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Damien Franco PRO 4:58am, 21 March 2008
Thank you for stopping by. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the group.
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knudsburg PRO 10 years ago
Damm! Chris Schneider Photo was faster than me. So I am only third!
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
Third isn't bad at all.
matt_cinque 10 years ago
gigantic rock [deleted] 10 years ago
Back to the original threads intention :D

Tam here, trying to make the full integration back into film, though I'm still relying on digital that little bit too much.

Each roll of film is an attempt at learning or perfecting a new technique I've discovered, so this group will come in particularly handy for me...
Zero_666 10 years ago
hello I´m ZERO from Chile and am
an amateur photographer

thanks for invited me to the group
TomSlatin.com PRO 10 years ago
Hey everyone! I'm Thomas.

Please add me as a contact. :)
trevorscottcarpenter Posted 10 years ago. Edited by trevorscottcarpenter (member) 10 years ago
<---------Hi, I'm Trevor
Woah, 8th. I hate being 8th.
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
By the way, trevorscottcarpenter has a wonderful site of his own you should check out TrevorCarpenter.
nihiels 10 years ago
grmbl, 28th .. :)
I posted a shot of a nice beer and a little explanation how I did that shot.
matt_cinque Posted 10 years ago. Edited by matt_cinque (member) 10 years ago
getting back on track...

im matt,

my background has been in 3D modeling and rendering but have recently discovered photography, im learning something (if not many things) every day and the community here has been an amazing source of knowledge.

i try to be as non linear in my approach as possible, the word "purist" makes me gag and ill use any tool or technique i have at my disposal as long as it allows me to create something a little closer to whats going on inside my head
[.iaia.] 10 years ago
hi everyone, my name's Chiara - iaia for friends - and I live near milan, Italy.
I started with photography in 2006 with a compact camera, now I upgraded to nikond40, as ou can see from my stream I particulary love abandoned places.

thanks for invitation!
@notnixon PRO 10 years ago
Hey all. I'm Chris from Aberdeen in Scotland. I take loads of photos, and sometimes get lucky.
cynicole_b 10 years ago
hi everyone! i'm nicole...i am an amateur photographer and just recently upgraded to my first dslr! i also have a holga (haven't scanned any of my film yet on flickr)

i'm still learning everything so any tips and constructive criticisim is always welcome!
ahead gold [deleted] 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite Damien....

Hi all this is JP from The Woodlands, TX. I have been shooting for awhile now. Hope to learn from others and likewise share my knowledge with you. Blessings and have a beautiful day..
nikirikou 10 years ago
thanks for the invite, damien

I'm niccolo, from brescia, italy. Photography is one of my many hobbies and would deserve more than I give. I mostly shooted in travels, but I'm trying to shoot more every time. recently I bought a sony alpha 100, before of it I shooted with nikon compact cameras, as you can see in exifs of my photos.

hello to everybody
Bryan Villarin 10 years ago
Thanks for letting me know about this group, Damien.

I've been sporadically taking photos since 2003, but got more intense in 2007. I just got a DSLR camera at the beginning of this year.

...yep. :)
IttyBittyMyMy 10 years ago
Hi, I'm My My from Los Angeles. I loooove taking photos. I shoot with a nikon d40
akhater 10 years ago
Antoine Khater here from Lebanon

I'm late to the party number 114 :)

smoocherz1 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by smoocherz1 (member) 10 years ago
Hi, This is David Kessler.I currently reside in Ithaca, NY and have been re-inventing my photography for about 40 years and my digital manipulations for about 15 years. My best works are still bouncing around in my cerebral cortex in an attempt to break free and be nurtured in the atmosphere. I am currently using a Nikon D50 which is about to move over to make way for a new Nikon D300 which I just ordered.

A work in progress.
TwistedToad 10 years ago
Hello All!
1st Thanks for the invite!! My name is Todd but friends call me Toad. The Twisted part is from the "crazy" things I have done in my past and some things now. I have always loved looking at everyone's pics from when I was a lil guy. Now that I'm older I am just starting to take some myself. Why I have waited so long? Good question... I ask myself that all the time. I just bought a Sony DSC-H9. I thought for the very low price I bought it for and all the settings I can learn on it it would be a good "learning" camera. Any and all comments are welcome and also feel free to add me as a contact! Peace, Love, and Happiness to all!!

