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Damien Franco PRO 1:45am, 27 August 2008
Truthfully, I'm wondering more along the lines of who you take pictures for.

Do you take pictures for yourself?

Do you create photographs for clients?

Do you make images for family/friends?

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Marcus Galle 10 years ago
I take photos mainly for myself, it's a relaxing and fulfilling hobby...
But I have also taken photos for friends and family
kickass_studio PRO 10 years ago
I take pictures to share my experience, with family, with friends. So I prefer pictures to be as close as possible to what I see/experience. I want my family/friends to see through my eyes/cameras.
energetic button [deleted] 10 years ago
Mainly for my self, as a hobby. I find it a relaxing way to spend my days off. I am also the family photog. No one else seems to be interested about doing it in my family,except maybe my 17 year old daughter and then it depends on her mood. Wish I'd started years earlier in it.
SoxFanInSD PRO 10 years ago
Like a few others, I do it for myself as a hobby. I think everyone likes to create something and this is a way to express creativity. I find it satisfying when you capture a great image.
AzPhotog (Tina) 10 years ago
I take them just for me, it's a relaxing (but expensive) hobby!
bjlcgreen 10 years ago
For me and my family/friends, because it is one of my passions
pass_lake PRO 10 years ago
It is strictly a hobby for me, but I certainly see why some people would want to do it for a living.
I shot photos for myself, but I'm constantly looking for the approval of others with my shots. I guess a psycho-analyst would have a field day with my needing the approval of others.

On the other hand, I think my family appreciates the long term benefit of all of the photos I take. They just don't like the constant "Wait a minute, he is stopping to shoot another picture" part of it now.
Surely Not 10 years ago
I had a p&s and just used it for the usual holiday/party snapshots, but went to Barcelona with my then gf who had a Nikon D50. I'm one of these people who love technology so i got jealous and bought myself a D80 when we got back.

Once i got to grips with the new camera, i was so amazed at the control you can have when taking a photo that i've been verging on obsessed ever since! trying to learn new techniques, etc and improve my photography.

I take pictures for myself really, but like raddad i'm always looking for approval from others...mainly on flickr...but really if i take a shot that i love, that'senough for me - if somebody else likes it - bonus!
pe.bigg Posted 10 years ago. Edited by pe.bigg (member) 10 years ago
I find the creation of a piece of art fullfilling. A lot of times I see the possible end result in my head when I take a shot and that result changes when I get into post production. I also like the feeling I get when people look at my art and affirm that I indeed did create something of wonder. So in the end right now I take pictures for myself. But with the gear I have, I am going to try and make some kind of money off my investment.
scalespeeder PRO 10 years ago
I enjoy the getting out of the house and into the great outdoors just to concentrate on something apart from everyday life.

It forces me to learn new things, research new resources and generally exercise the old grey matter.

I guess I take pictures for myself - but I like sharing them twith others too, it all comes down to the satisfaction (or not!) of seeing the finished article on the screen.
M_Is_For_Movie? 10 years ago
I started just taking photos on vacations, then I took more photos because my Hubby is into photography. Once I signed up to Flickr, I joined a couple of groups. One required you to take a photo a day. It didn't have to be a self portrait (thankfully), just something that summed up your day. Now I seem to be taking photos to document my life, as unexciting as it is at times.
LIke , I take photos for myself. I do like to share them, but mainly want to be happy with them myself.
If other people enjoy, that is just the icing on the cake. (That's my foodie side coming out)
NetDep PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by NetDep (member) 10 years ago
For me - my photography is my hobby, therapy, exercise, reason to read, a fix for my "tech addiction," a centerpiece of common friends, a conversation anchor for strangers and a creative outlet for that part of my brain that does not get the work it should. My photography is primarily meant for me but along the way has been the stuff of Christmas presents (books, mousepads and mugs) and the selling of print or four -- for pennies beyond what it cost to print it.

