Female portraits

raddad! aka Randy Knauf PRO 10:47pm, 25 March 2008
Personally I cannot shoot very good portraits. I am horrible at shooting female portraits in particular. Therefore I have set out to create a type of tutorial on what I think are some of the most amazing female portraits on flickr. I hope that by studying the various shots and styles that I can then copy the concepts to help me become a better portrait photographer. If you would like to see some of the best portraits, in my humble opinion, then follow this link and watch the portraits as a flickr slide show. If nothing else it is a great way to spend about an hour!

PS I absolutely did not shoot these images, I have collected them as favorites from hundreds of very talented photographers.
aback account [deleted] 10 years ago
Should we perhaps post what we think are our best female portraits?

This is perhaps my best yet:

Sister of mine.

Perhaps not as erotic as some of your favourites :D , but I like it nonetheless.
locofotocuba66 10 years ago
i like this portraits,because its different
malpraxis2000 10 years ago

this is one of my best....
maidenvt 10 years ago
This is one my favorites. I like Maria's projection here.

chrisfingers38 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by chrisfingers38 (member) 10 years ago
this is one of my faves maybe not technicaly my best shot but i just like the mood
Image copy
chrisfingers38 10 years ago
wonderful job there rkdauph skin tones are wonderful
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
Nice work everyone!
M-u-z PRO 10 years ago
Paduang (Long Neck) Woman
revonthego Posted 10 years ago. Edited by revonthego (moderator) 10 years ago
This is a VERY candid shot ...and hence, one of my faves.

DCvision2006 PRO 10 years ago
portrait of a prostitute

I think it is one of my better ones...
brianherradura 10 years ago
It's very difficult for me to let her agree to model for me because she's camera shy. But this photo doesn't show that. Ha!

mcds01 (Medium)
"Trish" PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by "Trish" (member) 10 years ago
My most recent
If only I had of had more light on her face!
Pixaloo Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Pixaloo (member) 10 years ago
My Daughter

Gotta Love her
It is great to see so many interesting portraits. For me it is a learning experience, beyond measure, exploring all of these different portrait styles. Thanks for contributing to this discussion and keep the portraits coming!
To chrisfingers38

Thank you sir.
Jack MataXatu 10 years ago
I took this shot while she's reading a mag.. My Love.. She's All That.
She's All That...
Miss Alli 10 years ago
Gosh, I don't know...I mainly shoot females, so...this is my favorite because it's my daughter, but really, I never look at my own stuff and say "Oh, that's awesome!" Every shot I take I love, or I don't push the button. Here's one that gets a lot of attention on my website:

Miss Alli 10 years ago
Wait, and this one I really love:

honestly, I can't choose a favorite! I love shooting natural beauty...I adore it.
Sebastián-Dario 10 years ago
Une Femme

This is the only female portrait in my stream, and I like it.
poppaJ 10 years ago
I like this one
Denise ~*~ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Denise ~*~ (member) 10 years ago
Great Portraits everyone =)

Little Miss Sunshine

I only have one (adult) and here she is:
easterlady 157
bahketni 10 years ago
I know we are posting Female portraits, but I don't have any in my collection at the moment. So sharing this Abstract which looks a lot like a female (do you see her?) .. --- Moderator, feel free to delete if this is out of place ;-)

Smoking Hot Lady
-TJPhoto- PRO 10 years ago

I try my best not to get photos where people are posing. This one I readied the camera and got her to turn around. and click! Caught her before she started laughing. I think the smile is so much better than a posed one.
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
@bahketni - I'll allow it because I thought it was funny. You should start a new thread about abstract images ; )
JLStricklin 10 years ago
Here is a recent one I took of my wife while I was practicing clam shell lighting.
Portrait of My Wife
Daniela's Quinceanera
fotografaindivenire 10 years ago
Museum 2007
Holland was a hoot to work with.

this was at a private celeb event i shot...socal
aback account [deleted] 10 years ago
I took this one of my sister sitting in a bar in Mendocino, facing the ocean.

