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seanlamonby. [deleted] 11:27am, 27 February 2008
Here is the place to vent your anger over any problems with the members in the group.

Post a link to the photo and tell me the usernames of the offenders in question.

Dennis and myself will try our hardest to make sure you get fill-in scores and we will even do it ourselves if we have to to keep this group going strong.


PFP Sean.
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Jimbo pht 8 years ago
where are the rest of the pictures? i only see 3 now :S
Denniske PRO 8 years ago
There were too many rulebreakers, so we decided to make a new start. Many members did not score other photos and stuff, now they wel receive a warning when they don't score..

So just add a picture, and don't forget to score the previous five.

Jimbo pht 8 years ago
Roel Muntinga Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Roel Muntinga (member) 8 years ago
Jared Vincent didn't comment and rate my pic. (the maserati pic)
Denniske PRO 8 years ago
Yep, i know. I'm sending him a warning.
Frank_F. 8 years ago
I'm missing scores on my Mustang pic from GijsM and PieterA
celsydney 8 years ago
missing scores from GijsM and Rotaermel
seanlamonby. [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm sending mail as we speak. =]

I'm sending mail as we speak. =]
SpotterGijs 8 years ago
I'm sorry I didn't post comments! I didn't know the rules yet.

I have just posted some comments.
Pieter Ameye 8 years ago
I'm going to catch up. Sorry for the delay.
SpotterGijs 8 years ago
Martijn Mezger

Both haven't scored and commented my photo.
Mb Horizon 8 years ago
Sorry, busy with school, won't happen again. :)
BenFrantzDale hasn't scored my picture yet.
Rotaermel PRO 8 years ago
Well, don't be too strict. It may happen from time to time that ppl just haven't got the time for rating the pic or forget it after having added one. I really enjoy this group, because commentc are assured but it isn't THAT active so we shouldn't frighten new members. ;)
- Rotaermel, 2nd Top Five Contributor ^^
Rotaermel PRO 7 years ago
My 993 turbo picture isn't rated yet despite there are lots of new pictures before mine.
Pieter Ameye 7 years ago
I've got 4 missing scores too, I've send a reminder but still no change on comments.
KentuckyRanger PRO 7 years ago
Just one question.
Will I be banned, like over at Score My Car Group, if I score or comment on more than the previous 5 Cars before mine?
They're really Anal about what you can do over there.
They banned me once for scoring too many Cars, then let me back in and permanently banned me for just making comments on other Cars in the Group.
Talk about sensitive... :O)

I think these Groups are a valuable Tool for getting constructive criticism, but if more than 5 contribute their unbiased opinion, wouldn't it be a better learning tool for us all?
Diederik de Regt Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Diederik de Regt (member) 7 years ago
Talal Al-Mtn and Robin Sturrus didn't score and comment the previous 5 pics.
CarSpotter 7 years ago
Diederik de Regt 7 years ago
MadVette, Tatal Al-Mtn, PieterF, and Robin Sturrus didn't score and comment the previous 5 pics.

Missing 3 score and comments.
www.bazpics.com PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by www.bazpics.com (member) 7 years ago
3 out of 5 missing on my pic - 6th in the pool currently...


Talal Al-Mtn
urban.lab photography
frasse21 PRO 7 years ago
missing score from :AutoMotion Photography
on this photo: www.flickr.com/photos/frasse21/3029785761/
Jeroenolthof.nl PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jeroenolthof.nl (member) 7 years ago

Missing 4 scores from:
Richard Brunsveld
Junior Behrens
Mohamed Jaipu
Creative | Studio
Creative l Studio Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Creative l Studio (member) 7 years ago
Hi Jeroenolthof.nl, i thought i commented, right bottom?
ErikCS 7 years ago
I am missing a comment from Junior Behrens on my C6 Convertible photograph.
Roy Schoonderbeek 7 years ago
I'm missing a comment from Junior Behrens. That is happening more often. He never scores other pics.
ErikCS 7 years ago
I am missing a comment from lorenzo.oro13 on my C6 ZO6 Photograph.
ErikCS 7 years ago
I am missing a comment from Gioor, Junior Behrens and lorenzo.oro13 on my Maserati GranTurismo photo.