Unlike so many who pick up a camera and can't seem to wait to sell photos or "go pro" - my gold standard (other than gold) is the satisfaction of a fun adventure and an image or two that I can look at, make my wallpaper for a week or two and talk about with friends. I am sometimes asked - politely I am sure - why I don't "go pro." Then it would be a job and someone else puts in orders or gives me shot lists -- this way it is me who decides what to shot, when to shoot and even if to shoot. If my images bring some joy/emotion to others that is nice - but they are first and foremost for me -- and for all the reasons mentioned.

It is my artistic outlet - that part of me that can only be expressed in the creative way. I certainly can't paint, sing, play an instrument or write poetry so this is mine - I proudly claim it and look forward to being inspired, re-inspired and continue learning. Great topic...have pondered this many times - and I am sure I will again - and again - on hikes to waterfalls, waiting for eagles or strolling the downtown streets in search of "the shot." Snap Happy!!!
level cherries [deleted] 10 years ago
i enjoy taking and shopping photos :-) i am also doing some images for a persons 40th which is going to be fun :-D
anrialedou 10 years ago
I began shooting when I was very young, and have never stopped. I have a BFA in photography, and I am a photographer in my profession (though I can not post those on Flickr- I work for a hospital, and thus they own everything I shoot there, but trust me it is MUCH cooler that portrait/wedding bologna). I shoot my personal work for many different reasons, maybe just a fancy, or it could be a very personal and planned out image.

I only do work for family/friends when they feel they have no one else to turn to. It is a very tricky thing, being a photographer for friends, people get that 'do what I say mentality' that is typically not conducive to a photographer used to crafting their own images. When I do take those jobs on I typically will not let them pay me, or just pay me cost, and leave it at that. That way they feel less like they have control over me and more like I am doing them a favor.
ePi.Longo 10 years ago
To save a moment :)
Poole-shooter Cindi 10 years ago
because its fun. I love to take light painting pics and night pics. I enjoy it so much, it is relaxing (although sometimes its stressful if a pic isn't turning out like I expected it to)

I also like to take pics to save a moment like my children's graduation, prom pics, just family fun pics.
SincereImagePhoto 10 years ago
I would have to say all of the above, I have a side of me that is strictly hobby albeit, that hobby slides into clients work, if I am really behind their idea than it becomes my own. At the same time I am also the family photographer and typically I am not in any pictures because I am always behind the camera. My preference is to work with clients because I can only take so many nature shots before my friends disown me... ok so they are always really nice and look at my work with the needed oohs and ahhs to make me feel better but I like the challenge of working with people and trying to create something they have not thought of or capture a moment in time that they would have missed otherwise.
Rhodesphoto 10 years ago
I shoot for my job mostly, although I enjoy the times when I can shoot for myself and my family. I have to say working as a photographer every day has got to be the coolest job ever, although there is the danger of forgetting to shoot for yourself and having your creativity run over by someone else's idea of what your work should look like.
For myself and for my flickr audience I guess :)
Tom's photolog PRO 10 years ago
Pure hobby and expression of my point of view..
Gimel Vav PRO 10 years ago
There's a festering boil on my soul. I lance it by pressing the shutter release and pictures ooze out. I usually have to work hard to get them out and that's painful because of the sharp edges and square corners, but I usually feel better afterward - at least for a little while.
beboy 10 years ago
to show people how I see things.
I take pictures for schools (dayjob) I take pictures for clients (sidejob) and in the few queit moments I have, I take them for me. To reflect on later. I am the type of person that continually battles living in the past versus the present/future. photography helps me go back and truly appreciate the experiences I've already had as well as share them with others.
Aardvark For Freedom 10 years ago
I take them for me. I take them for my children. I take them mainly for stress relief actually! I want to document what I think life is...
alvaro diaz castro 10 years ago
I take photos for fun, as a relax therapy. Began with mom's Yashica a looong time ago and discovered it was a nice thing to do. I try to carry my camera (S5) everywhere to shot interesting things. Food, an ad, windows, a cloud. Don't like to photo people. Almost allways take pics of nature and urban crafts. Now I'm selling this photos as bookmarks to promote the best places in Colombia. To profit my trips.
(hope it's readeable, i speak spanish)
Every picture I take is a part of me and everything that gave rise to me being me and as such i only take pictures for me. It just so happens that if you like them too thats even better. I do use pictures a lot in my work as they also save a thousand words, and I love to be able to record things over time :)
brief silver [deleted] 10 years ago
I've started it as a hobby a year ago and now, I'm becoming a full time professional.
faheem1089 10 years ago
i take pictures because i like to see beautiful things in life...i also made many new friends from photography also...i like to keep all the beautiful memories...IM LOVIN' IT...
Surely Not 10 years ago
@Gimel Vav: I must say I did not enjoy your analogy - way too soon after lunch!
I take pictures for myself as a hobby. I have done and will do portraits and other photos for a little extra money on the side to support my camera habit.

