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Damien Franco PRO 11:42pm, 26 May 2008
I'm a Mac user, I won't hold it against you if you aren't as long as you don't hold it against me.

We (it's my wife's and she uses it for school) now also have a Dell Laptop running Windows Vista and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with it's performance. Yeah, it's a little buggy but I think it works way better than all of the Vista bashing seems to exploit.

That being said, I wouldn't give up my Macs.

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Black English 10 years ago
mac all the way but I do use a pc to store my music for the ipod.
enchanted power [deleted] 10 years ago
Mac here as well..
poppaJ 10 years ago
PC, windows XP . . . .
Kenny Price 10 years ago
hooray macs!
AzPhotog (Tina) 10 years ago
PC, my hubby was a MAC user when we met. I still couldn't seem to convert.
Black English 10 years ago
give in Catina, give in....
SoxFanInSD PRO 10 years ago
Currently PCs - Windows XP & Vista and Linux - Fedora 9. I want a Mac but I don't need one. Such a fine line between want and need!
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
@ sofaninsd - A fine line indeed.
AzPhotog (Tina) 10 years ago
Hmm after I buy all the lenses I want, upgrade cameras and take a few photography courses.... maybe I'll look into it:)
cuulblu 10 years ago
I owned a PC before my photography went digital. I still own a PC. Macs cost more. I am going to school full time and use macs there. I think I like PC's better. No major difference though, just preference.
energetic button [deleted] 10 years ago
PC / Windows XP. Have not tried a Mac yet.
vt335 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by vt335 (member) 10 years ago
All three.
Shrink1061 10 years ago
mac all the way here, used them all the way through the 90's till about 99 and then went PC. Used PC's all the way through my degree and my last job, and now im back to a macbook, and it's so much better. Makes vista look like the joke that it is.
darren_crabb 10 years ago
Oh dear, bad question.

I've used both at length (although mainly older macs to be fair) ... and just to satisfy both arguments my experience is that both are very capable of crashing frequently when put under pressure, both are capable of running 'buggy' software, although there is probably a lot more buggy software written for PCs, most of the mainstream apps run fine with both PC version and MAC version and there is very, very little performance difference between them (in my experience). There are things that a Mac can do better than a PC and there are things a PC can do better than a Mac. I've worked in the design industry for many years and proved various arguments, many a time.

My verdict .... if you like the way Macs work ... buy a Mac. If you like the way PCs work buy a PC. If you buy a PC and find you hate windows, give Linux a try!

My current machine (at home) is a PC, 2 gig ram, 910gig of hard-drive space, XFX Nvidia 7600 graphics card, running windows XP Pro.

What makes me laugh is the way that in 1995 we were using PCs and Macs with 16mb RAM to create business presentation graphics, using photoshop, illustrator, powerpoint etc and to be honest for most work it wasn't much different that it is today. In terms of speed there's probably an slight difference, but not in proportion to the processor speeds by any means. It would seem that todays machines take most of their time working on background tasks and in powering the operating systems with all their bells and whistles. The biggest difference is the amount of memory you can cram into a machine, and that definitely makes life a lot better when it comes to working on larger files. The affordability of storage space has also made a big difference.

Here's some interesting but useless facts for people who are fairly new to using computers ...

in 1983 my dad bought me my first computer, a ZX Spectrum ... costing £175 for a 16k RAM machine with colour (just about) and incredibly basic beepy sound. It had a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and had 16 colours to choose from (but only 2 colours could be used in any 8x8 pixel area)!!!!

in 1985 I bought a BBC model B machine, which was definitely a step up from the spectrum with 128k ram (I think), colour graphics, and slightly better sound than a spectrum. The nice thing about these old machines is that you turned them on and they were ready to go! No loading the operating system, it was there already on ROM. You couldn't get your operating system messed up with a virus!

in 1986 I bought an Atari ST, costing about £300 if I remember rightly, it had 512 kb of ram, built in midi ports for connecting to music gear, fairly decent colour graphics (you could choose from 256 colours!). A hi-res mode of 640x480 which was in black and white!

