aquatic angle [deleted] 4:38pm, 12 February 2011
Sadly my mother has been in bad health and has just recently been released from hospital.

While my mother was in hospital in Dublin (our capital city) i made a few trips up to visit her. i'm glad to report lots of slipper sightings, some plain types but also some closed toe fuffy mules and even some fluffy ballerina types. its good to know that fluffy/furry slippers are still being worn.
aquatic angle [deleted] 7 years ago
forgot to mention that on one of my trips to the hospital, i passed a house and a woman (early 40's) was putting out the trash still wearing pj's, dressing gown and pink closed toe furry mules. this was in the early afternoon.
Claire - tv 7 years ago
How lovely Joanne xx
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