I too have become the family photographer because no one else really wants to do it or to learn to do it correctly. I don't mind. I love to do it.
Equus2006 10 years ago
I like to capture the odd things in life that usually people (me) think.. "that's weird" or "that's Kooky" to remember it for later. Those little moments always flash by and gets forgotten.
Chatty Wacky Whims 10 years ago
I take pictures just for me, very relaxing and creative. I also photograph my Art sharing here on the Internet too. And, I love taking photos of people when they are not aware of it I love to capture their thoughts at that moment not to say photographing nature here in my yard and on trips. Over all I find it very relaxing and full of memories.
grandmarocks7 10 years ago
mostly for myself....but sometimes someone is brilliant enough to ask me to shot for them!
BoldPuppy 10 years ago
I got back into photography when we got a dog. I wanted to photograph him a lot, as he was very, very cute. We started going to dog shows, and people started liking the photos I was taking there - telling me that I need to charge for the photos.

I listened.

I still photograph as a hobby, but now do dog shows, horse shows, and the occasional 'other' events, including a wedding here and there. I've been asked to shoot a quincinera (15th birthday). It's nice to know that people like my work!
Bo Eder 10 years ago
I take pictures for money.


When I look back on most of my life, everything I've done was tilted in a way as to make money. I played music for a living, I photograph for a living, I'm an audio engineer to make a living. I apologize, but who needs a hobby when there's things you can do to make a living?

Without trying to offend anyone, but I had a music teacher who espoused to me long ago that if whatever it is that you're doing, if it's worth doing, then do it great all the time. If you're only going to do it good enough that it's instantly relegated to being a hobby - why is it worth your time to do at all? I think he was trying to tell me not to be happy with how good I was, but to strive to be exceptional.

Now that I look back on that little bit of advice, I can see how you'd miss out on other things in life....
Victor W. 10 years ago
Compulsion - From the very first day as a child picking up a camera, squinting as it pressed against my face and that first satisfying 'click'.
Cowboy* 10 years ago
I take photographs for myself, sort of as a creative outlet. When I travel I always have a camera. My photos are reminders of places I’ve been, things I have seen or experienced and events that have occurred in my life. I have a very bad memory and my photos actually help me to remember these events.
agnisflugen 10 years ago
i take pictures becuz words have failed me....writing use to be my creative outlet.......but private thoughts i wrote to myself where stolen from me by someone i trusted...and then used against me later....

so over the last 2 years i have developed a bit of a complex...i use to love writing...and i use to write poems freely without any inhibitions...but life has beaten that creative impulse to a bloody pulp....since then i have felt trapped inside myself, unable to even mouth the words to how i feel...that is why photography and moving pictures has been a god send to me...(interestingly enuff, a gift given to me by the same person responsible for stealing my words).....

