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gifted competition [deleted] 12:57pm, 1 May 2013
hello fellow members, this group has a lot of members and quite a few who have kindly posted pictures, would it be good to drum up some slipper memories chat such as why we started having a love of ladies slippers whether it is remembering ladies wearing traditional slippers or liking wearing ladies slippers, one way or another it would point to someting happening in youthful days regarding slippers and liking them ever since.
Me personally I got liking slippers at a young age when I got hooked on smelling the aroma of the rubber soled slippers of those days also inhaling the aroma from inside these styles of slippers which in those days were worn by women who spent all day in their tan tights, I was also on the wrong end of some sore backsides when I was spanked with mums/ aunties slippers when I misbehaved, I hated it at the time and cried like a baby but still wanted to hold feel and smell the same slippers that had me in tears earlier. I miss those slippers form the 70s era and wish they were back on the feet of all woman. lets get a bit of slipper chat and interest going again with this group Tom
hollenandy 5 years ago
i agree.
we should be soundly slippered for not doing more, and i should get it twice as i am letting the group down because i am unable to post any photos but i do so love slippers.
the older the style of the slipper the better and the more well worn the better.
women when i was groowing up wore their slippers till they were falling apart some women had slippers to go outside in, these were left by the door to go to washing line shops or to fetch their naughty offspring when they are late and my backside felt said slipper when i was late many times.
gifted competition [deleted] 5 years ago
hollenandy, good point about the way woem wore slippers til they were falling apart and also how they would go to the shops still in their slippers, the local shops was always a place you would see mothers walking to which would have worn the old rubber soles smooth. I think the 70s era mothers just found slippers to be so comfortable witha warm fur collar and the spongy rubber sole. Then a gain as you say they were always used to leather backsides when bad behaviour was evident in the household, A slippering usually brought about a bit of piece and quiet, Any more thoughts anyone ??
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