In 1989 I started my graphic design course, and we were using Apple Macs which were little grey boxes with tiny screens built in and a mouse coming out. This was the standard of desktop publishing at the time.

in 1995 I got my first PC, it was a 386, with 300mb hard drive, no CD-rom at all, a soundcard that cost me something like £250 for recording hi-quality audio. A single speed CD writer would have set you back at least £500, the average hard-drive was about 512mb and would cost over £100, and processors were working at around 66 - 133 MHz on reasonably speced business machines. Ram was normally 16mb - 32mb for most machines, 64mb if you were very lucky! I bought a CD-rom drive that cost me £200 (it was a 2 speed reader only!).

In 1996 I bought myself a CD-writer, at the price of £300 (a massive difference from the year before). Blank CDs would cost about £8 - £15 each. By the end of '96 blank CDs had dropped to about £1 each or less.

In 2001, I bought my first digital camera ... a Nikon Coolpix 880. It cost me £520 and that was at an end-of-line discounted price. It was a great camera, although would be considered low resolution by today's standards at 3.4 Megapixels. The cost of Compact Flash cards from high street stores was about £40 for 32mb card! I remember being really chuffed finding a dealer that sold a pack of 3 32mb compact flash cards for £95!

In 2002 Our company bought a Sony DVD writer at about £250.

In 2004 I bought a DVD writer for my home machine, for about £35.

In 2005 My Nikon had died after my son dropped it, and I bought a Samsung Digimax A7, 7 megapixel camera. That was a big mistake for me, a backwards step really, and taught me a valuable lesson. The quality of a camera is definitely not proportional to the number of megapixels! At this time 256 Mb SD Cards were less than £20.

At the end of 2006 I bought my D-SLR, a Canon 350D which I'm still using today. Compact flash prices today are ridiculously cheap compared to what I paid for them when I bought my Nikon in 2001.

So just looking at the last 5 years, things have really moved in terms of price, let alone the last 20 years.

There are many decisions that need to be made when buying a computer. Some things to bear in mind are that in two years time it will be worth practically nothing and it will be outdated in terms of the latest technology. The operating system may well be outdated and not supported. The amount of space on it may have seemed huge when you bought it but progress has a habit of using all possible resources leaving you needing more!

All in all, computers are a huge money pit. Buy one and then stick to it for as long as you can handle. Get your moneys worth! Don't worry about being left behind. Persisting with an old machine for just another year can make a huge difference to what you buy with the same amount of money the following year.

Learn to use your computer, get the best out of it. Most people have a whole abundance of power and software sat within their machines that they never use or even realise is there.

Finally, whilst I'm standing on the soapbox, back-up often! Doesn't make any difference whether you use a Mac or PC, windows or linux, machines do crash, sometimes really bad, and a particularly weak area of modern computers is the hard drive. Back it up to CD, DVD or whatever and then store it safely somewhere and even make double back-ups if it's invaluable data such as sentimental images. CDs and DVDs do fail occasionally, especially the cheaper ones. The backups I did in 2001 on cheap CDs are now starting to become rather unreliable so I've gone through them and duplicated them onto DVDs. I dare say I'll be doing the same thing in another 5 years onto whatever media is the latest thing then.
public orange [deleted] 10 years ago
Mac all the way, including Aperture 2. ;-)
PC XP-SP2 and Vista, as well as Mac. Give it another 5 years and you won't be able to tell them apart. My home server is a AMD K2 processor running windows 98. It works, but is is very slow having only 64mb ram. All it needs to do is keep my external USB hard drive connected to my wireless network.
bealahoz 10 years ago
I've used both. Started out with a pc but I'm now on my second mac and I'm never going back. :)
purring territory [deleted] 10 years ago
Mac for play, PC for work. If I had a choice it would be Mac all day everyday :)
badgamuss 10 years ago
Mac, and only Mac. My PC serves as a boat anchor now.
Jeff__M PRO 10 years ago
sarkged 10 years ago
MacPro and occasionally MBP, I'm typing this on a PC with Vista, but this serves mostly as a work "email container" ):)>
mollyjolly 10 years ago
Mac for me, Linux for the hubby. I had a hard drive die last summer and about had a conniption fit when I found out that I'd have to send my computer away. At that time, I decided I didn't really want a Mac anymore (can you believe it?) since I knew that with a PC my husband would have replaced the hard drive for me that very night. Of course, now that my extended warranty is about up, it wouldn't be a big deal, and I run an external hard drive for backups. I don't know who I was kidding when I said I wanted my next machine to be a PC - all it takes is one trip to visit somebody with a Windows box and I realize how lucky I am!
F A R Y A PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by F A R Y A (member) 10 years ago
Whatever computer, whatever operating system you use, please do not even think about HP... why?

