Claire - tv 7:28pm, 20 September 2010
hi everyone....

I usually get very excited around this time of year because more and more slippers start to appear in all our favourite stores.

So far I have been really disappointed with those in offer in my local malls, have you seen any increases in slippers for sale and if so please let us know about what you currently like.

I would certainly appreciate some help in identifying new ones which will look good in my pics


aquatic angle [deleted] 8 years ago
hi claire.

m & s have full fur collar enclosed slippers in 3 different colours on their website.

apart from that i have nothing much to report so far.

maniacal advertisement [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by maniacal advertisement (member) 8 years ago
Claire, they also have these lovely wedges that are just begging to have a fluffy trim added

I have a vintage pair of fluffy mules that just got beyond repair when the sole unit got brittle and cracked, so I am going to save the fur band and add it to a pair of these
Claire - tv 8 years ago
hi girls

those are very nice sandra although i do prefer the Per Una pink gingham mules with the cute bow on top.

I also like Michelle's latest slippers from Primark, they are cute with a bow too

Unfortunately just lost out on an ebay auction for vintage fluffy mules..someone was waiting until the very end and just outbid me....was it one of you??


maniacal advertisement [deleted] 8 years ago
Oh Claire, do you mean the Pretty Polly turquoise ones? I'm so sorry!
Claire - tv 8 years ago
LOL - yes it was the turquoise pair, i was hoping to get them for my wife

Sandra.....was it you????
maniacal advertisement [deleted] 8 years ago
(Blush) yes.....but if they turn out to be too small for me, I could send them on to you. Would that work?
economic rule [deleted] 8 years ago
Sandra, Ive seen the pink mules in M&S for a while now and really like them 2, only thing with them they are quite narrow but definately nice slippers for some ladies would be lovely with nice tan tights
Starzyia 8 years ago
alas, here in Australia the slippers are going bye-byes and out come the plush slipper 'thongs' (you say flipflops) I don't like them!
aquatic angle [deleted] 8 years ago
Cant wait to see you model them Sandra
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