aquatic angle [deleted] 8:44pm, 10 December 2010
although I always knew deep down that htis day would eventually arrive, it doesnt make it any easier.

my daughter has to started pass comments asking why daddy wears mommy slippers. yesterday shopping with my wife she wanted to buy me proper daddy slippers.

i've been wearing furry/fluffy slippers for years now and the thought of going back to mens slippers (cant remmeber when i last wore them) is leaving me very numb tonight.

The thought of being online wearing mens slippers looking at pics of all you gurls in your ladies slippers fills me with sadness.

what do i do with my slipper collection. do i get rid of them or keep them and hope to grab a few minutes pleasure when i have the house to myself (which sadly rarely happens).
Claire - tv 8 years ago
oh dear joanne

I know exactly how you feel

I wear my black ugg slippers during the day and early evening when our child is about and then change after bedtime.
Please don't be too upset and keep your lovely slippers, you will appreciate the moments you can wear them even more

hope things go well

aquatic angle [deleted] 8 years ago
thanks for your support claire xxx
houseslippers2003 8 years ago
Hello all

I am sure many of you know me by now. We are all in the same groups. I don't know how you are going to put down your slippers. I cant's see it happening for me. I have kids from 3 kids ages 14-10-and 7. They have always seen me in slippers. I have even worn them in public places with them. They have not asked any questions though. I am not a crossdresser, i only wear women's slippers. But i wear them all day. I get a thrill wearing them in public in front of people. I do that often. his weekend there was a youth lockin and I was a chaperone. One of the other chaperones out on her slippersand that made me want to wear mine. I took off my socks and put on some black fluffy slippers. It was great!
aquatic angle [deleted] 7 years ago
I gradually re-introduced my womens furry slippers and things have returned to the way they were.
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