Claire DeLand ~ "GA Music Maker" PRO 1:14am, 20 January 2008

Welcome to the Nuthatch group . . . I hope you'll have fun and that you will say "hello" when you arrive :)

Remember, no limits to the number of famimly-friendly photos of Nuthatches you can post. I'm looking forward to them :)

Claire - a/k/a Ga Music Maker
nikkibidder 11 years ago
Hello group. my name is Nikki, i live in Devon. i take photo's as a hobby. to which is very addictive, will post a few. please feel free to look at profile and add any comments. enjoy.
pawcamvt 11 years ago
Hello Group, my name is pawcamvt and I live in Northeastern VT where the nuthatches are plentiful. Thanks for starting this group.
natalija2006 PRO 11 years ago
Hi group,
my name is Natalija and I live in a beautiful small country Slovenia.
Welcome to all of you!!!

I'm so glad you have joined us here and that you have shared a bit of your personal "stories".

You have some beautiful photos added to the group pool, and I am really enjoying everyone's additions so much!!!

Welcome . . . take care and take pictures!!!

Stu Price 11 years ago
Hi. I live in Hokkaido Japan. Loads of Nuthatches in the forests around these here parts...........
Jharris92 10 years ago
HI!! Well I think I like taking pictures of the nuthatch's the best!
They are really fun to watch! Well about myself I live in cave spring GA and I am 15 and I love taking pics of nature! PRO 10 years ago
Nuthatches deserve their own group, glad to be a part of it and thanks for the invite!

I am from Rockford, Illinois, where both White-breasted and Red-breasted Nuthatches can be found.
Oh, WOW!!!

Hi, everybody!! I'm so excited to see new faces and folks from so many places around the world!!!

I can't wait to enjoy your photos of these bright little birds!! Thank you *SO* much for joining us and for bringing your beauties to the group pool!!!

I live in the northwest corner of the State of Georgia (not too far from where Birdman Jon lives, actually) and I LOVE feeding, watching and photographing the birds that visit us here.

thanks again for joining us - - - bring your friends and invite other Nuthatch fans you find around Flickr!!!

Take care and take more pictures!!!
Claire - a/k/a Ga Music Maker
Steve Vetter 10 years ago
Hi ya'll I live in west Tennessee we have both White-breasted and Red-breasted Nuthatches

Olivier Bordry PRO 10 years ago
Hi Nuthatchers ! My name is olivier, I'm french and live in Québec city.
This group is a great idea ! Our forests here are full of red-breasted and white-breasted nuthatches. They play with chickadee. I love the way they walk on a tree !
Hello, Everyone!!! How great to have new members and to have floweryfran (alias Claire1 - we are BOTH Claires!)

I'm really looking forward to having some beautiful new photos of this fabulous little bird!!

Steve, you're a fellow Southerner :) I'm in northwest Georgia.

Olivier, I love Quebec City!!! I think it's neat that you have so many Nuthatches!! Can't wait to see some!!!
mrBobBaker 10 years ago
Bob Baker from Ruckersville Virginia. Originally from Michigan, but after 11 years in the Army, home is where you hang your hat.

Nuthatches are awesome. They are very bold. I have a pair of White-breasted around the yard now. I get the Red-breasted for another couple of weeks before he migrates out.

I have found that mine love suet and peanuts (in the shell, and even more out of the shell).
Momba (Trish) PRO 10 years ago
Hi!! I love taking nature and bird pictures! The nuthatches are always a challenge...they are so quick! I live in Middle Tennessee, USA and we have both white-breasted and red-breasted, but the white-breasted are more plentiful in our area.

I keep the feeders full of nuts and lots of black oil sunflower seeds. They seem to love those. It's also fun watching them climb down the trees looking for insects that other birds miss while climbing up the trees!

Thanks to Birdman Jon for the invitation!!
The Nawab of Pataudi 10 years ago
Well, there I am with a good Nuthatch photo, wondering what group to put it in...
Hello to all of our newest members!!!

We're so glad you're here and that you have brought such lovely Nuthatch photos with you!!! We're glad you found us and appreciate all of you who are inviting others to join our little group dedicated to this wonderful, spunky little bird!!!

