Damien Franco PRO 11:41am, 12 August 2008
Of course everyone is trying to make a buck, right?

My questions are:

Are you selling your photography?

Are you planning on selling your photography?

How and where are you or do you plan on selling your photography?
gigantic rock [deleted] 10 years ago
I'm not actively trying at the moment, though I'm working towards an exhibition in Christmas 2009. Being a student it's hard to find the funds to pursue sales of a physical nature, and I don't have time to devote to promoting my work in an internet site.
scalespeeder PRO 10 years ago
I've tried to get into istock, but they don't like my editing, and the picture (!) they did like was the sort of shot I wouldn't choose to shoot all the time....

That doesn't mean I won't keep trying though, hey, a few extra bucks a month add up in the long term, and the discipline of shooting in a distinct style strengthens certain "photography" muscles. Maybe!
Clive Rowland 10 years ago
Are you selling your photography?

nope, although I keep having the occasional near miss, offers that fall through or just free work which I have been happy to do.

Are you planning on selling your photography?

not planning but if it comes along, I'll be very happy.

How and where are you or do you plan on selling your photography?

I intend to promote myself whenever possible and if someone comes alon with a fat wad to give me I'll be happy, if not I'll just continue doing what I enjoy as a hobby.
energetic button [deleted] 10 years ago
My answers would be along the line of ClivRow. I really enjoy photography as a hobby. And have had only two small pay gigs (portraits) . My problem is I do not know how to charge for it and then I kinda feel bad about charging them in the first place. I hope that I never get in the position to where I have feed myself and live off it, because I think it would take away the enjoyment I get from it. I know it sounds stupid , but thats how I feel about photography.
vt335 10 years ago
Charging for my photography might mean actually considering it as work. If I were, at any time,to consider my hobby as work I would become disinterested in it. However, if I had anything that anyone were interested in buying I would consider it. I am not actively pursuing this.
Bill Konway Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Bill Konway (moderator) 10 years ago
For me it is work. A way to make a living. But I enjoy the heck out of it. It isn't always easy, but it's always worth it.
SincereImagePhoto 10 years ago
I would like to sell more, I still have a difficult time charging people for my time, i know I shouldn't worry about it because it is something that I have put a lot of effort into but I don't feel like I should be charging an arm and a leg. I guess until photography can become my permanent job it will remain just a hobby with some occasional bonus points.
Sallyanne Morris 10 years ago
Ranger I feel the same way you do .

Seems awkward to charge for something I am getting so much enjoyment from.

I have had two photo jobs for Christmas photo cards . I only charged $50. But they both gave me more.

I had to take it. I haven't had a paying job of any kind for two years.

How about wedding photos? someone suggested it to me...... I can't imagine........That's really too important for someone like myself with no training to undertake.
small fry 10 years ago
Well, I'd far rather be paid for something I love, than be paid peanuts for the jobs I do and loathe.

It all boils down to two fundamental things - confidence and niche. The first doesn't come naturally to me and the second is in the process of being defined.

However, through Flickr I gained a commission out of the blue that paid me more than a months salary of my meagre, part-time temporary-worker earnings. Crucially, it made me realise that someone, somewhere actually liked my stuff enough to part with money for it.

Now I'm engaged in the process of defining a niche. I don't mean stylistically - I mean in terms of marketing. Who would my work appeal to? How do I market to them? I'm trying to find the confidence to work to my strengths and not damn myself for my failings.

Currently working on building a blog/website backed by Photoshelter to host images and enable ecommerce. Although I've wished a hundred times for something like Imagekind to exist here in the UK to handle print fulfilment and delivery, because using US-based outsourcing just isn't viable for European customers. We're talking high post charges, import taxes, customs fees, and even Paypal charge a higher percentage for currencies outside the EU. To be honest, if I was in the US, I would have had my site up and running months ago.
BoldPuppy 10 years ago
I do sell my work. I work full time as a professional, and use the income from photography to pay for the hobby (lenses, bodies, etc).

I do horse/dog shows and sell them either at the show or online at printroom.
pass_lake PRO 10 years ago
I own a pharmacy that sells some giftware. I sell framed photos. I did a wedding last summer and receivied a small honorarium.

But it is really a hobby. I don't intend to make much money from it. It's nice to expense some of my equipment through the business.
zalea_girl 10 years ago
I have not sold any actual art, or been paid for any sessions for family yet (usually the pics are given in lieu of gifty things for weddings or birthdays.) but look forward to eventually earning enough to support the habit, as far as acessories, lenses, travel, etc.
foregoing cactus [deleted] 10 years ago
I used to freely give permission to use my images to just about anyone who asked, but a few months back found that one of my images was being used on a business website without my permission. That sucked!

It made me think and as a result I came to the conclusion that if anyone aims to make money out of me it's only fair that I get money from them.