I think this should be a zero tollerance group, there are missing too much comments..
Roy Schoonderbeek 7 years ago
I'm missing a score from Junior Behrens, lorenzo.oro and Richard Brunsveld.

ErikCS 7 years ago
I am missing scores from Junior Behrens,PabloSpeed en daanrusscher.
Jeroen Buitenhuis 7 years ago
I'm missing scores from Steffenn and daanrusscher.

Roy Schoonderbeek 7 years ago
Missing scores from Stefenn, Junior Behrens and Vincent Roos.
Roogeri Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Roogeri (member) 7 years ago
Is there any bot that counts users comments and pictures? Or is these rules just a joke that aint laugh anybody ?

This is kind of hit and run pool. Nobody will be ban or warned even one breake all rules

Cheers to Junior Behrens
ThomasGroenhuijsen 7 years ago
I've got just two score on this photo... hate to say it, but I hardly ever get the promissed 5 scores...

Missing scores on that pic from Richard Brunsveld, Daanrusscher and Vincent Roos.
JonSaunders PRO 7 years ago
i only got a score from the sixth poster following mine. The previous 5 just didn't bother... it does seem that all too many posters to this group base their judgement on whether the subject is a super car rather than the quality of the photograph (IMHO!)

Day 99 - Its Full of Stars
crs90 7 years ago
Junior Behrens and roryfarrell didn´t rate any pictures! That sucks!
Stefan Solakov 7 years ago
RadoD and Keno Zache did not score my photo.

Stefan Solakov 7 years ago
mitchell_verboekend, Vincent Roos and Camiel de Hoen didn't comment my picture:

Mohamed Jaipu 7 years ago
Nissan 350Z by Mohamed Jaipu

Mazda RX-8 by Mohamed Jaipu

Suzuki Swift by Mohamed Jaipu
Mohamed Jaipu 7 years ago
Toyota Supra Burnout by Mohamed Jaipu
Biscuit in Pursuit Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Biscuit in Pursuit (member) 7 years ago
JsAero posted twice with only two pictures in between.

I am missing scores from steffenn & Kosé Domínguez on the picture above:

Driver Experience @ Limeira by Biscuit in Pursuit
Mert Esmer Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Mert Esmer (member) 7 years ago
Ilias De Bie - iD Works and mark stammes didn't score my Audi R8.

morphew84 7 years ago
Ive got a score from Sonnyvd for my Audi grill - www.flickr.com/photos/31072763@N03/3586809832/in/pool-667... - but no comment
sam.hart 7 years ago
I have no scores on this photo... www.flickr.com/photos/samhart/3558613295/in/pool-667298@N21

No one seems to follow the rules in this group. It's a joke.
JimmyBionic PRO 7 years ago
I'd have to agree with Sam, only Waqar_Ahmed scored mine. This group is lame.
ThomasGroenhuijsen 7 years ago
Wouter Duijndam didn't score at all.
Are the folks who aren't scoring getting banned? That's the only way to assure that the rules are followed...close them out...we all tried this pool based on getting & giving feedback.
Jeremy Bowe - Hempel 7 years ago
Joris Zwager www.flickr.com/photos/joriszwagers/3650534817/in/pool-667... isn't commenting!!!

he commented till now no one !!!
Hello...hello...is there an admin out there?

This is a lame "score me " site as a previous poster indicated above...IF YOU DON'T BAN folks who don't follow the directions...also, WAY too many folks who have no idea about what makes an excellent photo...they seem to think a great car equals a great photo.

Please let me know if this is what the pool was intended to show, (good cars, poor photos).

Below is a list of folks who have NOT commented nor scored my recent photos...please let me know what action has been taken. THANKS!