Ray checking in.

Hey Cog, can you explain what you mean by using the photos here to make a point in the articles you write? Who decides which photos get posted to the pool? We select photos to illustrate your point, you ask us to post a photo that meets your article?

I am, as usual, a bit confused?
katiethecreativelady PRO 10 years ago
I'm Katie and I use a Sony Cybershot and also my brand new Nikon D40 to shoot with.

Some great photographers here, looking forward to a lot of inspiration! Thanks for the invite :)
Vicki / Knitorious 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Vicki.

I live in NE Wisconsin. I think I can safely say, we've all had enough of winter here (it's snowing as I write) and it can be spring now!

I am looking to buy my first DSLR this spring and have my eye on the Canon Rebel xsi and the Sony alpha 300/350 cameras. I've shot with a Sony Cybershot DSC-S85 for the past quite a few years -- it's treated me amazingly well and I love it; I'm also more loyal than most dogs, so even though I think the Canon might be smarter, I've got this thing for Sony...

I'm a complete amateur, but enjoy taking photos -- candid portraits of my family (especially two young nephews) (so I need FAST!), sometimes interesting photos of my flowers and texture in my garden, whimsies while traveling, the sky, food, yarn and fiber and my knitting, all kinds of stuff...

I have nurtured and developed a deeper interest in photography over the past few years. I've been doing more serious play with Photoshop Elements lately, also, and I'm ready to discover ways to improve!

Thanks for letting me in.
JOMAR PHOTO 10 years ago
JOMAR from Bermuda. Peace and Blessings to all.
CTD Imaging Posted 10 years ago. Edited by CTD Imaging (member) 9 years ago
Hello everyone,

My name is corbin and I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer living in South Korea. Now in China. Thanks for the invite.
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
@ Ray
Basically I like to use other photographer's images (at times) to use as an example for an article on photography tips or techniques.

I always credit the image to the photographer, with links, in an effort to help get him/her more exposure. My readers love the photographs that accompany the articles.

Any image chosen is purely based on the content of that particular article, although I will look into adding a widget showcasing the group pool if it works well with the new design I'm currently working on. I guess if I'm working on a longer article I could post some requests for specific image types.

Anyway, if you don't want your images on the website do not post them in the pool. You can still be a member of the group and participate in any discussions and interactions that get started here.
circulating PRO 10 years ago
thanks for the invitation to share...!! I point and shoot and practice alot... :)
Creative Concept Studios PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Creative Concept Studios (member) 10 years ago

I understood I was under no obligation to post a photo. I guess the question is how did/do you envision photos be placed in the pool? You invite, we select based on our option of our best? I was not trying to 'rain on your parade' just trying to understand the expectations of your group.

bybridges PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I look forward to getting involved with the discussions.

Add me as a contact, I like to meet new people, so I can learn, observe, and just see some cool photos from time to time.

Kirsten Alana Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Kirsten Alana (member) 10 years ago
Hey Everyone! And thanks for the invite Damien, a terrific group idea.

I am a full time wedding and portrait photographer based in Ohio, originally from Vermont. My name is Kirsten. I love to give comments and enjoy surfing EXPLORE.

Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
@ Ray
I didn't think you were raining on my parade lol. You upload whatever you want to share. It doesn't mean it will appear on the website, I only write about three articles a week. I just choose an image that will help illustrate the article that I am working on at the time, that's all for now. If we start doing some extra things with the group to get more exposure for all of you great photographers I'm all for it. In fact you guys can start any threads or discussions pertaining to photography tips or how to get exposed as a photographer. I love to see active group participation.
PatriciaPix PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by PatriciaPix (member) 10 years ago
Greetings everyone. I'm Patricia, I'm a journalist and I live in seaside Oxnard, California, north of Los Angeles and home of the California Strawberry Festival. I've been taking pictures for probably about 40 years, but got seriously into photography in the past 7 years. I've been shooting digital exclusively for about 6 years. Humor, color, travel and dogs are among my favorite photo subjects. I'm mostly self-taught in Photoshop Elements and other photo software programs, so there's a lot I don't know and have never tried. I'm hoping to learn lots of photo tips about how to use my camera and photo editing software from others here. Thanks for inviting me into the group, Damien.
wyliedwyer PRO 10 years ago
hi thanks for the invite...my name is michael, i live in los angeles...am a serious camera freak, stills or motion...
Ross_Goodman PRO 10 years ago

Ross Goodman here, male from Sunny (well this morning it is) Scotland.
Love getting out and about with my camera, but like all loves I cannot give it the time I WANT to give it!.