Since then I've made some money......not huge amounts but enough to pay for the odd lens or two and I've just set up a website with the intention of selling prints from it. Early days, but why not?
jimbenttree 9 years ago
If you show your pictures around, sooner or later you are going to be asked to shoot a wedding for a relative or friend or co-worker. When that comes, you will post a query on Flickr asking how much you should charge for doing the wedding. This is my answer to you:

At some point during the process, the realization is going to hit you that if you screw this up you cannot redo it. That means the relatives, friends, co-workers, et al., are going to be really, really mad at you. Once that realization hits you there will be a trickle of sweat that starts between your shoulder blades and works its way down your back and into your underwear. Whatever that is worth, that is what you should charge.
abrupt linen [deleted] 9 years ago
I will or hope..eventually. I have much reading to do before crossing that bridge. But it is in my plans..
gigantic rock [deleted] 9 years ago
Better yet, come to the realisation that if you are sweating that much, perhaps you should be doing it for free....
Bo Eder 9 years ago
I was paying for a standard website for the last two years. Then when Shutterbug magazine opened up the Shutterbug Store Front, I decided to jump on board there.

It consists of a relatively simple page layout for your images, but they actually handle the purchases, printing, and shipping. What better way to sell your images than to be able to shoot some pictures at an event, or a portrait session, then hand over your business card to someone and they can go to the website and buy what they want. Shutterbug then sends you a check for the profit after they take their fee.

This is how it's supposed to work. It's so new for me, I don't have it up and running yet. But apparently, these aren't the only people doing this. When I finally get mine up and running I will tell everyone.
DLC Photos PRO 9 years ago
Bo Eder: I just went to Shutterbug Storefront and they want $99 a year or $13 a month.
DLC Photos PRO 9 years ago
I am getting into event photography to help pay for my equipment. I use which is free to use and they take a cut from the print sales.
©DESYphotowerks 9 years ago
Are you selling your photography?

***Currently, no. But will sell any of my prints at cost to print.

Are you planning on selling your photography?

***Would be nice too for extra money.

How and where are you or do you plan on selling your photography?

**Threw sharing on Flickr, and I have a myspace blog stating I'll do the first session for free, 2nd session for just enough to cover my gas and time in editing. That, and anytime I share my pictures on forums, I always link back to my photostream.
mark.mortensen 9 years ago
Q: Are you selling your photography?
A: Yes, I'm selling prints from portrait sessions. I'm selling stock images on iStockPhoto. I'm selling fine art prints to locals. Still trying to sell fine art prints online.

Q:Are you planning on selling your photography?
A: I think my answers above answer this question.

Q:How and where are you or do you plan on selling your photography?
A:I'm planning on growing the stock photography line of my business and to break into fine art prints as well.
Raggedy Anne. 9 years ago
i am a wedding and portrait photographer.
I found a great site that I am using to sell prints off of. I can also load up portraits in a private galley on the site, send the password to the gallery to the client via e-mail and they can buy and download their own prints. I also loaded up lots of other photo for prints too. I love the formatting of the web site and the over all easy to use site. Plus it costs reasonable for the use of it and the support I got was outstanding. Most "stock sites" want a cut of your profits for the privilege of hosting your images, not this site, all the profits are yours and you can offer many sizes and everything. The site also watermarks the photos for the public and since it is a "flash site" NO RIGHT CLICKING or screenshots also, the water mark choices are outstanding and not that over baring and you do not have to watermark each and every one before you upload images, like most sites. I just got started using this site last week so hopefully I will get good results. The old fashion way was for me to do the portraits, drive 30 miles to the printer, then 30 miles to the framer and back to the client, this way I cut that expense way down. I live in rural This site is great for the beginner who wants a stylish website with a pro look also
ex parte 9 years ago
I only started playing with photography at the beginning of 2009 but I do eventually plan on making my photography my business. That's not to say I wouldn't sell any of my current works...(wink wink). :P
Tiny Butt Cheeks 9 years ago
**Are you selling your photography?**

**Are you planning on selling your photography**
Already selling some of it.

How and where are you or do you plan on selling your photography?
Im currently selling prints via friends and word of mouth from family and my aunt who happens to own a gallery.

