know some places that are better shown that explained, one of which is a whole neighborhood of easy to get into houses. I always love new ideas and love having people explore with me. Either message me on here if you're interested or email me at wordsthatrhyme54@aol.com
OliviaCPhotography 7 years ago
Hiiii :) I would lovee to go with some to explore anyplace. Although i live right down the street from Glenn Dale Hospital; I would like to explore Henryton, Fort carrol, rosewood, fort howard, forest haven; anywhere really!! :) here is my facebook to message me www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1557645451 or here is my email HildebrandClarkphotography@gmail.com. Hope to hear back from you guys!
alert mint [deleted] 7 years ago
Hey, I'm new to this group and I've been wanting to explore some abandoned places in Maryland and get some photos too. If anyone has any ideas or would like to do this as well or has any feedback I'd appreciate it and I would love to hear from anyone interested. My e-mail is libby_faddis@yahoo.com and here's my facebook www.facebook.com/madlibs29
CarriageHouseStudios 7 years ago
Any ideas/places for abandoned sites in Anne Arundel County - especially South County around Deale...?

Drop me a line if so, or you want to share experiences...

My email: studiopfp@hotmail.com
nedh75 7 years ago
I'm new at photography and I'm looking for some abandoned places on the eastern shore of Maryland to go. Any ideas? Has anyone been to the old drive in that is in the west ocean city area?
SkillfulTraceur 7 years ago
Hey guys! I just made an account to reply to this post. A show I was watching on TV recently sparked my interest in exploring abandoned buildings. Only problem is that my mom probably won't let me go to an abandoned building, and definitely not with people I don't even know on the internet. I'm 15, in case anyone is wondering. It just seems so fun an exciting to explore abandoned places. If any of you go on another excursion, since I can't ask to go with you, can you share photos you take with me? XD. That Fort Carroll looks pretty cool, anyone go there?
jwknights_2000 7 years ago
Looking for some in Carroll County!
russo_turisto 7 years ago
I have abandoned house right in my area. But probably it's owned by bank, it was a sign before. the house surrounded by woods. I saw vandal's marks outside. Couldn't go inside, because i hadn't flashlight. I even didn't know what there is a house, thought just some unused land. It is in Reisterstown area.
bookwurm165 7 years ago
Has anyone been inside crownsville? I explored the grounds twice recently. Security is present but they'll let you walk around as long as you're not disturbing anything. Managed to get inside one of the residential cottages. It was pretty cool in that this was the first place I've managed to get inside but there wasn't a whole lot to see. I have photos posted on my stream.
MeGaPixelsMedia 7 years ago
YEs rosewood is an awesome place to shoot this time of year. It looks very eary with the leaves all around
aspiring pocket [deleted] 7 years ago
i read just about every post.. why has no one mentioned the abndoned jericho factory? i went in just yesterday and its the scariest place ive ever been. however, the place is completely fenced in and no tresspassing signs are every 5 feet, the place is about to fall apart and watch out for holes in the floor. its said that a massive fire happened way back and the place is completely trashed and scary, definatley a good place to check out but watch out because your tresspassing. i dont know much so anyone who knows more about this place please let me know. and also correct me if im wrong.
JWphotos_ 7 years ago
People are quite weird in that area. Was driving around and some guy thought we were fallowing him and pulled up next to us questioning us.
Fort Howard Hospital is semi abandoned, But not for long. It's being leased over to a developer :(
I've been there, it's amazing. I'm still trying to get permission to go in there but this whole developer thing has really downed my chances and messed some things up. Guess no where can be abandoned forever.
JWphotos_ 7 years ago
Check my photostream.
JWphotos_ 7 years ago
Please check out my website for information on most of the abandoned locations in Maryland, it's free.
Robchaos PRO 7 years ago
I joined up to express interest in this topic, and to just give a little update. Every time I visit Henryton it seems idiot vandals have destroyed more and more of the place. Most recently I was there this afternoon. the front counter right inside the entrance to the administrative building looks to have been destroyed by fire. The state will probably never even need to worry about demolishing Henryton, these asshole kids will end up burning it to the ground on their own.

Does anyone know of any other abandoned areas close to Carroll County MD (Baltimore, Hanover, or Gettysburg)? I love taking pictures of decay.

I don't think I've seen it posted in this thread, but on River road in between Elkridge and Ellicott City there is the old abandoned Bartgis Bros paper mill that has some interesting graffiti and cool industrial looking remnants.
acdesigns2012 6 years ago
if anyone decides to go to ft. carroll, i would love to tag along. i've been wanting to go there since i moved to baltimore 8 years ago.
coolcapture 6 years ago
This is one interesting thread, I am interested in visiting those places discussed so far however right now I am in search of some Abandoned rail stations/rusty looking place which would be a contrasting back ground for a wedding dress/suit ..
sexbobombs 6 years ago
Here's some information on Forest Haven. So, when you get there you'll see a small restauant that is right next to a storage place, park at the restaurant. Go through the woods behind the restaurant (make sure to wear a lot of bug spray, we came home and found atleast two ticks on all of us) Once you're thru the woods you'll see a small road and a field with tires piled up and a no trespassing sign, try to hide from cars. Go through that field and then into the woods behind the small field. There you will see bright orange markers that me and my friends put down so that we would fine our way back to our car. Those bright orange markers will lead you to the asylum. Its probably about a 15-20 minute walk to the asylum and there are a lot of thorns you're going to have to step through. Now, good luck, stay silent, bring respirators, and a flashlight. ^__^ When we went today we didnt see security at all but that doesnt mean that they're not there, so be careful if you do go.
Currie Lee 5 years ago
I'm bumping this topic. Interested in Rosewood. Does anyone have any tips about going there?

Also anywhere else? I vaguely remember there being this place sort of near North Point State Park in East Baltimore, but can't exactly remember what it was...
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