Mark Stammes
Peter Hokke
Joris Zwagers
Keno Zache
Vincent Roos
Edwind Spruiit
Richard Brunsveld
Dry Blaze
ThomasGroenhuijsen 7 years ago
I've got one score. One.


No scores from VOD Cars, /// AM-PHOTOGRAPHY, douwebaekelandt and Junior Behrens.

This sucks very hard.
JimmyBionic PRO 7 years ago

Guys, just started a new group to try and actually execute this concept. I am admin, if you show consistent feedback I'll add you as moderators and hopefully we can keep it up to date as a group effort.
J_Otte PRO 7 years ago
Havent gotten feedback from 3 of 5. Not sure who the offenders are as it seems some photos/posters have been deleted.

kevin hd 7 years ago
i got NO scores on my photo and i should have all 5. missing scores from

Nue Vue Photography
//AM (Automotive Photography)\\
Wouter Duijndam
Lucian Bickerton 7 years ago
I only got 1 score on my Ford Cobra pic.
kevin hd 6 years ago
is there some reason that i never get comments on any of my pictures?
Mert Esmer 6 years ago
I got only 2 scores.

the ones who didn't score are:




Mert Esmer 6 years ago
And again, didn't receive scores from tvdN91, // AM automotive photography, joris zwagers and junior behrens.

i'm really disappointed in those people... it doesn't take a minute to score....

crs90 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by crs90 (member) 6 years ago
I got only 1 score.
Ford Focus RS by crs90

I got no scores from:
Romano's photography

...this group isn´t working, that sucks!
DanB-Photography PRO 6 years ago
Posted this photo yesterday

V W fan 14
Didnt score or comment, i mean how hard is it to follow simple rules. This group need sorting out!

P.S Thankyou Romanos Photography for commenting
DanB-Photography PRO 6 years ago
Just to say i posted another photo today only 1 comment - i just give up on this group - it needs stricter rules, if you dont score and comment your out!
J e r i c Photos havent rated any of the 5 pics hes supposed to
Brent S. Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Brent S. (member) 6 years ago
These guys didn't comment:

VW fan 14


J e r i c Photos


Maybe it's an idea to delete the pictures from the people who doesn't comment and the next time you don't comment your out. Something like that.
crs90 6 years ago
...is here any active admin in this group? :D
J e r i c Photos
VW fan 14
Lucian Bickerton 6 years ago
I am missing scores from:
Fabio Oro
Camiel de Hoen
NICK Photography
and ISI Photography
BasN. 6 years ago
I am missing scores from;

Fabio Oro
Camiel de Hoen
Mario N.V. 6 years ago

only 2 comment and missing scores from:
Brad Sillars PRO 6 years ago

Only got 1 actual score/comment, the other 4 failed
NICK Photography
Joris Zwagers
Willem Rodenburg

It doesn't work if people don't follow the directions, retards.
Mario N.V. Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Mario N.V. (member) 6 years ago
I'm going to do a critic for this group at the moment. Last picture i post, was from a bentley arnage and i only have one comment; and i could see more photographs that hasn't reach to 5. I always post every 5 pictures after mine, but if other people don't follow the requeriments of the group, it turns into a normal group where you only add your photos and people doesn't vote.
I hope admins read this and take action .

Sverigenils 6 years ago
I miss 3 Comments. It looks as if the admins of this group aren´t really interested to do their jobs. Just like many members. Thats pretty uncool.
Missing comments from:
- VincePhotography
- Edwin Spruijt
- CybershotK850i
Lucian Bickerton 6 years ago
I miss 5 comments of people who are supposed to COMMENT AND SCORE me :( from:
ISI Photography
Joris Zwagers
Slamdunk Boy

@kuko gt
thanks that you scored my foto even though you didn't have to do it :D
ArnoudWilbrink.com 6 years ago

Missing 4 scores from:
Björn R.
Ruben Vandevoorde 6 years ago

missing 4 scores:
Dave Smit
Jan Peek
Niels de Jong 6 years ago

Niels de Jong 6 years ago
And again.. not a single rating, not even after notifying. Only 1 comment recieved