Mine aren't cooperating yet this Spring but I'm hopeful! We had TONS of babies last year and the entire families would come to the feeders together!!!

Again, welcome to all our newest members. Invvite your friends' Nuthatch photos to the group and let's enjoy "traveling" to each others' homes!!

:) Claire
animalhouse2008 10 years ago
Hello all. I really enjoy bird photography. I live in Northern Minnesota and really like seeing the variety in the members of this group. I like the little nuthatch. They are some of the bravest birds at my feeder. When all the other birds fly off, the nuthatch capitalizes on the solitude and really robs the feeder. Thank you for starting this group.
wwwebber PRO 10 years ago
Hi all. I've been responding photographically to all the exciting bird activity going on at our house in Michigan and learning a lot in the process. (Thanks for all your help Claire.) And now I can show the proper respect for my birds by showing them in a group dedicated to them.
Ronald Saumure PRO 10 years ago
Hello group. my name is Ronald, I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada. I take photo's as a hobby and it is getting is very addictive, I will post a few. please feel free to look at profile and add any comments. enjoy.
workable fall [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi, I'm in Cardiff, South Wales and often run into nuthatches so I shall upload the results of my encounters here!
Tuffy's Mom 10 years ago
Hi Folks! My name is CaroI, I live in Colorado and have, at different times of the year, all three species of nuthatches in my yard... White- Breasted, Pygmy, and Rose-Breasted. We live in the ponderosa forest and provide feed and nest boxes for them, as well as our other cavity nesters. I will start digging out my old photos, now that I have found this group.
Images of the West 10 years ago
Hello, I to enjoy these type of groups and will contribute whenever i can, my first batch of three where at different locations in Devon, England.
Laney Bird 10 years ago
Hi everyone! I live in metro Atlanta and have recently gotten addicted to photographing the birds that visit our feeders. My husband and I are budding birders, and the white-breasted and brown-headed nuthatches are two of our favorites. I love their squeaky toy sounds! Thank you for starting this group.
Renda back when less bear activity PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Renda back when less bear activity (member) 9 years ago
I love watching nuthatches, but I don't catch to many on camera. They are so fast. I live in upstate SC and really enjoy bird watching.
wreckingball34 9 years ago
Hello everyone. My name is Bill, and I live in New Jersey. I see white-breasted nuthatches in my yard everyday, and I never tire of watching them. I hope you enjoy my photos. I'm sure I'll enjoy all of yours. Thanks.
Welcome!!! We look forward to your photos and to getting to know you!!!
SpeedyJR PRO 9 years ago
Hello everyone. I am Janice and I live in Northern Indiana.
vigorous hobbies [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi everyone. Stacy from New Jersey, and I am learning to photograph the birds that visit my backyard. I enjoy the nuthatches darting here and there, and love the way they pose. Thank you for starting the group.
nancylynnfree 9 years ago
Hi! My name is Nancy and I am from Vermont. Nuthatches, both Red and White Breasted, are daily visitors to my feeders and I absolutely adore them. I was very excited about finding a group that specializes in only these wonderful creatures, and have already seen so many great photos here. Thanks for all of your contributions.
cookie1234 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by cookie1234 (member) 9 years ago

I'm Cookie and I live in northeastern Illinois in a wetlands area. I’m almost positive a family of red-breated nuthatches lives in one of our oak trees. Maybe that’s why they're not too skittish around me. Lately, they've taken to performing all sort of antics while standing still—wing flapping, etc. They put on quite the show. Hopefully, I’ll get a photo of the dramatics.

As you probably know, the nuthatch call is so distinctively funny. It reminds me of the sound one of the Three Stooges used to make--niak, niak, niak, but I can’t remember which “Stooge” made that sound.

Such beautiful photos in this group! I hope to have fun here!
Aaron Gee PRO 9 years ago
Hi , Im Aaron, Ive just found this group and love photographing these beautiful little birds !!
Hi, Everybody!!!

Lots of new members!!! I've been remiss in greeting you, but we are SO glad you are here!!! You've already posted some beautiful photos of these precious little birds, and I am really really enjoying looking at them.