Read more on my blog if you are interested.

iluvsoks 10 years ago
This is Elaine....I hail from Tampa, Florida. I don't get to post much of my own work b/c of school and work, but I nevertheless am addicted to browsing through Flickr. :)
anrialedou 10 years ago
I am Sarah from Texas, I work as a photographer/ designer for a hospital, and have a BFA in photography. anyone need Photoshop pointers just email me.
ursulasphotos 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Ursula, from the interior of British Columbia, Canada.
Hello, I'm Randy. I've been shooting 35mm since I was about 12 years old. About 3 years ago I made the jump to digital and haven't looked back. I love to take my shots into Photoshop and "tweak" them to see what I can do. Sometimes I just close the program without saving the mess I've made, but sometimes I'm blown away with what comes out. I feel I'm sometimes too emotionally attached to what has happened to the picture to be a very good judge, so I'm always looking for criticism. You won't hurt my feelings so please visit my photo stream and tell me what you really think of what I've done.
RickAbbott 10 years ago
Hey everybody,
I'm Rick. Add me as a contact!
Hey everyone, im new to taking pics of tings other then my kids and well no just about nothing LOL but want to learn and cant wait to get better at it.
Roger...... 10 years ago
Hi everybody

I´m Roger from Switzerland and am an addicted amateur photographer.

thanks for invitation!
Howdy, I'm Tyler and I'm a student from Alabama. I'll be pursuing photo as my career this fall.

I have a website for my work (blanktography.com) but it's down at the moment. Everything on it can be seen on my flickr, however!

Thanks for the invite!
Every Day A Photo 10 years ago
Hi all. Thanks for the invitation.

I'm in college with an English major(?) and a photography hobby. My website, everydayaphoto.blogspot.com/, is my journal of progress as I try to get better at this stuff.
chrisfingers38 10 years ago
hi my name is chris im from the uk
thankyou for the invite .Iam very new to photography only got my first cam 6 months ago . this group seems like the ideal place to learn and grow as a photographer
Nicole Sheldon 10 years ago
Hello everyone! I am studying Bach Fine Art at the National Art School in Sydney. I love photography tho am not good at it yet, but with a little practice i hope to be. looking forward to many productive discussions in this group!!
locofotocuba66 10 years ago
Iam Cuban Photographer now i live in Paris ,iam not especialist , i love free photography eyes , i love freedom eyes photographie style , whithaut pragmatism my web site www.arielariasphotographer.ifp3.com ,will be show who i think and do also my flickr staff
hello every one thank for the invite
♥ Marae ♥ 10 years ago
Hi everyone! Damien thank you for the invite. My name is Marae and I live in Enola, Pa (Harrisburg area). I used to shoot with a Nikon 6006 but got out of any sort of photography other than point and shoot for about 8 years. Now I am back and trying to relearn everything I have forgotten. I have a Nikon D80 as my newest toy. I don't own Photoshop or any editing program so what you see it the raw unedited image. Only thing I can do is make them, B&W or Sepia really. I will invest in something sooner or later but for now I figure I need to get back into just shooting in general. I look forward to the constructive criticism.
malpraxis2000 10 years ago
Hello everybody!!! My name is Catalin and I am romanian (living in Romania). I have a Canon S5 since nov. 2007. I was born in 1976 and ...I'm still FOCUSING!!! ;)).
alpa82 10 years ago
Hi all,

I'm Alpa and I currently live near Oxford in the UK. I've only recently started getting into photography as a hobby, mostly thanks to my fiance, and still use a point-and-shoot (Panasonic TZ3). I've only been on Flickr for a couple of weeks but feel that I've learnt so much already, so thanks for the invite to this group - I'm hoping that the steep learning curve continues!
Chase Images 10 years ago
Hello...My name is Michael.... Chase Images is the name of my Photography based business. I shoot many things for fun...specifically landscapes, etc. I always love to learn new things...always teachable and open for criticism
procristination 10 years ago
Hello everyone, and thank you very much for your invitation, Damien. My name is Cristina, I'm from North Spain but currently live in Granada (in the very South) where I study Translation.

