aquatic angle [deleted] 10:02pm, 6 December 2010
while im on the ebay subject do you ever look at the sales pitch used by women selling "well" worn slippers.

i saw one such pitch where the woman claimed her slippers were 4 years old and that she wore them every day. she may have worn them every day but possibly only for getting in and out of bed and not for any length of time like the women in the 70's and 80's

based on my expereiriences growing up (mother, aunts, neighbours) the max a woman would get out of a pair of slippers was one year.
Claire - tv 8 years ago
i do quite like buying the well worn slippers too..."blush"
maniacal advertisement [deleted] 8 years ago
So do I Claire (giggle!), there's nothing quite like the deliciously naughty feeling of wearing "hers" is there?
spooky giraffe [deleted] 8 years ago
Mmmm, what a lovely thought, wearing worn slippers - off to ebay now! XXX
Claire - tv 8 years ago
i couldn't agree more Sandra.....there is nothing like the naughty feeling or aroma....

good luck sarah...there a re a few nice pairs on ebay just now, can't wait to see your purchases

economic rule [deleted] 7 years ago
I have been on having a look recently and I am amazed at the price some people can go to. A pair of vintage fur collar slippers( favourite) went for £91 and some really nice vintage 70s fluffy mules went for around the same. i wish it was me that could afford them for my wife to wear, some really nice slippers!!!!
Claire - tv 7 years ago
yes Tom, I have seen those too, I have never and can't imagine me ever spending that on a pair of vintage slippers, my UGG coquette slippers cost me alot but I wear those all the time in winter and also when we have mixed company in the house so I feel i gte value for my money.

I think all my other slippers have cost me less than 20 pounds including postage.

I haven't bought any for a while and can't wait to have some new (or very old) ones

hugs to everyone

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