i can now express with pictures when the words fail me...or when i don't feel strong or safe enuff to manifest them into coherent stream of consciousness......
Ben Ivory 10 years ago
Why do I take pictures? In the end I take them for myself. My working life is as non-artistic as you could get (I'm an ITU doctor) and I love the fact that since discovering photography there is a major part of my life which is totally separate from a career which, by necessity, is more of a lifestyle.
I'd love to say that my own satisfaction with my pics was enough, but the the joy of flickr is not only the inspirational images it showcases, but also the opportunity for beginners like myself to get feedback, encouragement and occasionally compliments.
I knew I loved photography when everytime I would look at something, I wanted to capture it and show it through MY eyes.

I recently starting getting over my fear of shooting people (gosh that sounds wrong) and have LOVED seeing how excited everyone is with my work!! When my friends tell me they are blowing up one of my pics for over their fireplace, I feel a sense of pride like no other!!
aspiring stream [deleted] 10 years ago
The world looks different, nothing is mundane any more, there are photos absolutely everywhere waiting to be taken
I'm Wolfies PRO 10 years ago
I take pictures for myself. It is a way to use my creativity and I capture what I like or seems interesting to me. If someone else likes it, that's great. If they don't like it, that's fine too. I like the fact that there are so many people on Flickr who see things in so many different ways. A photo capture is truly capturing a moment in time, no matter what the photographic subject may be.

What better way to possibly lose oneself for a couple of hours and explore photos of everything under the sun, through the eyes of someone else. A great way to see different parts of the world when a trip in not feesable or get inspiration from others.
Gar Luc 10 years ago
It is my drug of choice.
derek schauland 10 years ago
I take pictures as a hobby... and I certainly do not take enough of them... typically the same old same old things around the neighborhood do not change much... however being able to get out and see the world, capture the world and share it with others is amazing
Sallyanne Morris 10 years ago
Well its spiritual to me .......when im taking pictures ...its kind of Zen. Im in the moment. It's all about the light.
ohkpet 10 years ago
I take them for myself, my family, and anyone who will look at them. I'm obsessed with taking pictures. Ask my family. Even my dogs get excited now when they see me with my camera. Everyone's very cooperative and they have all established their own little poses - with the exception of my husband. He hates having his picture taken. Too bad....I do it anyway. Because I can......
AnikoInAsia 10 years ago
I take photos for self expression, for preservation of places, people, and things that cross my path, to record a moment in life and nature's beauty, and to share with others how I see the world, for fun. It is a passion for me.
themcmillens 10 years ago
I take photos for myself and family. Being from a large southern family there is always a "ham" in the crowd. I find that taking and looking at pictures eases me and makes me happy. My wife does not share my passion for pictures, so it is nice to have a place like this to talk with like minded people.
poppaJ 10 years ago
I take photos for some friends and family but most are for me. Many of the portraits are for the models but I get enjoyment from the shoot and final images.
Julie Delgado 10 years ago
I take pictures for Myself , friends and now I have a few clients...Its fun I love it!
©DESYphotowerks 10 years ago
I find peace and tranquility in it. Something about hopping in hobby 1 (my car) with my camera, and randomly driving around looking for interesting places to shoot centers me.

I also love during the editing process when it turns out so good, that I can't believe I accomplished it.
enormous cabbage [deleted] 10 years ago
Several reasons:
It's a way to share experiences and places with other people. Most of my shots are intended for friends and family and I tend to be fairly selective in what I put out as "Public" photos, cherry-picking what I consider my best pics or ones that would have appeal to people other than those close to me.

It's a way for me to remember and viscerally relive certain places and moments.

It's a form of creative self-expression and experimentation.

It's a way to play with cool tech gadgets and software. :)

It makes me look for the sometimes hidden beauty in everything.

It is a huge stress-reliever.