I purchased an HP laptop for my daughter in May 2007. In Dec I recieved an email from HP that certain serial numbers (including mine!) had problems with the LCD and that HP offered a free repair. The symptoms of that problem started in March 2008, so I sent the laptop to HP repair centre. After a week, I recieved another laptop with different serial number and totally different specifications, without battery or adaptor. Long story short, my laptop had been lost! After writing to the CEO of HP, a top manager started investigating the issue and after 3 weeks the laptop was found and sent to me, while my daughter could not have it in her mid-term exams.

A week later, the LCD started blinking and eventually turned darker at the left half. Again, after many communications with customer service agents first and then top managers again, they said the problem was with the LCD , not covered by the warranty, and that I had to pay $700 at leats for the repair. They kindly advised me I had better buy a new laptop!!!

Please beware, HP laptop is designed and supposed to work 8-9 months. I want to let the world know about it.
The Pixel Hoarder Posted 10 years ago. Edited by The Pixel Hoarder (member) 10 years ago
I once was a Macintosh user back in 1987. I had a Macintosh 512 and I really felt like hot stuff because I had a 20 MB external hard drive that sat under the unit.

Then in 1993 I switched to PC. PC had more programs and with introduction to Windows 3.1 meant I didn’t have to remember as many DOS commands.

Where I once was lost… I am found. In November of 2006 my wife Magellan and I came back to the family, the Apple Mac Family. We bought a MacBook. In Dec 2007 we bought another Mac, a MacBook Pro. Since that day I haven’t touched my Dell PC except to take my Photos off the HD, that are stored on the extra 500 GB internal HD.

We will be getting an iMac 24” soon for the house.
JohnMilleker.com 10 years ago
PC User, actually bought a top of the line Mac and put the PC aside for two months while I gave the Mac a complete chance to 'change my life'. To make a long story short the Mac made my photographic and general computer workflow so much more complicated than my PC. Things seemed to take more steps, load slower, crash more often.

I have unhooked the Mac and only turn it on for Video work which the Mac completely excels at. However I've recently started editing Video on the PC and with the newest Premiere software, is as fluid as on the Mac. Mac hasn't been powered on for months.

So, I gave it a fair shake. It's not for me.
SincereImagePhoto 10 years ago
I have to say both, I use Macs at home and PC at work, if I could I would get rid of the PC at work and go mac there as well but that is just me and I agree with the above comment that very soon they will look and act almost the same.
alvaro diaz castro 10 years ago
Began with PC until I could afford a powerbook, and now i'm very pleased. When freelancing I carry it everywhere, including PC kingdom :]

_Amritash_ PRO 10 years ago
Started with PC now on Linux
brief silver [deleted] 10 years ago
Mac only! ;-)
Kevin Pack PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Kevin Pack (member) 10 years ago
All three.