I have just bought a Fujifilm S6500fd, with which I try to learn only using manual settings, so here I am, just a beginner who wants to learn as much as possible.

Congratulations for the YourPhotoTips website, I find it very interesting, and everyone please feel free to comment about my pictures.
M-u-z 10 years ago
Hi all. Thanks to A Cognitive State of Mind for the invite. This looks like a good concept and a great bunch of people. I'm looking forward to it.
revonthego Posted 10 years ago. Edited by revonthego (moderator) 10 years ago
Hi All . . .

Thanks to "A Cognitive State of Mind" for the invite.

I'm Fritz, "existing" in St. Paul, MN. An old "wet darkroom" guy who still shoots mostly film (B&W). I've done my own printing since I was 18, but I'm trying out this new digi stuff. I'm a serious amateur with some formal training over the years.

More of an "intutive" photog rather than hard-core techie. I have done paid gigs, low-volume photo series and some commissioned work over the years. I'm semi-retired clergy, tho not very retired.

This new technology is pretty amazing actually and I'm having fun with the possibilities. "Kicking tires" for a digi DSLR at the moment.
Glatze mit Kamera 10 years ago
Hi @ all!
Thanks for the Invite.
I'm Torsten from Wuppertal, Germany. Using a Canon Powershot S5 since Nov.07. Trying to shoot mostly in M-Mode...training for a DSLR-Future;-)
brianherradura 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Brian from from the Philippines. I'm very new to photography. I just wanna say thanks to A Cognitive State of Mind for inviting me. Such an honor for a newbie photographer like me to invited to this group with a bunch of excellent photographers. You'll see some of my contributions soon. More power
MBR_71 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite, I have been using point and shoot until I bought myself a DSLR 8 weeks ago.
weimieweim 10 years ago
Hi, Im Mike from Connecticut. I use a Nikon D70s. Thanks for the invite
"Trish" PRO 10 years ago
Hello, I'm Trish an Aussie mum of four whom loves her photography and recently have discovered the joys of photoshop. Hoping to learn heaps more here thanks for the invite.
misterlevel 10 years ago
I'm Steve, in Sebastopol, California. I mostly shoot to record, and don't know much about f-stops and DoF and all. I use a Canon S3 IS, and I am seldom without it..
foregoing cactus [deleted] 10 years ago
Greetings folks. I'm Ron from Somerset in the UK and I've been Flickr-izing for a couple of years or so. I currently shoot with a Nikon D80 and a Canon A610 but my photostream also contains stuff from my analogue days.
ron_mc 10 years ago
Hi all, I'm Ron from Independence, Mo. Thanks for the invite. I shoot with a Nikon D40X and I'm here to learn.
Pixaloo 10 years ago
Hello Everyone.... First off.. Thanks for the Invite.

I am Eeya,
I come to you from Sunny Southern California. I have been shooting for about 5 or 6 years. Got my first DSLR (Canon 400D) just before Christmas. I Soot a lot of Portrait stuff, but I have been branching out. I am also currently learing how to edit.

I see a few names that I know. I look forward to talking to and learning more from you all.
Denise ~*~ 10 years ago
Hello Everyone! I'm Denise, born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I'm married and the mother of 4. I am weaning myself from the auto setting on my camera, so I'm excited about this group and learning all I can from you all.

Thank you for the invite into this group. I checked out the website as well, Bravo!! I've already gotten some great advice there (digital vs. optical zoom), and the site has been added to my favorites. =)
Mark Carmody PRO 10 years ago
Hi everyone,

My name is Mark and I have been living in Japan for the last 3 years, but moving back to my home country Ireland very shortly due to work. I started getting into photography in a more serious away when I moved here despite my family's history of being superb photographers. I use a Canon EOS-1D Mark III and EOS 1-Ds Mark III. I look forward to participating in the group discussions and to receive some feedback on photos I post here. Feel free to add me as a contact.
a-parmar 10 years ago
Hello all, i would say im am a learner wanting to improve and hope with help i get there!