Björn R.
Vincent Roos
Dave Smit Photography
Nikon Coolpix»™ 6 years ago
Amruth did not score my foto. [https://www.flickr.com/photos/nikonp80/4088524485/in/pool-667298@N21]
Lightning_x™ 6 years ago
is missing scores from
1.Dave Smit Photography
3.RacingArt.nl | Mitchell Verboekend
Niels de Jong Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Niels de Jong (member) 6 years ago
I request a ban for Dave Smit. This guy uploads his photo's everyday in this group, but never comments the other pics.
JsAero 6 years ago
Jurriaan Vogel Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Jurriaan Vogel (member) 6 years ago
Missing scores from VincePhotography, ISI Photography and Brad Sillars right now.

Missing comments from NJamborghini, .loveisarevolution, peteMEDIA and Nikon Coolpix™ on this picture -

SpenPent Photography 6 years ago
missing comments from Borga! and Michi95 on this picture -
SpenPent Photography 6 years ago
Once again, Michi95 didn't comment on a picture -
Ruben Vandevoorde 6 years ago
Missing scores on this picture of


Björn R.
// AM (Automotive Photography) \\
SpenPent Photography 6 years ago
Missing comments from
From Björn R.
From LeroyBiesheuvel.
From Michi95
From AbɛllɜdA
From AxelVeraartPhotography
on this picture
ThomvdN 6 years ago
Camiel de Hoen doesn't rate and comment on the 5 pics before him. (Including mine)
missing scores from
KCS Photography
on this photo :
CoreyReeb PRO 6 years ago
im missing scores from:

J e r i c Photos

on this photo: www.flickr.com/photos/coreyreeb/4202692002/in/pool-667298...

KCS Photography™ 6 years ago
so many of my photos are unscored that I have submitted. some only have two some one and some have no scores
Lee Kitson 6 years ago
I'm missing comments from

Fabio S.
Nikon Coolpix
Bas Fransen

on this photo

Lee Kitson 6 years ago
Pete Media Hasn't scored any of the photos he should have done!

We need to crack down on non-scorers.

It's so frustrating. Especially when we spend time scoring other peoples and they can't be bothered!

SuperCarMania Photos 6 years ago
Haven't got any scores from TAREQDESIGN, AbelledA, OJPictures!
Murcielago_Reventon [deleted] 6 years ago
Amuruth360 and the other in front of me didnt score my pictures www.flickr.com/photos/46083518@N04/4271076920/
Murcielago_Reventon [deleted] 6 years ago
Murcielago_Reventon [deleted] 6 years ago

Havent got scores from Amruth360 and the rest in front
QusaiNusair 6 years ago
I'm missing 5 comments on my aston martin v12 vantage pic from: Photo-by-me, Vince-p, Bond Photography, jan peek, Bjorn R and i'm missing 4 comments from: Joris Zwagers, alexDphotography, Michi95, LAJonathan, Jurriaan Vogel.
I don't know why people don't comment, it's not that hard
Stefan Solakov Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Stefan Solakov (member) 6 years ago
I have received no comments from ISI Photography, AM Photography ®, arjendebok, R.Arends and OJ°● on my image


I thought that the rules of this group say that it's a no tolerance one. Without the moderators doing their job, this group becomes pointless. I'm not going to participate in it anymore.
splash2220, Daki Photography, RGF Photography and B&J-Photography have don't comment my picture

I have tryed to put this off for a while, with respect to those who have not done their part in the group, but after about a week, and over 80 pictures added to the group since, I am a bit fed up with the moderators not doing their jobs!

None of these guys commented on my photo www.flickr.com/photos/54452462@N03/5111536434/in/pool-667...

Shane's Stuff 5 years ago
Astro photo guy PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Astro photo guy (member) 5 years ago
I really doubt there are any moderators for this group. I'm trying to get in touch with one of the old mods for it...
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