I have a PC for work and games, a mac as a media unit and a second for normal freetime use (photo editing, web browsing, etc.) and a very small linux palmtop.
rafalburczynski 10 years ago
Calvin Sun PRO 10 years ago

I've used both but have conceded that the mac os is more efficient & pain-free for my workflow. At the end of the day I think it really depends on your own personal workflow.
cuulblu 10 years ago
I have 5 PC's and just picked up 2 used eMac's. I posted in this discussion earlier. I prefer PC's mainly because I started with them and understand them better. As I play around with the Mac's and get to know them better I might change my mind. I dunno. I might put one of the Macs in my son's room. He seems to get a virus 2-3 times a year. Will probably stick with the PC's for homework because they are about half the price of a similar Mac.
Bogdan Suditu 10 years ago
iMac 24" for daily tasks, MacBook Pro 15", Core2Duo, 8Gb RAM, Windows XP X64 for heavy work (virtualization).
jeffegg2 PRO 10 years ago
Started with a PC, When I got my new Compaq presario with Vista, Vista crashed. I loaded Ubuntu Linux and never looked back!!!
Chatty Wacky Whims 10 years ago
Windows XP and I use for my photo program ULEAD

I have found everyone comments very interesting. I started out with PC in 2000 in fact I am still using the same computer. Started out with Windows 98 I upgraded to Windows XP not interested in the Vista at all I hear too many complaints about Vista. My mother just bought a MAC this year she seems to love it, though, I've seen it, I don't know what it really can do. I just know that when I do have to buy a new computer I want to really look into it first.

Damien how does the MAC do for photography?

Do you use a photo program like Ulead or Photoshop?

My Mother keeps telling me that now Mac also takes Windows Programs
Bogdan Suditu 10 years ago
Chatty, ULEAD does not provide software for OSX (Mac's OS). Adobe, on the other hand, does. So you can use Photoshop on a mac. You can do anything on a Mac that you do on a PC. If you have the budget, go for a Mac.
[Adam Baker] 10 years ago
hjrosasq 10 years ago
Linux, I don't change it for anything... tried a lot of alternatives, with all the respect of all the others out there... I stick on Linux
grandmarocks7 10 years ago
BoldPuppy 10 years ago
I do PC on Windows... not because I think it's the best, but because it's the most compatible with what I use (printers, scanners, and the like...)
Rustboy 10 years ago
Mac. I like the OS, it lets me be more productive than on Windows.
Tim Tuttle 10 years ago
Mac at school and PC at home. I hadn't used a Mac until I began studying photography about three years ago. The university I attend is all Macs in the Art Department and I was stoked to finally get my hands on one. Man, what a letdown. I was working on brand new 24" iMacs that probably cost the school almost three grand each. For the coin that you layout for a Mac, you should get a lot more. They're slow and get bogged down easily - i.e. the spinning wheel of death - you Mac users know what I'm talking about.

The way I look at it, I can get three new HPs over six years for the price of one Mac and upgrade the processor each time.
cuulblu 10 years ago
Owen Martin 10 years ago
I use PCs, mainly Vista but sometimes XP and 2000. I also use Linux (Ubuntu) I don't really use macs much since I finished university, they had some of the new iMacs which were worse than any PC I ever used but the Mac Pros were pretty good. I doubt I'll ever buy any Mac as they're ridiculously overpriced in the UK.
Sallyanne Morris 10 years ago
Windows XP but im no techy.

I use free software, PICNIK and ArcSoft for processing.

My computer is running out of memory. So i've been deleting lots of my photos.

Ive got a 9 year old HP 2800+GHz XP processor 512MB DDR SDRAM memory7 a 120GB ultra DMA Hard Drive....NVIDIA GeForce 4MX graphics......and its been very slow and crashing lately so i don't turn it off at night anymore.
David.Asch PRO 10 years ago
Mac for most things, PC because I have to for Elements.
abrupt linen [deleted] 10 years ago
Linux (Ubuntu 8.10), Microsoft Vista and XP. Man I wish I could fork out the money for a Macbook Pro!
Bo Eder 10 years ago
Mac guy.

However, I must say I'm still using my 4-year old PowerMac G5. I'm debating making the jump to the Intel-based Macs because they can basically be Windows machines, too. My friends who have made the switch seem to suffer from the same spyware/virus problems our Windows colleagues suffer because they can access that stuff.

Anybody here going through the same thing? My G5 running only a Mac OS (Tiger) has been pretty bulletproof so far. Maybe when I need a new computer, I'll find another G5....
michael.dewolfe Posted 10 years ago. Edited by michael.dewolfe (member) 10 years ago
once you go Mac, you never go back.