Money for gear is good, but I don't care one whit if I eventually make money with my photography or not. I'm already richer.
Glen's Pics PRO 10 years ago
I take photos because I want to be rich and famous. After 40+ years I guess that is not going to happen. Really, I take photos because i have to. A creative outlet is critical to making it through the day. I used to do wood carving, make furniture and turn wood. Arthritis and a bad back ended those endeavors so I returned to the camera. I tried writing but lack of talent was a problem. I enjoy sharing and when I sell one it is the biggest boost you can imagine. When AP picks up one I go wild. When one is published in some other publication I really get puffed up. When I can get into a show no one wants to be around me. A one person show, well I am still working on that.
typicalnaloboy 10 years ago
I take pictures because I like to. It started out as a way to get pictures to family and now it's a hobby I like doing.
mcmumpitz 10 years ago
I take pictures mostly for myself. I like to see the progress in improving the quality of my pictures. I like to show them to others (mostly on flickr) and getting their feedback.
Mostly take pictures for myself. Gives me a different kind of satisfaction. Also gives me opportunities to travel a bit and its fun learning something new everyday.
visualwio 10 years ago
I just love art and as a designer need another outlet for expression. But one day I would love to make a living of it also:) I do take pictures for clients and did sell some but definitely invested more into it....so I can only call this a hobby for now. I guess what counts the most is that it makes me happy, it gets me of my ass and gives me the excuse to see more of the world, and it keeps those grey cells charged!
AliceChristina. 10 years ago
I create photos in a way for myself
but also for others
i use my photos to delve into areas of my personality and my mind which aren't always open to the public
MadRussianPhotography 10 years ago
I take photos for myself. The reason why I started my 365 project was to... kind of discover myself, and see that I am beautiful, despite what happened five years ago. I also create photos for others as well. Friends, family or people I don't even know. I want to share my experiences, my feelings with others that might feel the same way, and be able to say, "Hey, looks like I'm not the only one." I love to express myself and share my writing with people when I post it. I create photos to help others, and myself.
breakable watch [deleted] 10 years ago
Aside from it's a hobby, i take photos simply to capture the beauty of God's creation.I thank you.BOW!
Mari Sterling Wilbur 10 years ago
I take pictures for myself. For the satisfaction of seeing my work improve over time. For the joy of uploading a days worth of shots and finding that perfect (at least to me) image. For the fun of digging through my old Ansel Adams, Ruth Orkin and other classic photo books and looking at the images and learning from them.

ewka2205 10 years ago
I take pictures for me, recently dared to show them to others - first family, then a friend and finally on flickr. I am a amateur, but I am open to new challenges :)
blue tray [deleted] 10 years ago
"I know that some of those members did not even realized that many of us are taking pictures for hobbies and some are for earning income and most do that for being a model.

Mine is different, i do all the tasks to encounter real troubles and study all the circumstances i am being with even the sabotage to evaluate the salary of those models. Amateur or not...paid or not paid...for fun or for good..evaluating the circumstances makes me have all the experiences in advance to be head far away being an amateur model not just being an Engineer.

The more troubles i am with, the more that i have completed all evidences that there are thieves and saboteurs here in flickr that stole identities and names of those people who do their best to gain respect and being fame and afterward lost everything in just a single bit because of those pirates and thieves.

I must admit that i am an amateur photographer too and join in an International Amateur Photography Competition with legal papers with me in www.picture.com

Here the more that i encounter many troubles and sabotage,the more i become famous and being competitive not just because i am an Engineer but also being a Freelance Amateur Model."-Donabell C. De Apera
J_Ryan_Brown 10 years ago
I started diving a while ago, and people (family/friends) asked me what was so special about it. So after repeated attempts trying to explain it to them I decided to take pictures with my little point and shoot. I started reading books about photography. I shoot for myself and something to occupy a little of my time.
simplyla 10 years ago
I take photos:

1. for myself (of nature and art that inspires me; of people events for memory)

2. for family/friends back home to see my life here (I'm an expat living in China)

3. for people online (for those who read my blog, for the same reasons as #2, and for photographers on flickr who inspire me, so they can help me improve my photography!)
limited edition! 10 years ago
i take photos coz i wanna remember that moment then i love it and can't stop now :)
stupendous carriage [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by stupendous carriage (member) 10 years ago
I don't like to separate like that, I think it is more about style and that special way you have to communicate your ideas with images, it's the narrative, your way to tell stories.

