cerulean dream * 9:06am, 15 July 2011
Hi people,

Recently I purchased a Hasselblad 500C/M with 80mm f.28 Carl Zeiss lens. The seller convinced me that everything went smooth with this camera and even showed me some of his photos taken by this camera.

Unfortunately, after 5 rolls, 3 were purely blank, 1 was overexposed, and 1 was too dark but the lab managed to scan the images. I shot indoor at night with Kodak Tri-X ASA 400, f2.8, and 1/15. I didn't realize it before but the aperture and the shutter speed were in the cross coupling position when I took the photos.

Could it be a problem? I also see that the mirror behind the lens is a bit dirty. Thought it might somehow affect the result.

I don't know whether this is a case of exposure control. I once owned Bronica ETRS, and had the same problem. Never have I encountered this kind of problem when working with TLR cameras.

Any advices will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :)
drfilm PRO 7 years ago
With the film magazine off the body, set the shutter to "B" and fire the camera .... do the curtains open in the back? does the aperature look correct when viewing through the lens? The mirror flips up during the exposure, blank rolls (clear film) means no exposure, did you load the film properly?
Check the shutter speeds do they look according to the markings. use meter to make sure your pictures would be accurately exposed.
What do you mean when you said cross coupling?
Mightyhorse 5 years ago
With the blank rolls, any chance you loaded the film backwards and exposed the paper side?
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