It's true for various reasons. I picked mine up after getting extremely fustrated with Windows XP.

After using it for a couple of years, and going back to school in computer science (and being forced to use MS software at school), here is what I have discovered:

- Now that Leopard is out, Time Machine is the single best reason to get a Mac ... point finale.
- Apple has the the user interface down ... Macs are simple to use.
- Apple used a rock solid foundation to build OS X.
- Vista and XP CAN NOT network. Linux, Unix, and OS X network so easily, it should not be acceptable these days have an O/S that can not connect network properly or easily.

Besides, Apple's eye candy really is way cooler.
cuulblu Posted 10 years ago. Edited by cuulblu (member) 10 years ago
Once you go Mac you might wish you hadn't.

I use new Macs at school and have as many problems with them as I do(really more) my Vista PC. If you are used to a PC it is a hassle learning the user interface on a Mac.

Vista and XP do network. I have five PC's on a home network. Some are Vista, some are XP. They network just fine. Just a little differently than a Mac does.

I run processor intensive software such as Autodesk Maya, so I turn off the eye candy to free up the processor any way.

I suspect this discussion will go indefinately. This is like the Canikon argument. There are those on both sides who like what they have. They will not switch. Those who are looking to buy, glean what information you can from this thread, make your choice and be Happy!

Edited to correct spelling.
bonggee 10 years ago
M_Is_For_Movie? 10 years ago
PC at work but I have converted to Mac at home and love it!
TJFlicks PRO 10 years ago
PC And Mac
MacGeekGrl PRO 10 years ago
After being a die hard PC user for over a decade, I switched to the Mac in October of 2007, and haven't looked back since. For me, the Mac just works better than the PC for the kind of things that I'm doing.
◄Susana► 10 years ago
PC, windows XP but wondering if I should get a mac and if so laptop or desktop. Is there any REAL advantage to switching?
JohnMilleker.com 10 years ago
Update: MAC given away, with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and After Effects CS4 I believe the PC has caught up with the video capabilities of the MAC.
MacBook and Macbook Pro, One for school, One for Photography.
©DESYphotowerks 10 years ago
I can't believe nobody's said it yet....

but, I'll be the first..

Im Stenger, and I am a PC.

(windows xp/CS3/Lightroom 2.1 for editing)
Velaia (ParisPeking) 10 years ago

I'm (using) a PC, but I've given my heart to a Mac.
Previously used iBook G3 600 MHz but that's too slow for almost everything these days and doesn't have IEEE 802.11g
Will trade ThinkPad T61 for the new MacBook Pro 17" - good deal? :-)
kevwil 10 years ago
I use all three, for different things, but I use my Mac for photo processing.
ryan.petherbridge 10 years ago
I use a mac for everything. since it was introduced into the ME system for middle schoolers, i have used a mac since. i have nothing against PC's, i work well with either type, however i am more familiar with Mac's and their software.
coop925 PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by coop925 (member) 10 years ago
I use a PC for photo editing, and Ubuntu Linux for just about everything else.

If I could get a decent *everything* suite for Linux (Yes, yes, I know, the Gimp is awesome, but I cannot get Linux to give me pressure sensitivity on my Wacom ... and Xara Xtreme and the like are just weak in comparison to Illustrator) I'd never touch Windows again. Hell, if I could get CS3 to work under WINE I'd even think of going that route...

Basically, I need *real* Wacom support and CS3 for Linux and I'll never touch Windows again. But I have to agree with the article in the Wall Street Journal today (here) the Mac is little more than a status symbol these days - a show of how much disposable income you really have. Sorry, Mac fanboys, my opinion.

P.S.: @darren_crabb: great post, sir!
kenh571 10 years ago
I have both a Macbook and a PC at home. I find the mac better for photo's and movies,Lightroom, Photoshop, and i-movie. The PC is much better for games and productivity apps such as excel and word.