I like to tell stories, I like how people look at my camera to tell my how they are, what they feel. I like too show that some places can talk about history, life, experiences.
The Pixel Hoarder 10 years ago
Why do I take pictures?

I take pictures because it's not capturing the moment that I like, it's the technically intricate process of getting to the final result.

If you ask my wife she would say “It keeps him out of the local pub and the titty bars”.
denizyildiz 9 years ago
i started taking photos to capture ideas and inspirations, it is still my main reasons for photos- but it evolved in that often my photos have become a tool to get inspiration.
and it also has become a bit of hobby- am hoping to get better at it hopefully
HollyCBell PRO 9 years ago
I take the pictures for myself first and foremost. I also love to share and take pictures for family and friends. Most of our family lives far away, so my picture taking and blogging helps keep us all connected
joshuatrudell PRO 9 years ago
I take pictures for myself and my peace of mind. When it's just me and my camera, there are no work deadlines, no bills to pay, no house problems - it's just me capturing what I see. When talking to friends, I call my Flickr stream my little vanity project, and it is - it is something I can do that I don't have to be responsible to anyone else for.
I love getting feedback on my work - that's a nice benefit - but for me being in that creative headspace is the best part.
dramatic brake [deleted] 9 years ago
I do it beacuse I like to and I love the reaction people make when they see an image that the really like.
lisalortz 9 years ago
I think I mostly take pictures to try and capture moments from my life so that I can remember them. This is especially true of pictures of my kids. They grow so fast! I just want to be able to hold on to a little bit of what and who they were at that moment in time.
*Jo_Joe* PRO 9 years ago
I love to capture special moments, family, and anything interesting. It is something visual to add to my memories. Also, when I was younger, our house burned down. We lost all of our pictures. We have about a dozen pictures of our childhood. I take lots of pictures and store them in a fire proof safe so it does not happen to my family.
Itsvix1228 9 years ago
I take pictures for memory (= for myself, there are so many things you do day in and day out, when you capture the moment you can look back and remember what you did that day and how much fun you had, ooooor how you felt that day, one of the reasons i love that im doin the 365 project at the end of the year i see all the things ive done this year, my highest points my lowest points and everything else in between
photographicleigh PRO 9 years ago
I take photos to express a mood or moment in time. Mostly for myself, but also to see how a particular shot might make someone else feel.
Evan.Cast 9 years ago
i take pictures like many other people to express a view point and show what has effected me and how ive shaped out to be

and seeing as has im only 16 i think stated at the right time cuz i can pay for it and its not to late to do this as a profession, which i wana do
Joe Parrilla 9 years ago
I take pictures for myself i enjoy getting out and walking exploring new places and trying to find a new shot. But i also like the positive feedback gained from showing people the photos like on flickr
FotosbySylvia Posted 9 years ago. Edited by FotosbySylvia (member) 9 years ago
Hi all, has taken me a while to answer this one. I think it is because I am at the point where taking pictures is a part of me. Whether for a client or myself, I take them for the joy. Iit is the purest form of relaxation. It is two parts for me. The joy of the photography and then the satisfaction I see in the clients eyes. Deep.
Maureen Bond PRO 9 years ago
I enjoy my work for me with the hope others may enjoy but not always. I do take photos for others and events too. I just love to create and learning the digital side of entering a whole new world of creativity!
meganhfreeman PRO 9 years ago
I do mostly dance photography and I love capturing a moment that would otherwise be lost, and then the joy I get giving those moments back to my dancer friends keeps me shooting!!