Great photos in teh pool i might add a couple of my own.

rhodagny 10 years ago
Hi everyone, i'm an absolute newbie on photography. however, flickr inspires me en gives me ideas. thanks for inviting me to the group, i hope to learn a lot
-TJPhoto- PRO 10 years ago
Hey, I go by the name Vincent. I've been taking snapshots for a long time. Recently I have been learning more and taking less snapshot and taking more good captures.
Hello, Holà, Bonjour, Ciào, Bom Dia, Konnichi Wa....everyone!

I'm Victor from Chicago, IL. Thank you for the invite to participate in this group! I have been taking pictures for a while now, but just recently started posting on Flickr. Hoping to continue learning this craft and getting better at it.
Tony Mantovani 10 years ago
Hi, Tony from Minneapolis. Still kinda new to photography, but love to shoot. Working with a Leica D-Lux 3 at the moment, but look forward to extending the capabilities with a DSLR. Thanks for the invite!
Hi I this is Maneesh from India. Still a newbie. Lot to learn. I bought canon 40d with the kit lens. Its my first camera so need to explore a lot.
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
Welcome everyone. You guys are doing a great job!
woozy apparatus [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi everyone! I am Denise and I am from Ohio. Thanks for inviting me! I am trying to learn the basics right now. I have a Canon Powershot S5 IS. I have no idea of what any of the setting mean, other than auto lol! I really had it in my head I wanted the Canon Rebel, but believe it or not, the salesman talked me out of it ( it was more exspensive, so go figure) Anyway, I am glad because I think I need to take "baby" steps. I am knee deep in the user guide. I guess one of my challenges is, I don't know what they are talking about with words like apendeture and macro and so forth. I need a newbie glossary ;)
Any help, advice, tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!
Looking forward to learning!
secondcareer PRO 10 years ago
Greetings from Los Angeles. I'm Joe, I've been shooting since 1973 when I borrowed my sister's Minolta Hi-Matic 7s and fell in love. I used to be a pro (my second career is in non-art related academia), and I set aside my cameras in the early 90s to concentrate on family. Photoshop, scanners and a D70 have drawn me back in, and now I either shoot new (family and travel, mostly) or scan through years of archives. It's amazing how many negatives and slides I never printed that are actually usable. I was a decent studio photographer and had a few magazine covers in my portfolio, but these days I'm more interested in available light.

Thanks for the invite. This looks like it will be a fun group.
gainful oven [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi, I'm from New Hampshire. I just got my first camera, a canon 350d, a little under a month ago. I've already fallen in love with it. I would love to learn so much more.
Wyetha 10 years ago
Thanks for the invite. My name is Wyetha I've actually recently purchased my first D-SLR, and I'm here to soak up everything like a sponge. The FLICRK groups have been an excellent resource for me and one of the reasons I decided to go back to college, so again just happy to be here.
Arlo Bates PRO 10 years ago
Hello everyone. My Name is Arlo and I am a stage hand from Winnipeg. Thanks for the invite.
enchanting walk [deleted] 10 years ago
stands and waves ..... "hello my name is John and I am new" ..... LOL
why is it everytime I join a new group I feel like the old movie clip where the guy is joining AA ?

anyways.... thanks for inviting me and allowing me to join ....
voicecryingout247 10 years ago
I use Kodak Z650 my first digital camera.... i got it for graduation from jr. high into high school... but i am looking for a more professional one.... but if anyone has a camera that rarely sees any action but would like to donate it so it is put to good use... i would love to have it :P

I'm new and i would love for people to help me out in ideas for photos just so i can have some photos on my flickr account... i would love any help from anybody... i tend to hit a lot of "photographer's block"

thanks for the invite
Aqua76 10 years ago
thanks for the invite! I am a flickr addict from NYC.
Jack MataXatu 10 years ago
Hi hello everyone.. Jack here from Singapore, totally new in photography and learning so err.. please do gimme some tips on the pics I've taken so that I'll improve and do a better ones than the previous heheh..

Thanks & Regards,
Jack MataSatu
far rose [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi all,

I''m from Almere, a city below sea level in the Netherlands. I didn't know about your site, but I will have a look at it!
jjacioux 10 years ago
Hello Im Jacob from Denver Colorado. bought a new camera over the holidays and needless to say i am still getting my feet wet with picture taking. I look forward to the tips and thanks for the invite to the group.
Sebastián-Dario 10 years ago
Hello everyone, Thanks to "A Cognitive State of Mind" for the invite.