Ive thought about using Imagekind or Shutterbug to set up an online store, but then id miss the face to face interaction with people, and have to market myself online with millions of others. Im not selling to make myself rich. I think i sell 1-2 prints a month.
ryan.petherbridge 9 years ago
I have thought about selling my photography if people are interested, but i do not know how or where i do it...i would want to start by trying to sell them in small galleries or in restaurants. i am still not sure if it is something i want to do, but if people are interested in what i have then i will certainly give it a thought! i am only an amateur photographer, but i am looking into it as a possible minor in college so feedback on my stuff helps!!
FotosbySylvia 9 years ago
Yes, I sell the reprints from family, Senior children portraits. I currently am using Bay Photos and I love it.
donegal_16127 9 years ago
I would love to make this my living.......getting a late start....stock photos would be nice...but I haven't the foggiest idea of what to shoot and what'm drowning.........
Amey Dhaygude 9 years ago
well frankly speaking i really dont know how to sell the photos...i also want to know how actually the photographic industry works?? plz help out
Tommy Fjordbøge Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Tommy Fjordbøge (member) 9 years ago
Nope not selling, and i aint planning to either, all my stuff is licensed under creative commons (tho non commercial), its a hobby so its just fun if people like my photos :)
Kevin Pack PRO 9 years ago
I do sell a few cheap prints of some of the photographs I take at events.

Photography is my hobby rather than my business, but some of the cosplayers ask for a print copy for themselves. So making them available in the free photoboxpro gallery saves me having to print and send them a copy.
ryantron. PRO 9 years ago
Right now photography is a hobby that is slowly developing into a business.
I've sold a few large prints to people that have seen my work and wanted a copy, and have shot a couple weddings and headshots.

I shoot a small amount of stock, but 90% of what i shoot isn't what agencies are looking for - and i don't really feel like going out of my way to shoot much of it, unless i think of anything incredibly fun that will sell.

Who knows where things will go...
Kim Ulmanis 9 years ago
Ahh. I love this discussion. Glad I found it. Here goes:

Are you selling your photography?

Yes. And getting small gigs for portrait sessions. I am well aware there is a lot involved with shooting people, earning a few bucks, equipment, and all that other jazz. But every photographer had to start somewhere and these small bites allow me to try my hand at things without too much risk.

My photography has been sold to a close friend of mine who purchased two prints. She has a great eye for good art and would never buy something just to kiss up to a friend. She will be hiring me to do a photoshoot of her and her boyfriend in the coming weeks.

Are you planning on selling your photography?

Yes. Because I am shooting more for my love of photography rather than income I am just taking this day by day. If people enjoy my work enough to buy it, great. If not, that's okay. I just enjoy getting out and shooting.

How and where are you or do you plan on selling your photography?

Advertising, eventual creation of photography web site, word of mouth, my business cards. The usual ways.

I recognize the challenges involved and how there are many willing to cut you down and tell you it's impossible to go pro without the right equipment. I say phooey on them. Accessibility to cameras these days allows casual photographers to put their work out there for the world to enjoy. I say if you can shoot a great photo and people are interested, equipment and experience matters only so much.

Photography is supposed to be fun and as artists we should all be supporting each other, not belittling one another. I witness this far too often when people who are not pros want to sell their work and are shot down. It's just not right. Let's lift up and encourage our fellow photographer. And darnit, let's just have fun!
Jeanene M. 9 years ago
I am working on building a business...I have already set up a website and made a few sales...I had been researching the idea for 6 months and then I lost my day job...the one I kept using as an excuse not to go for it...I kept waiting until I "had it all down" before getting started in that I realize that I am going to learn more and more as I go!

I have done a few portrait sessions and I have 3 weddings lined up this summer(4 including one that is simply for more practice and experience) I simply LOVE it...everytime I walk into a session I am scared to death of messing it up...and every time I walk away I know I did good...really good...folks are actually loving my work! (Holy cow! Whodathunkit?)

This is a passion I didn't really even know I had in me 5 years the dream is growing! I've gone through the typical venues for advertising(for simple studio work) and I am also getting into the schools with brochures, etc...for senior portraits, etc... but, I have also put in my regional photos for advertising purposes with local businesses in the area...I am waiting on a possible sale with a local bank that uses the work of local photographers for advertising! We'll see...I'm not holding my breath!LOL!
Tonya Doughty PRO 9 years ago
I'm not trying too hard, no advertising or marketing, but I am selling. Have had many picked up by people contacting me through Flickr, I'd say about 1/2 are requests for free use and 1/2 are paid prints. I do need to do something to get my name out there, locally. I'm comfortable with my skills, but need more people to find me so I can show what I'm capable of.

Jeanene, since we've discovered we're so close, if you're interested in a 2nd shooter for any of your weddings, let me know.
Tallsalt Photography 9 years ago
The Only Photo's I Sold Were Just For Rodeo's And Bull Riding Events.
ALANGRAPHY 9 years ago
where i can sell my photo???
Patricia Pietron 9 years ago
Had no plans to sell since the small village that I live is full of artists, photographers etc, etc......... However, having said that someone took a few of my shots into one of our gallery/stores we have and I did end out selling my first piece! I am now showing along with the rest of the starving artists in 3 locations. Not expecting much out of this other than the enjoyment. I did have another shot picked up by schmapp for one of their map editions. That was fun even though there is no money in it. I have a long way to go before I could do more butlets face it - the journey there is fun!
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