The mac has a 2.4 ghz core 2 duo. The PC runs Vista and is a quad core AMD processor.
AnikoInAsia 10 years ago
PC at work :( and MAC at home :)
I'll never buy another PC.
abrupt linen [deleted] 10 years ago
Testing the latest Microsoft OS, Windows 7 Beta. It's very promising. Works well on a 4 year old Compaq Presario (1gb ram).
dark shade [deleted] 10 years ago
I have a Macbook Pro with Windows 7 beta in a VM. A Windows XP desktop, and a old laptop running Ubuntu. My wife has a Macbook as well. Next fall the desktop will be replaced by a iMac (would prefer a MacPro but thats way to spendy).
ydaci 10 years ago
PC with a Windows XP.Its Quad Core with 4GB Ram,dual Nvidia 8800GTX's and does its job pretty well.I can run multiple programs at the same time with no slowing down whatsoever.I'm one of the few that will probably never migrate to MAC.Tried it,used it for a while and so far my PC's have done their job pretty well to warrant a switch.
phu loi 1969-1970 10 years ago
Powermac G5 still working fine for my photography in Lightroom 2. And my baby a 15" MacBook Pro for when I'm on the move.
I support a network of PCs at work and know the Windows platform well. When it's MY money, I go Mac (and have done so for many years).
GLORIMAR Pictures 10 years ago
Mac all the way...

Always have and always will....

However, I've been pretty lazy lately and have been using my roommates PC Laptop...
simple support [deleted] 10 years ago
I use all three --- windows and unix for work mac for photo and play
Ira Crummey Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Ira Crummey (member) 10 years ago
I primarily use PCs but I want a MAC. I also have an ASUS EEE PC with Xandros Linux that I use to transfer files and as an internet appliance. I was so impressed that I installed Ubuntu on my old PC. As a result I am now bouncing all over but using Windows XP on my primary computer. A dual core processor with 2GB of RAM, a 160GB internal and 250GB external drive.
enormous cabbage [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by enormous cabbage (member) 10 years ago
Still limping along with a Pentium 4 running WinXP. Still shooting with an old 4-megapixel Powershot G3. :(

So, really, I need a new computer AND a new camera. And a higher-paying job, and a better-looking stock portfolio. Lotto tips, anyone?

I want the Mac that Apple doesn't make: a fast, expandable mid-tower. Don't want a Mini-Mac -- too underpowered and not expandable. I don't like laptops as my main machine, for a lot of various reasons. The iMac has a built-in monitor, but I already have a 27" monitor, thank you very much, and I have no room for both. Plus the iMac is hardly expandable. And the Mac Pro is great, and expandable/hardware-swappable enough, but it's overkill and way too expensive to justify for my intended use. A mid-tower Mac Pro would be perfect and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it, but alas, Apple just refuses to make one.

That and the fact that they're always just a little behind PC hardware on the technology curve. A Core i7 Mac with an OS X compatible Radeon 4870 X2 graphics card, anyone?

But I still hang out in Apple stores, wanting a Mac... :)
ahead statement [deleted] 10 years ago
I actually go both ways:)
I use a Mac for work and a PC (which I just built using Vista-64) for home stuff. Most of my photos, though are on the PC (LR2 and CS4).
I am thinking about getting an iMac or Mac Pro for my desktop. But I will take a look at Windows 7.
typicalnaloboy 10 years ago
I have a PowerBook G4 and a G4 tower
nickhutche 10 years ago
Macbook pro, seriously if ne1 is in process of buying a new computer, make it a mac! they may be more expensive, but they never slow, no error message when u boot, no virus updates (no viruses for macs) no crashing, just does what you went on it to do! instant search for files
stupendous carriage [deleted] 10 years ago
I don't like to waste my time... so a Macbook Pro. Since I'm a long time Mac user (since 1992) I don't buy that thing about mac users buy "lifestyle" or marketing stuff, I'm very clear about productivity wich means more time creating and less time taking care of software/hardware prblems... Mac all the way.
xysmas (Aaron) 10 years ago
Ubuntu (linux) for CS projects and development, vista for photo work.