Thanks so much for joining us and for bringing your obvious love of these little birds for all of us to enjoy!!!

wildwood_1 9 years ago
Hi All,
I live in North Yorkshire, England. Nuthatches are one of my favourite birds, and I hope that you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.
Please visit my profile, have a look at my other stuff, and feel free to leave any comments.

derek-neal 8 years ago
hi im deg love these birds i live in South Yorkshire UK and thanks aron for the invite
Hi all,
My name is Henry and i live in Debyshire in the UK. I love all birds but especially Nuthatches. Haven't managed to get many photos of them yet mostly because there so darn quick but when i do i shall post the best ones to this group.

Everyones photos on here are absolutely brilliant so i hope to keep up with the high standard :-)

BLane-Alberta 8 years ago

I live in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. We have WBNH and RBNH all winter. Brown Creepers also. My photos are either from backyard or nearby areas such as Elk Island National Park.
John C. Akers jr. PRO 8 years ago
Well hello Claire,had to find a group for the Nuthatch,you being here is a added bonus!
Niklasphotography 8 years ago
Hello, took a picture of a Eurasian Nuthatch so i thought i should join this group.
OleRog Posted 7 years ago. Edited by OleRog (member) 7 years ago
I live south of Oslo, Norway.
Eurasian Nuthatches is often in my backyard
flynnk815 7 years ago
Green Bay, WI
Adeyrowley PRO 6 years ago
Hi, my name is Adey and i am from Leicester in the UK.
PHILIP.ISOM 6 years ago
Hello,my name is Phil,from Tunstall Stoke on Trent,all Nutty pictures from Knypersley reservoir.
kimlouise❣ PRO 6 years ago
Hi there, i'm kimlouise, from Wales
Hi im Stu from the north east of england.
Hello! and a warm "Welcome" to all of our new members!! We look forward to seeing your photos and getting acquainted!!
lousyfocus Posted 6 years ago. Edited by lousyfocus (member) 6 years ago
Well...since there is already a kim(louise), I guess I'd better clarify that I'm a kimdavid. Yes..."Kim" is a guys' name, too :>) (Maybe a "real name" was omitted from my profile to avoid confusion :>) Looking forward to scanning my not-yet-uploaded-to-Flickr archive for "nuthatch" photos and posting a few occasionally. There's lots of those quirky little critters here in PA. ...and elsewhere - as the 1,700+ photos in "the pool" indicate. Apologies in advance for not being a very prolific commenter...but looking at what y'all show has been very entertaining.
JOHN BRACE PRO 6 years ago
hi all
i am a mad queen fan just getting into take pictures of birds
Hello all! I'm Wayne and love to take photos...the Red Breasted Nuthatches are resident birds up here in Timmins Ontario Canada. This bird is enjoyable to photograph...
As I finally got a decent photo of the nuthatcher, I´d like to share it with you. Jens
orchidgalore PRO 6 years ago
We have quite cheeky White-breasted and Red-breasted Nuthatches here in New York City. The ones in Central Park won't eat out of your hand, but the ones at the New York Botanical Garden will! They have very definite personalities, for so tiny a critter.
jabera10 6 years ago
Hello! I'm Scott from SE Connecticut. I love taking photos of nuthatches.
Welcome New Members!!!!

We're delighted to have all of you and to see the beautiful Nuthatches you have seen and photographed and so graciously shared with the group.

Thanks, and welcome aboard!!!!

david.england18 5 years ago
Hi, I'm David recently retired and have been feeding birds in our local park for some time. Over a period of time nuthatches have grown used to my presence and have accepted me. Using a 300mm prime I have now got to the point were I can photograph from around 6 feet in open ground. (no hides)
Fleety Vision 5 years ago
Hi, I'm Lisa. I have two Nuthatch birds visiting my garden most days at the moment so I have managed to take a few photos. I am hoping I may see a Nuthatch family in the spring :-)
Russell Waters 5 years ago
Hello, I'm Russell from Salisbury, UK. a new member to Flickr and love taking photo's when I can on a D3100. I have many bird's in the garden, next thing to buy is a hide! Hope to share more photo's of the Nuthatch.
raymondo600 3 years ago
Claire DeLand ~ "GA Music Maker":

Hi, I'm Ray and live in Devon. I am a regular visitor to Stover Park where Nuthatches are plentiful
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