I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I'm an absolute new on photography. however, flickr inspires me en gives me ideas., I hope to learn a lot.

I use a Canon Power Shot A560.
selective bridge [deleted] 10 years ago
Good Day,

I'm Gael from Geneva, and I'm learning by doing and watching works from other people is a great source of inspiration.
So I can only say that I'm happy to join the group and I thank you all.
Piirat Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Piirat (member) 10 years ago
Hio y'all,

got invited by your guru (?), the Cognactive Estate of Mined.
I am German and - as you can read - am sometimes whristling with this (my) tongue (of yours)...or English as you sometimes call your language (the OEMs - this would be the British, I guest - sometimes deny this). But I am getting sidelined (or fringetracked?)....

Ooff, thees ees cansadory, myo sweet core-a-zone! But in Texas with all them wetbacks y'all comprehende thees?!

So here I am, an old German with no hope and a camera.
And one of my sons is just like most of you: Wondering what the wreck his president is doing in his (certainly not HIS!) name...
Yessirs (and ladies), y'all guest it: My son is a US citizen (weeeelllll, maybe not all of YOU are, hehe, crossed the rio grande at night, huh?)

BTW: Where do I find theese PhotoTips?
Miss Alli Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Miss Alli (member) 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Alli, a mom of 5, a wife, a photographer, and I love Flickr. I'm happy to join the group, and I'm excited to get to know everyone. (oh and I was as well invited by Cognative State of Mind, thanks buddy!)
poppaJ 10 years ago
thanks for the invitation, I'm Jeff, just a crazy old amateur photog from Va. USA
Piirat 10 years ago
@Miss Alli: Amazing, only 5 years old and a mom already???
Certainly times are achanging...
Hello. I'm Juan-Salvador, 13, and an amateur photographer. Thanks for the invite!
Erica and Marc 10 years ago
Hi, I am Erica from Boston. I am a (ver) amateur photographer. I am looking forward to learning more so that I can take my photography to the next level. Thank you for the invite.
rangerarlan 10 years ago
Hi my name Arlan, Thanks for the invite, looking forward to learning more about photography just getting started. I have had my camera for less than a year but use every chance that I get.
bahketni 10 years ago
Hi, I am Intekhab, Thank you for the invite. My camera is one of my Toy that is favorite at the moment. My Wife thinks this will go away as I tend to obsessed with something for a while before moving on, but I think different. I think this hobby is going to last lifetime.
lordspudz 10 years ago
Thanks Damien for the invite.

My name is Terry and I live in Norfolk on the east coast of the UK. I'm fairly new to DSLR photography be am learning. Have a Canon 400D and am more than pleased with it.
il goldcat PRO 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Paolo, I live in Genova (Italy) I love this hobby from my early youth.
In particular I love portraits and animals.
multisanti 10 years ago
Santi, from Galicia (Spain).
just learned the photography basics and started experimenting with my recently acquired D40x.
I have to apologize for the technical and artistic deficiencies on my pics... give me some time! ;)

Thanks for the invitation Damien!
JLStricklin 10 years ago
Howdy ya'll!

My name is Justin and I currently reside in Florida (transplanted from the deserts of West Texas by the US Navy).

I became interested in photography when my wife and I decided to have children. I mainly use photography to document our family life (as you can see by the subjects in most of my photos) but I have found myself more and more interested in all types of photography.

Thanks for the invite.
Steve Crane PRO 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Steve from Cape Town, South Africa. I'm forty-something and a programmer by trade. I am a keen amateur photographer and enjoy photographing all sorts of subjects, but street/beach candids are probably may favourite.
pgh_shutter PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by pgh_shutter (member) 10 years ago
Hi, my name is Tom and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm an amateur and just like to shoot my life with a Nikon D40. I became interested in photography and video when I had my kids with a point-and-shoot and have moved up to DSLR and love it.

Feel free to add me as a contact. Thanks for the invite to the group!
Mazidi Abd Ghani 10 years ago
Hi, my name is Mazidi from Malaysian Borneo. Just begun by hobby in photography end of last year. I humbly ask for any comments upon my work...Thanks for inviting me to this group. Smashing !!!
Zefusa 10 years ago
I'm Zeneida from Canary Islands (Spain).
Thanks for inviting me to this group.
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