Rita in Mendocino
aback account [deleted] 10 years ago
My fav:
anrialedou 10 years ago
One of my favs:
Tangled again
photobycurtis 10 years ago
My Fav

anthonyskelton 10 years ago
I just did a shoot this weekend and got some great shots, this one being my favorite.

imageus maximus 10 years ago
And here's Sofia. This is one of hers that I took a couple of months ago.

Damien Hickel 10 years ago
Nothing impressive. this is a portrait of my girl friend. I used a small light that was placed to the left of the image.

jatamaniuk 10 years ago
These two are my favourites. They're actually the same shot, but the black & white almost always gives a different feel, and so i count it as a separate photo.

A Smile sans colour

A Smile
Black English 10 years ago
This is from my first and so far only series but it's my favorite.
Live In Love Danielle
Kelwind 10 years ago
This is my favorite.
Love of my life!
vt335 10 years ago
I have other portraits of my daughter that I like better than this one. However, I wanted to include my wife and this is the best I have so far.

My Two Favorite GirlsBW_edited-1
Bill Konway 10 years ago
Here's a recent shot I liked. I apologize in advance if all you end up seeing is a link.
NetDep PRO 10 years ago
I have several - and most of my favorite are from my candid "street" work - however this is one is my favorite "portrait" --

DaylandS 10 years ago
My daughter is becoming my best model.

Here is my attempt at a prom portrait.
Glamour Kelsey

And my attempt at a Senior Portrait

My Lovely Daughter
© lisman_1212
Syka Lê Vy 10 years ago
Some my portrait photos
flowered shirt
Art book & me
buldg216 PRO 10 years ago
one of my favorites
DSC_2687_rotation copy
Ruby 150

Ruby 128
jatamaniuk 10 years ago
Ok ok, I have a new favourite one... We went away for a weekend together with my dad, sadly she stole my camera for almost the entire time... so this is about the best shot I got out of that entire time.

If you don't stop... - black & white
pass_lake PRO 10 years ago
I like this one because its not so typical

Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
These are all great works everyone. Let's just use medium images for the forum threads though.

carogonzalez79 10 years ago
Reflejo/ Reflection/ Reflet
pass_lake PRO 10 years ago
sandra at high tea.jpg
bybridges PRO 10 years ago
Just as a minor comment, I think that it isn't necessarily about a portrait of a female. It's a portrait of their personality or their emotive trait. Finding that is what makes the picture, not necessarily a great pose or a photography rule of thirds or anything like that.

Some women will emote sexy and capturing it will be that much easier when getting them in a comfort zone. Some women photography best just relaxed, happy, and with some conversation. But it all boils down to the same thing you do to capture a portrait of a man too.

I am not trying to be naive, as a disclaimer. I am well aware of the some subtle things you need to keep in mind with women - including curves, lines, etc.
Nikko Myers PRO 10 years ago
The Smile...

Not my best photo but it shows pretty good use of light. I've found that you should never have your light sourse pointing directly at the subject... Beyond that I have no idea what I'm doing...
Quel Beast! 10 years ago
Ice Queen
Jennifer Anne Simpson 10 years ago

Crazy Stuff

aback account [deleted] 10 years ago
Self Portrait
It's a self portrait, and really the only female portrait I got in my stream..

There are some amazing images in this discussion!
pass_lake PRO 10 years ago
jennifer simmer.jpg
SincereImagePhoto 10 years ago
here is my go at the female portrait, it really helps when your subject knows what to do.

Bill Konway 10 years ago
Here are a couple from a recent shoot in Nashville.


Two from last Sunday with Carolyn:

Carolyn 182

Carolyn 081
Jonathan Michael Peel 10 years ago
A bride's flower girl :
Flower Girl
Tony McKay 10 years ago
Portrait of Amanda
Sion Fullana PRO 10 years ago
Soho beauty
Shelly Tee PRO 10 years ago
i've not worked with/photographed other models; i model for myself. here's a sampling...

Untitled (by miz shellygrrl)

count down our days (by miz shellygrrl)

but if you want to see some (IMO) fantastic portraits of other women, check out lou o'bedlam's stuff. i ♥ his work.
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