aquatic angle [deleted] 10:41pm, 4 December 2010
if you see slippers that you love for sale on ebay and the selelr says she is selling theme because they were an unwanted gift, do you ever get mixed emotions.

i do. if they are slippers that i really would like, part of me is haply they are for sale. however, another part of me feels resentful that the woman in question should profit from not wanting such slippers.
Claire - tv 8 years ago
i am just always pleased that they are available...knowing that many ladies do not like the slippers we do is fine with me and to be honest i have exchanged some lovely messages with sellers on ebay who have asked why i buy so many slippers and what i do with them...i think they are surprised to hear that i just want to wear them!!!
maniacal advertisement [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm with Claire on this one - their loss is my gain, and I am only to pleased to give them a loving home! Never had the nerve to exchange messages with the sellers though.
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