I also have a weakness for beach shots!!!!
gainful mountain [deleted] 9 years ago
Its a hobby for my and I find it very relaxing when at the beach. I mostly shoot for myself and also I love posting just to get the feedback to see what everyone else thinks.
abounding trade [deleted] 9 years ago
Hello there!!!

Well... We take pictures because we like them. We look for the artisty look. We like animation, and ilustration too, so our photographs work as inspiration for ideas that come to our minds.

Kind regards,

José / Pamela
Debby_ab PRO 9 years ago
I just love taking pictures. No real reason. For me taking pictures is as natural as breathing or blinking. I just do it. :o)
prashant adukia 9 years ago
I take pictures for myself. like many of you here, am very passionate about it. But at times i feel, what next? Its an expensive hobby.
But I guess, its all worth it.
second-hand car [deleted] 9 years ago
I take a lot for myself and I shoot for clients. Mostly I shoot because I enjoy it.
norm II PRO 9 years ago
I do it for my own satisfaction. I guess I have some sort of creative juices in me that just will not be still. I have been taking pictures of some kind since 1952 and I'm still doing it. I do like it when other folks appreciate my work, but I get a lot of satisfaction in my own rite by just doing it. Sorry no digital yet.
belair216 (Busy) 9 years ago
I do it for myself, but i post on flickr so everyone can enjoy seeing the beauty of Wyoming. Plus it's a good hobbie that gets me out of the house
Like many people here it's a hobby. But for me it's a thing of beauty. There's nothing more satisfying than 'capturing the moment' or taking a shot, viewing it on the PC when you get home and being surprised when it turned out way better than you thought it would. I have no intentions of trying to profit from my camera, I just like to record the things I see and share them with like minded people on Flickr. I love being part of this worldwide community. It doesn't matter what camera you use so long as you enjoy using it!
amused cook [deleted] 9 years ago
I take pictures because not taking them would make me empty.
Muhammad Rizwan 9 years ago
I do photography because I love it. I want to shoot every thing which I see and like. I do this just for my self.
LanieB1966 9 years ago
I also scrapbook, so it's nice to take images of things I would like to scrap. I also enjoy travelling around the surrounding area to find new places to take photos.
I want to document every aspect of my childrens lives. In that journey my photography has turned into something i can do for a living.
scobyy 9 years ago
I do it because i Love it. I don't really know why up until now im usually the only one who ever sees them unless I took some for someone. I just get great enjoyment out a taking a picture and even more enjoyment when i take a great picture. I also have lots of fun playing with photo shop!!
DavidFingerhut.com 9 years ago
So I can sell them to make money to go on vacations and take pictures.
nutritious shirt [deleted] 9 years ago
i take pictures coz pictures tells everything...whatever/whenever/wherever i feel like i want to shoot, i jz grab my cybershot or sony ericsson hp and captured anything that i will remember.. now, im looking forward for dslr..wink**
I take photos for my self has souvenirs for the future.

But I also take photos for others :

- To show my lovely town to the World,
- For groups on Flickr, YES !!!
- For Family

And I use to create or doing new experiment to maintain my concentration and creativity alive toward my CFIDS

I take still pictures because I have to. I love the capture of time and space and motion and how taking a 3 dimensional reality to 2 dimensions shows me something about life I may have missed in real time.

It is part of who I am. Making images you can look at and remember that moment and be brought back to that moment - or to another moment that it can evoke.

I take photographs because I have to.
Heylookitsbrown 9 years ago
For me it's 3 simple reasons:

1. To capture a moment in time, whether it's significant or not. Being able to reflect on a past moment is priceless.

2. I'm a graphic designer and I prefer to use my own stock photography when creating anything. It allows me to have more "ownership" with my work.

3. I shoot to learn as well. From the best shot to the worst, every photo provides a great learning experience.
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