Computers, OS's, cameras... They are all just tools - use what you want. Don't fall into the 'i need a mac because all the creative's use them' camp - apple/mac has been marketing toward that community for quite some time now; likewise, don't just use windows because it's all you know. Try out something different and see if you like it.
mark.mortensen 10 years ago
efficient spy [deleted] 9 years ago
PC & Windows Vista. Totally happy with it, don't want a mac.
denizyildiz 9 years ago
I have used both mac &windows (including vista) - but got to say i am a mac-girl - especially for design purposes.
never used linux...
Greg B Photography PRO 9 years ago
Used to be a PC only guy but since getting my Mac in january my PC is just collecting dust.
*Jo_Joe* PRO 9 years ago
I am a Mac Addict! I have used them for years. I still have all of my systems even back to a working Mac SE that is Black and White with a huge 10meg hard drive. Right now we use a Mac Mini, Blue and White upgraded to a G4, and a PowerMac Titanium. I have a Dell Laptop for work and my son uses a Acer due to school but much rather use the Mac. I do have a few pictures of my SE and Mini in my Photostream.
dark shade [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by dark shade (member) 9 years ago
I use a Macbook Pro and a Dell Tower running XP. I have to say that the Dell will be replaced by an iMac next October (using my wife's teachers discount). Most of my editing is done on the MacBook unless I have a lot to do then I turn on the Windows box. I do all my editing in Lightroom 2. I also have an old laptop with Ubuntu on it but thats just for fun as well as the Windows 7 beta I'm running in VM on my Mac.
Amy Loke (uber busy) 9 years ago
I'm using Windows XP. I would love a Mac but it costs a BOMB!
I'd rather use that money to get myself a decent DSLR and all types of lenses.
Besides, XP works fine for me. And Microsoft Games are not easily available in Mac.
Did you hear, Bill Gates banned everything Mac in his home? LOL
brash bells [deleted] 9 years ago
I have both Mac and PC but I prefer Mac .
Another MAC user here, I use my old PC for collecting viruses and malware and boot into linux when I feel like some dependency stress :o).
Heber Chapas 9 years ago
I always use PC (now vista ultimate), but when i get money will buy a Mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Operative system of the Mac.
donegal_16127 9 years ago
Dell ... about 3 years old.
gainful mountain [deleted] 9 years ago
Just got converted about a year ago to Mac, boyfriend was trying for about 13 years and I finally gave in. Sorry I didnt do it sooner. Still use a PC for work but the whole house is Apple now, its definately an addiction.
rits91 9 years ago
at home and anywhere else - My wonderful Acer one with Windows XP. tried dualbooing it with linux but ended up with i reformating everything.
at school- Mac, Windows, Linux(mostly Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu)
at home also- A PC running Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows XP but mostly Ubuntu!

I have used Macs and i'll never buy one!! the operating system is just crap..The Apple screen is just fantastic but i would never trade my Ubuntu and XP for a mac... NEVER!
i run all the programs on my Acer one that everybody runs on mac...

Macs are over rated
simplyla 9 years ago
I'm now a Mac user, never miss Windows though I do occasionally miss Ubuntu (Linux).
astro.eva 9 years ago
Mac all the way. Linux at work. PC when I have no choice.
Horatiu Curutiu 9 years ago
I am a G5 Mac user, but I also use 2 laptops with windows XP and Vista for travel, stock photography and studio, and location shooting.
For postproccesing I use the Mac
Jens Erik Mikkelsen 9 years ago
PC with windows XP
MotionManifesto Posted 9 years ago. Edited by MotionManifesto (member) 9 years ago
Kubuntu (Linux) w/ windows for games and a tiny bit of editing.

Wish I could run Ubuntu, but it crashes on me every five seconds because of my video card or some problem I never cared to fix.
I currently use PC with windows Vista and my post processing is done with Photoshop CS4. I have used both Mac and PC, just find that I get more bang for my dollar with PC.
matt_cinque 9 years ago
I run Mac,PC, and Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is the best by far, the only downside being no CS4 suite which i use most of...

i avoid using my mac at all costs
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